What Color Bathroom Cabinets Go With Gray Walls?

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Loft gray and white bathroom corner, tub and sink

Gray is an excellent choice for bathrooms as it can be aesthetically elegant and versatile. In addition, gray is a neutral color and blends together nicely with other members of the color spectrum. A bathroom with a gray wall opens up a slew of different combinations when it comes to the possible design options. What about the cabinets, though? What color should these bathroom fixtures be? To help you figure it out, we crafted a list of ideal cabinet colors for a gray bathroom wall.

As is the case with all neutral colors, gray can pretty much pair with almost all coloring of your choosing. In addition, you can choose either warm or cool colors for the cabinet. That said, we recommend going with a color that is a shade or two darker than the wall to give the room a visual pop.

Gray walls in the bathroom deliver versatility in spades. You can create a classic and modern aesthetic with this color with the right pairing. Would you mind reading below to find out how to fully optimize the visual qualities of your gray bathroom with the correct bathroom cabinet shade? 

Choosing the Best Bathroom Cabinet Color Shades

The shade of color that you will use on your cabinet should coordinate nicely with the gray wall. Depending on the shade of gray in your bathroom, you will either use lighter or darker shades of whichever color you choose. 

To help you determine which to use, always focus on creating a contrast to the room’s primary color. For example, if you have light gray walls, go with darker shade cabinets, and vice versa. Of course, no rule stops you from using similar color tones for both the wall and cabinets.

For example, a combination of light cabinets with light gray walls can make your bathroom appear more prominent. However, we refrain from applying this method with darker colors as it can make your bathroom quite claustrophobic. 

Cabinet Colors That Blend Amazingly Well with a Gray Bathroom

As we have already stated earlier, there are many colors that you can partner up with in a gray-colored bathroom. This can be both good and bad as the numerous options available can be a bit overwhelming for some. To help you narrow down the possible cabinet colors for your gray bathroom, we compiled a list of the top options, each delivering specific looks. 


Gray and wooden bathroom with double sink

One of the best colors to pair up with gray is white. These two colors compliment each other exceptionally well, like peanut butter and jelly. Gray walls with a splash of white via bathroom fixtures can create an exquisite ambiance. 

Going with white cabinets is also a good idea if these fixtures come with a unique style as the pure white color can attract attention. However, gray and white are some of the most popular combinations, primarily if you aim for a sophisticated bathroom aesthetic. 


Surprisingly, a gray cabinet against gray walls can also work quite well. However, since there are different shades of gray to choose from, you will most likely spend time mixing and matching the correct hue for your wall. A good piece of advice we can give you if this is the route you will take is to pick a version of gray that is a couple of shades darker than the wall. 

A gray wall and gray cabinet combination deliver a sleek aesthetic that exudes an elegant and modern appeal. 

Dark Wood

If the goal is to develop an exquisite bathroom design, you cannot go wrong with using dark wood cabinets with gray walls. Adding a layer of luxury to the interior décor is what dark wood-colored fixtures will bring to the table. 


If the gray wall feels a bit gloomy for you, you can add some life to it with some green bathroom cabinets. An excellent combination for bathrooms is the trifecta of white floors, gray walls, and green fixtures. The soothing green hue blends nicely with gray and will enhance the charm of the bathroom’s aesthetics and add a relaxing vibe. 

You can opt for darker green hues like olive for a more subdued appearance or something lighter like mint green for a more contemporary charm. 


Modern black and red bathroom with sink and bathtub

Going for a more contemporary look, infusing your bathroom’s gray wall with bold red cabinets is a surefire way to inject some pizzazz into the design. The fiery and bright shade of red perfectly balances out the more restrained gray, which makes this another excellent combination for your bathroom. Go with a darker shade of red if you prefer to create a more sophisticated aesthetic. 

Tips on Painting Bathroom Cabinets

If you already have a decent bathroom cabinet but feel that its current color clashes with the gray wall, you can opt to paint it with a different color to spruce things up without spending too much. Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you do plan on refurbishing your cabinet with a different color:

  • Go with colors that have a more visual pop as cabinets are not placed at eye level, which means they typically won’t command one’s attention in the room. 
  • Go with a color that is a couple of shades darker than the gray wall to create a balanced aesthetic. 

Other Tips in Choosing Colors for a Gray Bathroom

The cool shade of gray can benefit from a little bit of warmth, provided by cabinets with natural wood finish. The earthy color tone is a timeless aesthetic that blends well with gray, and with the addition of wooden finish cabinets and a splash of white, you have yourself an elegant and calming environment. 

Add some black marble to the gray bathroom for a more luxurious aesthetic. Gray is already a color tone that exudes sophistication; incorporating a sleek black marble finish will significantly enhance the style. 

The right balance between gray, black, and gold or bronze accents can fuse your bathroom with a highly lavish and sleek charm.

Final Thoughts

Gray bathroom walls are a pretty safe option as it is a versatile color that can coordinate well with other colors. Gray walls also allow you to choose between classic aesthetics or modern designs as they can achieve both with the right color combinations. 

Do not be afraid to experiment with your bathroom cabinet colors if you have a gray wall. It is pretty hard to find a shade that will clash with gray, and each color palette can deliver a different style and vibe.