Types of Shower Door Seals: Selecting the Right One for You

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There are different kinds of shower seals, in terms of both application and appearance. Let’s take a look at them and find one that’s right for you.

Choosing a Shower Seal

There are some factors to consider when choosing a shower door seal. 

  • Measure the thickness of the glass.
  • Check the location where you’ll install the seal.
  • What kind of shower will the seal be installed on? Is it half-round or square?

When buying a seal that’s designed to be at the shower door’s bottom side, make sure to measure the space between the tray and the door. Having accurate measurements will make it easier for you to know exactly which shower seal you need. Take note that a seal installed on the door’s side edge isn’t the same as the bottom seal, so you need the right type for your situation.

Types of Shower Seals

There are different types of shower door seals available. When choosing, be sure to check for their shape and dimensions. It’s easier if you are replacing an old seal, because you only need to choose based on the same model.

After knowing where you need to install it, measure the glass panel’s thickness. Check the type of cabin. Make sure that the shape of your shower door seal matches the shape of the cabin, i.e., a straight seal is ideal for rectangular and square cabins, while a curved seal is ideal for semicircular cabins.

Straight Seals

1/2" Frameless Glass Shower Door Sweep - Bottom Seal - Wipe - Drip Rail - 36"
1/2″ Frameless Glass Shower Door Seal Drip Rail – 36″ (Image: Amazon)

Rounded Seals

SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Shower Door Sweep for 1/4" Glass 28" Length Shower Door Bottom Seal Strip
SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Shower Door Seal for 1/4″ Glass 28″ Length (Image: Amazon)

Magnetic Seals

If you need to seal the cabin off, a magnetic seal can do the job. It has a built-in magnet that uses a force of 24 N/cm, allowing for perfect adherence of the seals to each other. You can combine magnetic seals at either a 90 or 180 degree angle.

Flexible Magnetic Strip Insert for Framed Swing Shower Doors with 3/8" Width - 84" long
Flexible Magnetic Strip Insert for Framed Swing Shower Doors with 3/8″ Width – 84″ long (Image: Amazon)

How to Replace a Shower Seal in an Enclosure

After finding the right type and size of seal, you can install it. It’s a straightforward and simple task. You only need to slide it onto the door. When you reach the desired positioning, press it down until it fully snaps into place. The shower door seal should also come with some instructions when you purchase it. 

If you need more help, you might want to check out this video tutorial from BrindleFishFilms: