Zurn Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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Zurn is one of the smaller brands we’ll be reviewing, but that does not count for the quality of their products. They have a mission of building trust and value not just with their customers, but with the global market as well. This can be done by acquiring a superior understanding of the industry. Zurn strives to become an industry leader, to provide smart water building solutions that bring excellent value to the home and building owners, as well as save installation time.

The Zurn Ecovantage® toilet that uses their EcoFlush™ technology to maximize water savings made it on our list of Best Pressure Assisted Toilets here.

Zurn believes that customers always come first. They try to uphold this belief by practicing integrity in everything they do, by not stopping in the search for new discoveries and by continuing to improve their current technologies. The company also takes its time to adhere to current industry standards, not only for the accolades but for its customers’ peace of mind and safety assurance.

Zurn History

Zurn Industries, LLC was founded quite recently – in 2007. Even with only a little bit over a decade in the field, it has been doing a superb job in manufacturing plumbing fixtures and accessories. It provides drainage products, hydrants, carriers, flush valves, chemical drainage products, faucets, sinks, basins, showers, water control valves, and commercial fixtures as well.

Today, these products are available globally.

Zurn Product Lines

Here are some of its high-quality product lines.


The Sundara System can be described in three words: brawn, brains, and beauty. The line takes its name from a Sanskrit word which translates to “beautiful”. And it is quite fitting.

The system is designed by industrial designers and architects, taking a bold approach to handwashing. It can elevate any bathroom with seamless basins, countertops, soap dispensers, and faucets that mix functionality and style.

Take a peek at the Sundara Handwashing System:



EZ Gear-Driven Sensor Faucets can be counted on to last. These faucets aren’t just built for the long haul. They also deliver precision, reliability, and efficiency. These commercial fixtures are geared with a ceramic disc cartridge that provides a dual-action, coupled with the motor gear-driven operation. As a result, you experience better performance compared to other faucets. 

These faucets “sense” the user with no delay, without using too much force, and with minimal water wasted. 

Here’s a quick intro video on the EZ Gear-Driven Sensor Faucets:



The Z899 System is the only patented design patent of its kind in the industry. It is Zurn’s way of proving its dedication to the importance of quality control. The design was finalized after several surveys of real professionals, finding solutions on location, and a team of professional designers.

It offers the right balance of durability and lightweight design. This would allow contractors to handle the trench drains without needing extra hands, doing the heavy lifting, or requiring alignment hardware.

It fully complies with the standards set by the ADA, as well as the 2013 California Building Code: 403.61, 403.6.2, 3007.4, 3008.4 with 2013 San Francisco Fire Code, Section 511.1.4.

Is Zurn a Good Brand?

Is Zurn a good brand? Why should you choose Zurn products? Here are a few reasons:

  • It offers a wide array of products and services. You can get everything you need for your building’s water safety, behind-wall systems, site drainage, front-of-wall fixtures, and other plumbing necessities in one place.
  • Their portfolio is so diverse, no ONE single brand can offer the same lineup. 
  • Its customer service is on point.
  • It offers best-in-class design, application, and specification tools (available on their website).
  • Their designs allow for prefabrication and modular construction, which shorten installation time and costs. You can also upgrade and retrofit any existing installs.


If you want more tangible proof of the brand’s credibility, here is a list of the certifications and compliances it has amassed:

  • Zurn Lead-Free NSF/ANSI 372 Certificate
  • Zurn Wilkins Lead-Free NSF/ANSI 372 Certificate
  • ISO Certification
  • Small USC Backflow Approval Certificates
  • Large USC Backflow Approval Certificates

Water Efficiency Efforts

Water conservation is a must to reduce the strain of environmental issues felt all over the world. Doing so won’t just benefit the planet, it can also lower your utility costs. If you run a commercial establishment, using water-efficient fixtures will also expedite regulation compliance.

Household, municipal, and industrial needs keep rising, and Zurn takes the challenge upon itself. This is one of the reasons why it is a certified partner of the WaterSense program, UN Global Compact, and Milwaukee Water Council, among other organizations that work towards better sustainability.

EPA Watersense
Zurn is fully compliant with the standards set by the EPA Watersense Program

Zurn offers a complete portfolio of water fixtures that can be paired with its own faucets and flush valves. These give high-performance, water-efficient solutions. Plus, these are all designed to meet (and even exceed) CalGreen, LEED, and other national standards.

LEED gives building owners and administrators tools they require to impact structure performance immediately. The end goal is to provide healthy indoor and living spaces for all occupants. Zurn EcoVantage uses 40% less water than your average conventional 1.0gpf urinals. This exceeds the 30% threshold set by LEED.

Excellent Expansion PEX System

Zurn becomes a singular source for all residential or commercial PEX needs since it launched the complete Expansion PEX System. This allows you to get the job completed quickly. More importantly, you will be assured that it’s done right. It comes with intuitive connection and visual installation, which help you do it quickly and easily, as well as eliminate dry fitting and the risk for leaks.

Learn more about the Expansion PEX System here:


Zurn Warranty

You may check the Product Warranties page for more information on product replacement coverage.

Where to Buy Zurn

If you are interested in the unique products that come from Zurn but don’t know where to find them, don’t worry. While they aren’t in all home improvement stores yet, you can still get them in several places.

To locate the nearest dealer in your area, click here.

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