Where Does A Bath Rug Go?

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The cherry on top when it comes to decorating or designing the bathroom is the bathroom rug. Not only will it help piece together the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, but it is also a necessary washroom accessory that offers additional safety. But, since the bathroom provides a limited floor space to work with, where do we place a bathroom rug? 

A bathroom rug must be placed in surface areas that are highly likely to get wet. So, in front of the shower, bathtub, and toilet are often the spots that you will most likely find a bathroom rug. A larger bath rug is ideal but is suited for bathrooms that can accommodate the extra space. 

5 Best Spots to Place a Bathroom Rug

Of course, you are not limited to those three specific spots when it comes to where you can place the bathroom rug. Below is a list of places in the bathroom where you can place a bath rug that is not only practical but also adds a bit of aesthetic flair to the room:

1. Center of the Bathroom

Most interior designers would recommend you place the bath rug at the center. However, this is only practical in bathroom’s that offer more than adequate floor space. Most luxury bathrooms will incorporate this in their design as it also accentuates the extra floor space.

2. Corner of the Bathroom

If your bathroom can’t accommodate having a rug at the center, a good alternative is to place it around the corner instead. Placing the bath rug at the intersection provides a more organized aesthetic ideal for working with relatively limited floor space. 

3. Near the Toilet

If you decide to place a bath rug near the toilet, a smaller mat is best suited for the job. Make sure that it won’t regularly get soaked to avoid issues such as mold and mildew buildup. The best type of bath rug for this is the U-shaped contoured bathroom rug that hugs the toilet seat and maximizes floor space. 

4. Near the Bathtub

If you wish to give the bathtub a relaxing and inviting look, placing a bathroom rug beside it will show that desired result. A bath rug beside the bathtub is not only practical, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. 

5. Near the Bathroom Cabinet

If your bathroom has a vanity or the sink is connected to a drawer or cabinet, then placing a small bathroom rug at the front of said fixture is also a viable option. However, the bathroom cabinet must be larger than the rug. Unfortunately, this is an unspoken rule for placing a bath rug beside such bathroom fixtures.  

Difference Between a Bathroom Mat and a Bathroom Rug

Elegant Home 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set Bath Rug, Contour Mat, & Lid Cover Non-Slip with Rubber Backing Solid Color # Angela (Charcoal)
Elegant Home 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Set Bath Rug (Image: Amazon)

There are two options out there that might lead to slight confusion: the bath rug and bath mat. Is there a difference between the two that will affect which suits your bathroom best? Yes, there is, and it revolves around overall absorbency.

A bath mat is typically made from either cotton or rubber and features a non-slip underside that adds to its overall safety. Bathroom mats also provide outstanding absorbency. As for the bath rug, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, making it a pretty versatile choice. 

LuxStep Shower Mat Bathtub Mat,24x16 inch, Non-Slip Bath Mat with Drain, Quick Drying PVC Loofah Bathmat for Tub,Shower,Bathroom (Phthalate Free,Grey)
LuxStep Shower Mat Bathtub Mat,24×16 inch, Non-Slip Bath Mat with Drain, Quick Drying PVC Loofah Bathmat for Tub,Shower,Bathroom (Image: Amazon)

While standard rugs do not offer the same level of absorbency as bath mats, there are products out there that incorporate microfiber, which helps circumvent this shortcoming. 

Bathroom Rug Cleaning Tips

Fabric damage and fading is a common issue since bathroom rugs are constantly exposed to moisture. As such, proper maintenance and cleaning is vital if you wish to keep your bathroom rug in tip-top shape. Below are several ways on how you can clean your bathroom rug properly. 

Read the Instruction

When cleaning rugs, you will most likely get all the information needed on the manufacturer’s label. Therefore, check the label first and foremost so that you know the dos and don’ts of cleaning your newly bought stylish bathroom rug.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

It is essential to clean off any dust and debris from the rug before washing it either by hand or via a washing machine. You can do this by vacuuming the carpet or simply going outside and shaking the dust off it. 

Proper Washing

If you have a washing machine-safe rug, then this will be a reasonably straightforward process. A hot wash is best as it can eliminate bacteria as well. Also, when using a washing machine, it is recommended that you switch it to “gentle” to avoid damaging the fabric. 

If your rug is not machine washable, then hand washing is the only viable option. Fill a large laundry basin with a mixture of hand wash detergent and warm water, submerging the rug. You can also use a sponge to remove any visible stain. 

Dry it Thoroughly 

Once you have finished washing the rug, wring it dry or put it in a tumbler dryer (if stated in the label). Hang it dry and make sure it is not directly under the sunlight to avoid its color from fading.