What Bathroom Wall Color Goes With White Floor?

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Pristine white bathrooms have a certain charm that exudes a de-stressing vibe that befits this section of the household. There are also several advantages of utilizing the color white in the bathroom. One such benefit is how it makes the limited floor space appear larger. Now, when it comes to adding some flair to a white bathroom floor, what colors will complement it best? In this article, we will be giving you some pointers on how to decorate a white bathroom that will add a bit of spice to its rather clinical aesthetics. 

White bathroom floors are best accompanied by neutral colors such as green, gray, yellow, etc. What makes the color white a popular choice in bathroom design is that it is a highly versatile color and would likely pair pleasantly with a wide range of color schemes. 

The safest color scheme to pair up with a white bathroom floor is neutral colors such a gray, black, brown, green, and beige, to name the most notable ones. 

Colors that Accentuate a White Bathroom Floor

If you wish to optimize your bathroom’s color arrangement, continue reading below to learn about other colors that will help harmonize the washroom’s vibe nicely. 


Neutral colors such as gray will fit attractively against an all-white backdrop. However, adding a little twist to the somewhat gloomy color can help liven things up a bit. For example, I love employing a blue-gray color to accentuate the immaculate white bathroom floor. Blue-gray adds a certain level of finesse to the aesthetic that will exude a modern and classy charm. 


Keeping things within the bluish hue spectrum, a powder blue color scheme would benefit a white bathroom. There is always something calming and serene about the color of flowing water. The soft blue hue of this color palette also helps bounce light naturally in the bathroom. Whether natural sunlight or fluorescent, a powder blue hue along with the color white helps create more natural lighting in the room. 


Seafoam green tends to blend nicely with a wide range of colors and is also incredibly easy on the eyes. This color is also compatible with mustard yellow and blue teal; pick these color tones for your bathroom mat and towel to further enhance the relaxing aesthetics of your bathroom. 

We suggest going for a seafoam green of a darker shade for larger bathrooms to balance out the space’s aesthetics. As for smaller bathrooms, a lighter shade will help give the impression of roomier bathroom space. 


Yellow is also a nice color that will bring out a sure pop to your all-white bathroom aesthetics. All shades of yellow will enhance the aesthetics of a white tiled bathroom floor and wall. From sunny yellow to even a tinge of gold will add varying degrees of charm to your bathroom. 

A darker shade of yellow, such as mustard, will help emphasize any wooden fixture in the bathroom. The deeper shade of yellow will also provide the room with a warmer ambience. 

Bathroom Decorating Tips

Infusing your white bathroom with neutral colors is a popular way to bring some flair to the washroom. However, the limited space does require you to be a bit more careful with the décor and color as you don’t want to end up with a slap dashed design. To help you build upon your bathroom’s aesthetics, here are eight tips that you can employ:

Take Advantage of the Bathtub

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The bathtub is a rather large and prominent fixture of your bathroom. Unfortunately, the tub tends to be overlooked when it comes to bathroom design. The bathtub can enhance the aesthetics of your washroom, but that is a space on the canvas wasted. Instead, try to spruce up the bathroom by picking tubs that heighten the mood of the room. You can also choose to paint the bathtub with colors that will make it pop a bit more while also highlighting the bathroom’s overall look.

Utilizing an Accented Wall

If you do not want to go all-in just yet when adding color to your white bathroom aesthetic, go for accenting a particular section of the room. Pick the bathroom section that can is the ‘centerpiece’ of the area, usually the wall facing the door. 

Spice Up the Bathroom Vanity

The vanity is another focal point that can help enhance the vibe of the bathroom. Two significant elements of the bathroom vanity are integral to its design: the base and the countertop. For countertops, we recommend you go with natural stones such as granite and marble. The base, which consists of the drawers and cabinet, can be personalized as you see fit. 

Picking the Right Bathroom Accessories

Another way to add some color to your bathroom is with towels and mats. These bathroom accessories come in a wide range of colors and designs, mixing and matching until you achieve the desired aesthetics. 

Add a Touch of Nature

An excellent and practical way to enhance your bathroom is by adding plants into the décor. Since green is a neutral color, incorporating this color as a bathroom décor hits two birds with one stone. White and green delivers a clean and relaxing environment, making it a good color palette for the bathroom

Final Thoughts

The bathroom is often overlooked for decoration, with most utilizing the standard all-white bathroom design. That said, white is a highly versatile color that can easily match up with pretty much the entire color spectrum range. With the tips above, we hope that you can devise a visually appealing bathroom aesthetic that meets your preferences.