What Height Do You Install A Shower Rod?

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Classic bathroom with green shower curtain and tile floor.

Shower curtains add a dash of class along with their essential bathroom functionality. However, to install a shower curtain, you will first need to install a shower rod. Now, the question that commonly arises once you are in the shower rod installation is how high you should place it from the floor? To help you figure this out, we collected all the necessary information about this particular assignment. 

The most crucial piece of information in regards to shower rod height installation is the shower curtain. Take note that the average shower curtain is around 72 inches long. Taking that measurement into account, we can place the shower rod at about 74 inches from the floor. 

Adding an extra couple of inches between the shower curtain and the floor is mandatory to keep mold and mildew stains away from your curtain. However, a low-hanging shower curtain can also cause accidents if you accidentally step on them getting out of the shower or tub. 

Other Considerations When Hanging a Shower Rod

The shower curtain’s length will be the primary factor in deciding your shower rod placement height. However, it is best to consider these factors in your computation to optimize the shower rod installation further. 

  • House Residents

Living with a family of four or more? You might also need to consider the heights of the other occupants, especially if one is considerably tall. Whoever is the tallest at home, it is best to consider their size and install the shower rod at least two inches higher. 

  • Shower/Tub Aesthetics

Now, whether you have a stunningly beautiful shower and a bathtub should also factor in how high the shower rod is placed. If you have a shower or bathtub that you wish to flaunt to visitors, make sure to add a couple more extra inches to the height of the shower rod. 

On the flip side, if you have a shower or tub that you would rather hide, lower the shower rod placement slightly so that the curtain is just a couple of centimeters from the floor. 

  • Ceiling Height

Is your bathroom a bit cramped? Here is a neat trick you can apply to make it look more spacious: install the shower rod as close to the ceiling as possible. You can buy extra-long shower curtains for this. The higher shower rod gives the illusion that the bathroom’s ceiling is higher than it is. 

Shower Curtain and Rod Width

Now that we have the height down to pat, what about the width of the shower curtain rod? In general, most shower stalls and bathtubs are around 60 inches wide, while shower curtains are around 72 inches wide. 

Now, there are shower stalls and tubs that are significantly wider than the standardized models. You can approach this scenario in two ways. The first is to buy shower curtains and rods that are specially designed to be more significant. The second method is to buy two similarly designed standard shower curtains. 

Different Types of Shower Curtain Rods

Besides determining the height of the shower rod placement, did you know that there are different types of shower rods available in the market? 

  • Straight Shower Curtain Rod

The straight shower rod is the industry standard and most commonly found in most bathrooms. It is pretty straightforward to install and will typically incorporate the tension rod design, which means you won’t even need to drill holes into your bathroom’s walls. 

  • Curved Shower Curtain Rod
Warm tones bathroom interior. Vanity cabinet with drawers, shower curtain and toilet.

The next variation of the shower rod is the curved design. The curved shower rod is pretty much identical to the straight shower rod in terms of installation. So, why pick a curved shower rod? The sleek and curved design of this type of curtain rod gives it a classier and more luxurious charm. 

Additionally, the curved design of the rod gives a few extra inches of space between the shower curtain and the shower stall and bathtub. 

  • Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Rod
Beautiful Bathroom With Free Standing Bath And Shower

The ceiling-mounted shower rod is best suited for bathrooms that feature claw foot tub and shower combo. Since this rod is installed on the ceiling, you can expect it to deliver excellent privacy. That said, this type of shower rod will mainly require an extra-long shower curtain to accommodate the higher installation position.

Final Thoughts

The height where you install your shower rod depends on the shower curtain or shower liner you will use. Also, as noted earlier, other factors such as the height of the individuals using the bathroom should be considered. Remember all the elements that we discussed in this article, and you will be able to pick the optimum shower rod height for your bathroom.