What Colors Go With Dark Blue Bathroom

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Stylish blue and white bathroom, big white bathtub and two sinks

Blue can add a level of sophistication to any room. It can create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and complement both modern and classic interior aesthetics. If you plan on utilizing dark blue as the primary color of your bathroom, you will need to consider several factors before you do so. Dark color shades can make rooms appear smaller, and restrooms are typically already small. However, you can counter this effect by knowing which colors to pair with dark blue.

Dark blue is best partnered up with similar shades of blue. This option is the safest route to take, but you can also go experimental with dark blue bathrooms. In this article, we will be looking at the best colors that complement dark blue bathrooms.

How to Optimize the Visuals of a Dark Blue Bathroom?

There are several design techniques that you can utilize to enhance the aesthetics of a dark blue bathroom. Try using these tips below to add more pizzazz to your bathroom’s appeal.

Add White Accents

White accents will help visually divide sections of your bathroom. Also, it can lessen dark color shade’s shrinking visual effect. Using a white accent with a dark blue bathroom can help create a coherent appearance. Additionally, this design style is great for creating a contemporary aesthetic in the bathroom.

Use Pastel Colors

White and blue bathroom corner, tub and sink

Dark blue also blends quite nicely with pastel colors. The soothing charm of pastel color further enhances the relaxing ambiance of a dark blue bathroom. Creating a relaxing atmospheric vibe of a quiet night sky with dream-like pastel colors, this color combination certainly has its unique charm.

Coordinate Color Accents

Think about colors that are commonly attributed alongside dark blue. Maybe a bright yellow hue mimics the night sky with a full moon. Emulating specific environments is an intelligent way to add spice to your bathroom’s aesthetics and develop the desired ambiance.

Dark Blue Works Well with a Minimalist Design

Most contemporary bathrooms feature a minimalist aesthetic. A dark blue or navy blue color palette in the bathroom perfectly complements this style. As we noted earlier, a dark blue hue perfectly complements a modern aesthetic. Furthermore, dark blue color excels when presented in a neat and straightforward arrangement.

Best Colors to Use with a Dark Blue Bathroom

Any shade of blue can make a bathroom look amazing. From giving it a contemporary hook to keeping it grounded with a more sophisticated and classic look, it is essential to know the right color combination to use with blue. For this particular scenario, we will be focusing on the colors that complement dark blue color shades such as navy blue.

Different Shades of Blue

A perfectly safe list of colors to partner up with dark blue is the ones that are in the same spectrum. For dark blue hues, we recommend going with lighter shades of blue for the secondary color choice. Combining navy blue with lighter blue shades can create a serene atmosphere in your bathroom, an ideal outcome, to say the least.

If you want a warmer and livelier aesthetic, you can combine dark blue with green-tinted shades of blue such as turquoise. This combination can create a more tropical aesthetic in the bathroom.

Neutral Colors

White and blue bathroom, tub and sink

Another safe bet is neutral colors. Neutral colors such as gray, white, and beige go nicely with navy blue. These colors can create a soothing aesthetic when used in any room. Also, neutral colors are perfect choices for those who plan on developing a nature-inspired ambiance in their bathroom.


Let’s experiment a bit here. If you want something with a unique charm, then the funky vibe of combining dark blue with orange might be something up your alley. The deep coolness of navy blue is accentuated by the warmth of orange, two opposite colors that remarkably blend nicely together. This color scheme is another excellent way to create a tropical vibe in your bathroom.


Modern bathroom in blue tiles and yellow walls

Specifically, mustard yellow is a dynamic color combination that balances out the calmness of dark blue with something synonymous with energy and joy. Blue and yellow are not often combined, but these two colors compliment each other nicely and provide excellent Feng Shui.


Another surprising combination is the dark/navy blue and red bathroom combo. Well, if you think about it closely, you’ll find that blue and red are quite a popular combination. From national flags to the signature color of several popular superheroes, blue and red offer a playful and energetic vibe to any room it is featured in. But, of course, you can also blend different red to dark blue shades to create a more sophisticated aesthetic.


Since chrome looks nice when placed in a dark blue-colored room, why not take it a step further by using gold? Well, the results speak for themselves as you can tweak your bathroom from tame to extravagant. In addition, the radiant gold hue can lighten up the gloomy vibe that dark blue colors can evoke. Thus, creating a rather luxurious aesthetic.