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Searching for vintage accessories to match your bathroom décor ?

Decorating your bathroom can be fun, but it can really add up when it comes to cost.  Once you replace all of the different things in your bathroom, from your outlets and faucets to your accessories, you can spend a pretty penny.  If you are looking for a vintage look, consider getting a vintage bathroom accessories set to give your bathroom that added flare without spending too terribly much.

We looked at some of the best vintage bathroom accessories sets out there, and our favorite was the Miss Bella 5 Piece Ceramic Red Rose set.  It is not only stylish, but also has that vintage flare. We also found a few others you may like.

What to Consider:

As you shop around, there are some things to consider.  First, consider the look that you want. If you want something vintage, consider what period you want it to be from.  Are you looking for a certain color scheme? Keep these things in mind. If these vintage accessories aren’t exactly what you were looking for you may also want to check out our list of luxury bathroom accessory sets, while they have a similar look and feel to these vintage ones they may give provide and extra touch of elegance you are looking for. 

vintage bathroom accessoriesAnother thing to consider is the items that come in the set.  What do you use most in your bathroom? Look for items such as a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, bar soap dish, cups and other items that you use frequently.  The more items, the more versatility you will have in decorating your bathroom. Some sets also have individual items that can be added to round out the look of your bathroom, some even include matching bathroom trash cans or tissue holders. 

You should also think about the type of material that the set is made of.  Plastic usually does not hold up as well, and tends to get dirty quickly. Ceramic is a great material to go with.  It is not only sturdy, but also pretty easy to keep clean with soap and water. Some metals may also be good, but consider the rust factor if you are thinking about metal accessories.

Our Top Picks for the Best Vintage Bathroom Accessories Set:

#1 – Vintage White Bathroom Accessories by Creative Scents

Vintage white bathroom accessory set
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 First up, we have the Vintage White Bathroom Accessories by Creative Scents.  This is a great choice for those that want that classic white theme in their bathroom. It has a vintage style, but is still classic and clean.  The set is decorative enough without being overly fussy although some people may not be looking the embossed look of the decorative accent. One of the advantages of this set is that the maker, Creative Scents, offers a wide variety of additional pieces that can be added to this basic set. They even have a matching waste basket and toilet brush set.  


  • It has a decorative Fleur De Lis motif on each piece.  The Fleur De Lis is known for being a great vintage symbol, especially in the south.
  • It is a complete set, with the soap dispenser, holder for your toothbrush, a tumbler, and a dish for holding your bar soaps.  
  • The finish is glossy, which means that it is pretty easy to clean.  
  • Unlike a matte finish, this is not something that will be hard for you to keep looking fresh and clean.


  • The plastic pump on the soap dispenser may actually be a bit difficult to keep clean and free flowing.  It tends to clog easily.
  • The toothbrush holder is a bit on the smaller side, so it may not be ideal for holding your toothbrush AND a large tube of toothpaste.

#2 – Miss Bella 5 Piece Ceramic Red Rose Bathroom Accessories Set

vintage rose bath accessories
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Next up, we have our favorite.  The Miss Bella 5 piece accessory set is really a great choice if you like the floral vintage look.  It is elegant, yet stylish, and offers just about everything that you could possibly need for organizing your bathroom counter. 

The look is a throw back to early times with an elegant rose motif. The set includes a liquid soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder and two matching tumblers. The drawbacks on this set are that they are very feminine, so it may not be a huge hit with the men in the house…compared to say a less fussy vintage white set. 


  • The set is made up of durable ceramic, but this also makes it a bit fragile, so be careful with it.  Ceramic, however ,is really durable and easy to keep clean.
  • Complete five piece set gives you everything that you need, including a soap dispenser, soap dish, a holder for your toothbrush, and two different tumblers.
  • The pieces are actually larger than they look, so you don’t have to worry about whether size will be an issue.


  • These accessories cannot be put in the dishwasher.  
  • You must hand wash and dry them to keep them clean. This is just because the dishwasher can chip the paint on the ceramic.
  • Ceramic items are fragile, so if you drop it then it could break pretty easily.  Just be careful with it, so that you don’t break any of the included accessories.

#3 – Victoria Bath Ensemble by Creative Scents

Victoria Bath Ensemble set
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Finally, we have the Victoria Bath Ensemble set.  This is another set by Creative Scents. It also has a vintage style, with a cream colored design that is sure to match your vintage bathroom.  Let’s take a look at everything that this accessory set has to offer. Does it look like something that would fit your bathroom décor?


  • Set is complete with four pieces, including a soap dispenser, toothbrush container, soap tray and a tumbler.  All of the pieces go together great.
  • Each piece has a non slip grip on the bottom, so that means it won’t slip around on your bathroom counter.
  • The accessories are made with quality as a priority.  They are crafted wonderfully, and have the ability to be used outside of the bathroom as well.


  • The compartments in the toothbrush holder are pretty small.  It does not fit your toothpaste tube along with it, so this is something to keep in mind.  
  • Some consumers said that the soap dispenser lid does not always screw on as tight as it should.  This can lead to spillage if you are not careful.

The Bottom Line

vintage beauty and cosmetics setWhen it comes down to it, decorating your bathroom does not have to break your bank.  You can find some excellent all in one accessory sets that will complete the look you are going for in your bathroom.  If vintage is the style you are going for, then you are sure to love the Miss Bella 5 Piece Ceramic Red Rose accessory set.  

It looks great with its vintage floral design, and it is also made to last with durable ceramic. Whether you choose this one, or one of the others, we are sure that it will make your bathroom really have that vintage touch.