What Size Bathrooom Vanity Do You Need For 2 Sinks?

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If you are looking to renovate your bathroom or are currently in the process of building your very own dream house, a double vanity sink might be something you would want to be added to your wish list. Adding side-by-side sinks can turn a run-of-the-mill bathroom into a stunning element of your bathroom.

When it comes to double vanity sinks, a good number to go with is typically 72-inches wide. This recommendation is because it hits the sweet spot as it offers enough countertop space with two sinks. A 72-inch wide vanity is also large enough to fit in almost all standard bathroom sizes. 

To further detail, we have a more comprehensive guide below that will consider every essential measurement from floor space to vanity size to help point you in the right direction. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Vanity Size

When picking the right vanity size from your local hardware store, here are all the factors that you will need to consider:

Bathroom Floor Space

Spacious bright bathroom with white storage combination and glass door shower

Obviously, how much space your bathroom can afford is the most important. Take a precise square foot measurement of your bathroom’s floor space and remember to bring it with you to the hardware store. It would be best if you also considered the vanity cabinet and drawer. Does your bathroom space provide enough room to open the drawer and closet comfortably? 

In the instance wherein you have relatively limited space but want a vanity with storage space, we suggest you look for models that utilize sliding doors for its cabinet and drawer. 

Countertop Space

Double vanity sink in a bathroom with stone tiles counter

If you install the vanity in your master bathroom, it is best to consider the countertop space to ensure convenience. In addition, having enough space on your vanity to hold several bathroom essentials is something you need to consider. 

However, double vanity sinks generally offer significantly reduced countertop space. Take your time choosing the right one for you, especially if counter space is a vital aspect you need. 

Type of Sink Mount

Two sinks on white countertop with plant beside tray of cotton and soap in jars

Choosing the type of sink should also be something you should take into account. There are top-mount and undermount sinks – each has its pros and cons. While top mount tends to be cheaper and easier to install, they also take up more space due to the lip or rim. For those wishing to maximize the countertop space, we recommend you choose undermount sinks

Price Range

Finally, the cost of the double vanity will be the last deciding factor. The material used and size of the vanity will determine the cost but expect to spend a decent amount of cash even with the most affordable models. 

Vanity Sizes

  • 30-Inches – The smallest vanity size sink, this is best used in bathrooms with minimal floor space. The downside is that a 30-inch vanity size is not suitable for a dual sink.
  • 36-Inches – Another excellent option for those with limited bathroom floor space, the 36-inch models, offer decent enough counter space for toiletries and other accessories. However, this is still a vanity model that can only incorporate a single sink. 
  • 44-Inches – The smallest vanity size the can support a double sink is the 44-inch model. The 44-inch model is not as standard, though, so you might need to have it custom built if you are looking for the smallest and most practical dual sink vanity size. 
  • 48-Inches – This size is the most versatile for its compatibility with both single and dual sink vanities.
  • 60-Inches – This vanity size can comfortably house two sinks and still provide a good amount of countertop space. A 60-inches vanity is ideal for bathrooms with a decent floor space (15 square feet minimum). 
  • 72-Inches – The largest vanity size for two sinks, this is best for luxury-style bathrooms. With 72-inches in width, you can expect vanities of this size to provide ample counter space, cabinets, and drawers. If you want to maximize storage space for your dual sink vanity, the 72-inches model is the best way to go.

Double Sink Vanity Styles

Once you have the measurement and size of the best vanity down, it is time to choose the design. This aspect is generally subjective to your personal preference, but you should also consider the interior décor style of your bathroom. The last thing you want is for a modern-style vanity to clash with a traditional bathroom aesthetic. 


60-Inch Antique Style Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Model 7660-B
60-Inch Antique Style Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Model 7660-B (Image: Amazon)

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A natural stone vanity will complement the elegant traditional charm of a vintage style bathroom. Granite and brass stone dual vanity will significantly add to your bathroom’s luxurious appeal, as well as its resale value. 

Modern Industrial

60" Durand Contemporary Modern Navy Blue Double Sink Bathroom Vanity 1808-D60NB
60″ Durand Contemporary Modern Navy Blue Double Sink Bathroom Vanity (Image: Amazon)

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Incorporate stainless-steel and concrete sinks and vanity to develop a modern aesthetic. Additionally, this type of style is typically more affordable than the more luxurious vintage style.


Luxurious Rustic Bathroom with Mining Lamps

If you aim for a more “earthy” feel, we recommend opting for a vanity made of wood such as maple, birch, or red oak. This type of vanity aesthetic is ideal for the tranquil vibe, which will be pretty appealing if you love relaxing in your bathtub. 

Modern Mix and Match

Bathroom detail. Vanity with dual sink and white cabinets

Another modern style that is gaining popularity is combining white vanity models with multi-colored basins. There are several models out there that feature pastel-colored basins. These variations will blend nicely with a pure white vanity. 

Final Thoughts

So, should you go for a double vanity sink or not? Once you have considered the right vanity size and style, the next question is: is this the right vanity style for your bathroom? As noted earlier, the floor space will play a significant factor in this decision. 

If you have a decently sized bathroom that can accommodate a two-sink vanity, then you have already cleared the first major hurdle. The next step on your list will be the plumbing system. Can it support dual sinks? If yes, you are in the clear. If not, then you will need to do some renovations first. Finally, if you have the budget for this undertaking, then we say go for it! It will undoubtedly be worth it once you get to bask in the luxurious charm of a dual sink vanity.