Waterstone Faucets Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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Waterstone Faucets has been combining technology with art since 1999. They create products that are durable and reliable enough to last a lifetime in every household. The biggest thing about Waterstone is that all of their items are made in the USA, and the brand is particularly proud of this legacy.

In fact, it spent a very long time just to prove that it is possible to find success in the industry without having to expand a warehouse overseas. If you are a supporter of American-made products and local companies trying to break into a largely global industry, then this might be the brand for you.

The company is comprised of designers, builders, architects, and homeowners. And this diverse group of people gives them a 360 degree look into what homes actually need and want. 

Waterstone Faucets Company Logo
Waterstone Faucets Company Logo

You can check out the latest on Waterstone on their Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

The family behind Waterstone is confident with the products that they manufacture. The work environment in Waterstone is quite different from most of the bigger plumbing companies today, as they have more of a family environment and less of a corporate machine. And this kind of environment shows through with each faucet and fixture that they churn out.

Here’s a video they posted where you get a sneak peek at their factory in California. You can take a look at how they create their famous faucets, as well as how these people work together each day. 


Waterstone History

In 1999, Chris Kuran founded Waterstone Faucets. During its early years, the brand mainly produced high-quality parts and finished components and sold them to bigger manufacturers of drinking water filtration systems.

Because of the great quality of their parts and components, news spread across the industry, and it did not take long until the customers wanted more from Waterstone. Soon enough, they started to create drinking water faucets available in custom finishes. 

Waterstone recognized this as a great niche opportunity. They decided to shift directions and begin creating premium quality water filtration faucets, available in different finishes. These matched the quality of the current ones in the higher end market of kitchen faucets, some of which were sold to designer kitchens.

After this idea, Waterstone started to design, research, and develop its own range of water filtration faucets. They created each faucet with the best quality of materials and finishes. With their extensive experience of selling to manufacturers, they did not have a hard time standing on their own. They were able to efficiently produce systems with certifiable quality.

In 2002, Waterstone introduced its first collection of decorative filtration faucets. They marketed and sold them through various bath and kitchen showrooms all across the country. It didn’t take long for them to change course, from manufacturing water components to becoming a niche faucet brand.

They found success soon enough, and more and more dealers requested for even more products. At this point, Waterstone was selling filtration faucets through 50 states and in Canada. They designed, engineered, manufactured, finished, assembled, tested, and packed all of their products in their California facility and warehouse. 

Since then, the company has grown – spiritually and literally. They’ve since increased their production as if preparing for another big brand change. And this change took place in 2005, which involved adding kitchen faucets and other related products to its offerings. Of course, Waterstone also created this product line from scratch, doing all research, development, design, and engineering in-house.

Waterstone Product Lines

Here are the main product lines from Waterstone. You’ll notice that a majority of these collections take inspiration from their local surroundings: California. 

They also sell parts and accessories, though. You can find more info about those on their website.


The Gantry Pulldown Faucets feature a patented design that took inspiration from the company’s hometown. Taking a look at the large Gantry cranes found in the LA Harbor that do so much heavy lifting when unloading cargo shipments on the docks. 

With this in mind, the Gantry pulldown faucets are modeled with the strength and size of these cranes in mind. It goes to show that you can find inspiration wherever you look as long as you are creative and dedicated to creating effective products.

Here’s a featured video on the Waterstone Contemporary Gantry Pulldown Faucet:



The Bridge Faucets was created out of inspiration from yet another Los Angeles landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge. That bridge was constructed in 1933 and has since become a marvel in American engineering and art. It even became a global landmark. At Waterstone, they encapsulated such history-changing innovation with their Bridge Faucets. The Bridge also symbolizes the brand’s commitment to doing something that hasn’t been done before.


The Kitchen Faucets, which were added to their roster in 2005, takes inspiration from California culture as well. California architecture is teeming with innovation and rich design. The entire state is diverse, and you can see this unique creativity in the buildings, bridges, and houses. You can go from modernism to Victorian style to mid-century chic to Spanish Colonial in a split second. Taking the beauty from gas stations, bungalows and beach cottages, Waterstone is able to create unique pieces of kitchen fixtures that can easily become the room’s centerpiece.


Since they have Kitchen Faucets, you also need Bar Faucets. These faucets make sense as the brand is located in a state with a multitude of bars, restaurants, beaches, and a lively music and art scene. The design and aesthetic of these bar faucets are as exciting as Hollywood and as colorful and musical as La La Land. It fits the whole Californian lifestyle seamlessly.

Bar Faucet
Bar Faucets are a necessity not only in California but also in every city that has a lively nightlife and food scene | Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels


The Pembroke Filtration and Bar Faucet Collection is a unique and versatile range of faucets that are a perfect match for their traditional PLP Pulldown line (more on this below). These are C-Spout pieces that are created to have similar decorative elements on the spout tip and neck as the traditional PLP pulldown. Having these two pieces, side by side will create an amazing effect to any bar or kitchen.


The PLP Pulldown Faucets takes inspiration from the legendary Yosemite National Park. There is an endless range of beauty from its forests, granite cliffs, and waterfalls that can inspire anyone that visits. Millions of people from all over the world come to see it. The park screams of beauty AND strength, which Waterstone applied to its design and engineering for this collection. Their PLP Pulldown faucets show off a classic beauty that will stand the test of time, with durability that will grant your reassurance.


Finally, let’s take a look at the Prep Faucets collection. One of the biggest tourist highlights in California, aside from the beaches and Hollywood, is its cuisine. It is home to many chefs, high-end restaurants, street food trucks, and local dives that offer exquisite food. 

Waterstone takes this passion for food and cooking and pours it into the Prep Faucets line, made with the best materials, under quality craftsmanship, and with great attention to detail.

Kitchen Faucet
High-quality Kitchen Faucets and Prep Faucets reflect the sophistication of cuisine in California | Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Is Waterstone a Good Brand?

If you like patriotic brands, Waterstone might be a good brand for you. However, we will be 100% honest – it’s not (yet) at par with the most technologically advanced and standards-compliant company in the plumbing industry. It is far from the quality offered by internationally acclaimed brands like Toto, Moen, Kraus, Kohler, and Grohe. If you can overlook that and are willing to take a chance on a local company, keep reading!

Waterstone regards quality and credibility as a brand by selling American made products. It is one of the brand’s core values. Truly, American ingenuity is a term that can be recognized wherever you are. It is symbolic of the country’s culture, scientific advancements, discoveries and inventions, medical breakthroughs, and more. Waterstone takes American ingenuity as the thing that sets it apart from other companies in the field and uses it to define them as a good brand.

In addition to this, Waterstone is dedicated to creating products that are helpful in solving daily problems at home, particularly in the kitchen. And all of this is made possible through the team behind the company. As we mentioned earlier, their staff is more like a family than a team of employees. They are people who care about what they do.

Waterstone’s raw determination to create amazing products that can help its customers is its driving force for success. One faucet at a time, Waterstone is making the industry better.

Check out this Manufacturing Marvels video from Waterstone.


Waterstone Warranty

Learn more about the Waterstone Lifetime Functional Warranty, Warranty on Finishes, and more on their official site. 

If you want to file a warranty claim or have a question regarding coverage, contact their customer service department. You can call them from 6 AM to 5 PM PST at this number:  1-888-304-0660. You can also send mail to:

  • Waterstone Faucets, LLC
  • 41180 Raintree Court
  • Murrieta, CA 92562

Where to Buy Waterstone

Check out the nearest Waterstone dealer or store near you. 

You can also buy Waterstone products on Amazon.