Wood Squatty Potty Reviews | 3 Elegant Wooden Alternatives to Plastic

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The toilet stool has steadily made its way up the ranks of some of the hottest selling new products today. The question on everybody’s mind is if we actually need this new product and does the squatty potty actually do what it says it does? The toilet stool was developed in order to help individuals with their bowel movements.

Basically, it is said that squatting is the best position when it comes to answering one of nature’s calls. The thing is, modern toilets are designed to be sat upon and it seems that sitting in an upright position is a detriment to passing stools out of our body.

The toilet stool is designed to assist our body in expelling waste easier and faster by allowing us to do so in a squatting position. Now, you have a couple of selections to choose from when it comes to a squatty potty but let us say you want something more aesthetically pleasing than plain old plastic. This is where wooden squatty potties enter the fray. Below are 3 of the best option available on the market today.

Best Wooden Toilet Stools | Alternatives to Plastic Squatty Potty

  1.       Squatty Potty the Original Adjustable Height Bathroom Toilet Stool


Squatty Potty The Original Adjustable Height Bathroom Toilet Stool- Tao Bamboo The original Squatty Potty also comes in both plastic and wooden version. The wooden version stands at 7-inches in height and is designed to accommodate almost all types of toilets. 7-inches is also a solid toilet stool height for most people, regardless of their height.

This is made from quality bamboo and is both water and mold resistant. Cleaning the Squatty Potty is extremely easy as well. The slight slope on the surface of the Squatty Potty allows for a more comfortable and stable squatting position.

The Squatty Potty is also designed to be slip-resistant so no worries about losing your footing or having it slide over wet surfaces. As for durability, it is made from genuine bamboo and is sanded and finished so expect it to last for quite a long time.

Squatty Potty The Original Adjustable Height Bathroom Toilet Stool- Tao Bamboo As for cleaning, certain parts of the stool like the grooves on the support surface seems like they will be a little difficult to clean if left unchecked. I suggest you wipe any moisture off from the Squatty Potty to avoid this problem in the future.

Aesthetically, the bamboo Squatty Potty looks quite nice in every bathroom if you are looking for a more rustic atmosphere. It does the job well in supporting your bowel movements and looks good doing it.


  • Durable and ergonomic design.
  • Made from 100% bamboo.
  • Compatible with all toilet types.


  • The surface grooves might be susceptible to accumulating water stains so make a habit of wiping it dry after every use.

2.      Relaxx Squat Toilet Stool – Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool


Squat Toilet Stool by Relaxx - Folding Bamboo Wood Squatting Stools - 7", 8", 9", 10" Adjustable - The Original Portable Bathroom Foot Stool (One Pair) One of Relaxx Squat Toilet Stool’s biggest strengths is its adjustability and portability. No need to scratch your head on what size to choose as you can adjust this toilet stool from 7-inches to 10-inches in height.

As the footstools are separate, you can expect it to be quite flexible and allow a different individual to find the most comfortable position. This is also made from bamboo so expect it to be durable as well as water resistant.

It does appear to be designed to be brought during travels but the bamboo construction makes it heavier than its plastic counterparts. You can still easily bring this during your travels but you might want to store it on your luggage instead of your hand carry bag.


  • Environment-friendly and foldable space-saving design.
  • Comfortable to step on.


  • Heavier than expected. Best suited for land travel.

  1.       Squat N Go Adjustable Bamboo Luxury Squatting Toilet Stool with Foot Massager


Squat N Go 7” or 9” Adjustable Bamboo Luxury Squatting Toilet Stool with Built-In Foot Massager to Boost Blood Circulation Another highly flexible toilet stool, the Squat N Go Bamboo Toilet Stool separates itself from the pack by adding a nifty little feature. I’m talking about the built-in foot massager that does make your daily bowel movement a little more relaxing.

This is a budget-friendly toilet stool and is also one of the best ones around. The height can be easily adjusted to accommodate all types of toilets. The bamboo construction is quite easy to clean and is waterproof as well.

The legs all have rubber tips installed at the bottom which prevents it from slipping around wet surfaces. Assembly is also extremely simple and can be done within minutes even if you are a beginner.


  • Built-in foot massager.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Durable bamboo construction.


  • The surface is flat, not sloped.

Apart from the wood squatty potty reviews, let’s discuss the benefits of this product first. This should give you a clear idea as to why you need this new product in your home.

Squatting Position and Proper Bowel Movements

Health experts have already claimed before that squatting is the natural posture when it comes to bowel movements. Modern toilets, on the other hand, are more akin to chairs. Sitting upright triggers a muscle called the puborectalis which twists the colon.

This makes expelling waste a little difficult to achieve. However, when doing so in a squatting position, this muscle relaxes which then allows the stool to pass and be expelled from the body easier.

Squatty Potty Benefits

Using a toilet stool does come with proven benefits which we will be discussing down below.

  • Lowers Risk of Constipation

Not everyone can eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables which increases the risk of being constipated. However, sitting in an upright position during bowel movements does not help either. Using a toilet stool can assist in the latter. By eating healthy, drinking the proper amount of water, and doing your business in a squatting position you can greatly alleviate and lower bouts of constipation.

  • Helps Relieve Discomfort from Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are caused by inflamed anal veins (similar to varicose veins). This is usually caused by excessive straining when passing hard stools. The fact that our puborectalis muscles are contracting when sitting makes things more difficult. Sitting in a squatting position when passing stools helps relax the muscles which helps our body push harder stools out. This prevents us from straining too much during bowel movements and prevent agitating hemorrhoids further.

Using a squatty potty may also help improve colon health as we are able to properly eliminate waste from the body easier and quicker. As you can see, using a toilet stool has its merits. Now, if you prefer a squatty potty that somewhat enhances the overall aesthetics of your bathroom you should take a look at wooden squatty potties.  


Getting a toilet stool is an affordable and smart investment that will make your bowel movements significantly easier and faster. While plastic models are quite common, they might not blend well with certain home’s aesthetics. Good thing we also have wooden toilet stools available. The 3 wooden toilet stools I listed above are, in my opinion, the leading ones in this category. All are well-made and all are reliable. Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of the 3.