What Color Bathroom Cabinets / Vanity Go With Beige Tiles?

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Large beige and wood bathroom interior.

Beige is a warm and neutral hue that is quite a popular color implemented in bathrooms. However, if that lovely shade of color is something you fancy, you might also be wondering what color goes nicely with beige. For example, what color of bathroom cabinet or vanity should you pick with a bathroom that features beige tiles? In this article, we will be giving you some pointers as to what shades complement a beige-colored bathroom.

Fortunately, beige is a pretty flexible color that goes well with numerous hues. The most popular color combination, though, is beige and white. Bathrooms with beige tiles and white fixtures create a soothing aesthetic that is perfect for the functionality of this room. Other colors go nicely with beige, which we will list down below. 

As stated previously, besides the pristine color white, beige can also be partnered up with several other members from the color spectrum. Read on below to find out the different recommended alternative fixture colors for bathrooms with beige tiles.

Is Beige an Ideal Bathroom Color?

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If you are looking for a neutral color shade for your bathroom that can enhance the lighting, beige is one of the recommended options. This color is part of the neutral spectrum; as such, beige can be easily paired with almost all colors. In addition, if you have a small bathroom to work with, the light hue of beige can help bounce light around to make it appear larger.

Beige is also an excellent alternative to the color white. If you want the same effect that white bathrooms deliver without utilizing white tiles and walls, beige is a great color to use. With beige’s aesthetics which exudes tranquility and a rustic aesthetic, it is no wonder why it is another popular color option for bathrooms.

Due to the countryside charm of beige tiles, we suggest you go with fixtures that provide the same visual notes. Brass and bronze bathroom fixtures or wooden cabinets and vanity made from mahogany will undoubtedly spruce up the beige tiles and wall.

Bathroom Fixture Colors that Goes Great with Beige Tiles

Since it is a neutral color, beige can pair up with a wide variety of colors and deliver different exemplary results. Check our most recommended colors to partner up with beige below to give you a good idea of how versatile this color can be.

Sky Blue

Incorporating a touch of the sky with the more grounded beige is another fantastic combination that you should check out. Sky blue or any shade of blue considered on the light spectrum complements beige tiles quite nicely. Both of these silky smooth colors exude a soothing air around them and will also help brighten up the bathroom.

Emerald Green

Blending in some stunning emerald green cabinet and vanity with beige completes the earth aesthetic and creates a calming ambiance. The light hue of emerald also develops a nice balance with beige tiles, creating a seamless flow of relaxing colors that won’t overlap.


Lavender bathroom with mocha tile bath trim

Different shades of brown go well with beige as well. Colors from this spectrum, such as tortilla, peanut, tawny, gingerbread, caramel, and deep expresso, match nicely with beige tiles. This combination will develop a rustic aesthetic that is quite nice to the eyes. In addition, blending beige tiles with light brown cabinets, vanity, and other fixtures creates a more spacious appearance in the room.


Now, let us get a bit more experimental with beige color pairing with a tinge of red. Despite what you might initially think, red goes exceptionally well with beige. The duo creates a balance between the beige’s serene shade and the more vibrant and bold fiery red. If you are looking for something that exemplifies a bathroom with a unique flair, a red cabinet/vanity with a beige floor is an underappreciated combination.


Finally, we would also throw in black cabinets and vanities if you look for that sleek modern appearance. Another exciting color combination, despite the attention-grabbing nature of black bathroom fixtures, blends surprisingly well with beige tiles and manages to create a yin and yang vibe to the aesthetics.

Should Your Bathroom Cabinet Match the Vanity’s Color?

Now that we are done with top color options to pair with beige tiles, let us discuss another closely related topic regarding bathroom cabinets and vanities. Should you use the same color for both bathroom fixtures, or can you mix and match to your heart’s content?

Professional interior decorators agree that bathroom cabinets don’t necessarily need to be the same as the vanity. That said, the colors that you choose for these two major bathroom fixtures must complement each other. What this means is that if you are to choose different colors for your bathroom cabinet and vanity, it is best to limit the options to colors within the same spectrum.

You should also take into account the bathroom’s wall and floor color. Whichever color you choose for the fixtures it must blend and complement all the elements in the bathroom. Ideally, we suggest you pick cool color shades such as green, blue, and purple for your bathroom cabinet and vanity if you have beige tiles.

Final Thoughts

Beige is another excellent color for bathrooms as it delivers the ideal ambiance for this portion of the house. Bathrooms need to offer a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, and the first step to achieving that is by utilizing the correct color combination for the floor, wall, and fixtures.

As a final tip, we suggest you focus on darker hues for bathroom fixtures if your floor and wall incorporate a lighter shade, like beige, for example. Utilizing this palette combination will create a well-balanced aesthetic that pushes the eyes to focus on the correct elements. To complete the rustic aesthetic of having beige tiles, you can also add some potted plants and greenery around the bathroom if you like.