8 Types Of Shower Curtain Liners You Should Know

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The shower liner is an excellent addition to your bathroom, thanks to its superb functionality. The purpose of the shower liner not only revolves around preventing splashes of water onto the bathroom floor, though.

Shower curtain liners seem like very straightforward accessories there are actually several types on the market. Shower curtain liners are usually made of plastic or PEVA, polyester or vinyl but can also be coated with mold-resistant material, frosted or patterned fabric for more privacy.

Other reasons to use a shower liner includes:

Although some people question if they really need a shower liner, they do add to the overall convenience and décor of your bathroom, which is why we do recommend you add them to your bathroom.

However, one look at the number of shower liner options online can be pretty overwhelming. There are literally hundreds to thousands of choices out there. So, how can you narrow down your shower liner options? Well, for starters, it is best to arm yourself with knowledge on this particular subject.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the different types of shower liners to help you figure out which one will suit your bathroom preference the most. 

8 Different Types of Shower Liners in the Market

A shower liner curtain is simply a must for bathrooms that divide into two sections: the shower/bathtub and the rest. The shower liner can help prevent excess water from spilling over to the floor and prevent water spillage in general. There are a handful of shower liners available in the market, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. 

Below is a list of shower curtain types that you will encounter in the market. 

Plastic Shower Liner

Shower Curtain Liner PEVA 8G with 12 Hooks 3 Magnets, Waterproof Plastic Curtain Liner with 12 Rust Proof Grommets Holes Plastic Shower Liner for Bathroom - 72x72 Inches (Clear)
Plastic Curtain Liner (Image: Amazon)

The most common type of shower liners is those made from plastic. Plastic shower liners offer excellent convenience and are generally cheap. Due to the low price, a plastic shower liner is easily replaceable but is also relatively easy to clean if you wish to extend its shelf life. However, be careful of plastic shower liners made from PVC as these can be toxic to your health. Instead, look for ones that use PEVA and EVA as their primary material. 


  • The most affordable option on this list.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance.
  • It is fully transparent.


  • It can get damaged or ripped easily.
  • Some contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your health.

Fabric Shower Liner

AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain, Heavy Duty Fabric Shower Curtains with Waffle Weave Hotel Quality Bathroom Shower Curtains, 72 x 72 Inches
Fabric Shower Curtain (Image: Amazon)

The main alternative to the plastic shower liner is the fabric variation. While it might not make sense to use a fabric shower liner as it can be incredibly susceptible to mildew stains, it also comes with several benefits that counter the drawbacks. For example, fabric shower liners come with a wide range of designs that will enhance your bathroom décor. You also won’t need to worry about harmful chemicals with a fabric shower liner. 


  • Eco-friendly and are toxin-free.
  • A wide variety of designs to choose from to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics. 


  • Due to being susceptible to stains like mold and mildew, regular washing is a must.

Magnetic Shower Liners

Shower Curtain Liner with 6 Magnets Clear PEVA 8G Thick & Heavy Duty, Waterproof Standard Size 72 x 72 inch, Clear
Shower Curtain Liner with 6 Magnets (Image: Amazon)

Some shower liners feature magnets at the base, which act in two ways – it acts as a weight and further helps keep the shower curtain in place. This type of shower liner can be in the form of plastic or fabric material. If water spilling over to the bathroom floor is a legit issue for you, then pick shower liners with a magnetic base. 


  • The magnetic base keeps the shower liner in place.
  • It further prevents water from spilling over the bathtub or shower stall. 


  • Not machine washable due to the magnets, which can cause several issues for both washing machine and shower liner. 

Heavy-Duty Shower Liners

WELTRXE Heavy Duty EVA Shower Curtain Liner with Magnets Waterproof 3D Water Cube Clear Bathroom Shower Curtains, No Chemical Smell, No Odors, 72 x 72 in, 12 Hooks
Heavy Duty EVA Shower Curtain Liner (Image: Amazon)

As the name implies, this type of shower liner is made to withstand a beating. Typically made from high-quality PVC, PEVA, EVA, or vinyl – heavy-duty shower liners come with weights and feature a mildew-resistant material or coating. This type of shower liner will also last for quite a long time, even more with proper maintenance. 


  • Made from sturdy material, either fabric or plastic.
  • It comes with weights at the bottom to keep the shower curtain steady. 
  • Generally, it uses a mold and mildew-resistant finish on the material.


  • It might contain harmful chemicals.

Mold-Resistant Shower Liners

BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner – 72 x 72 PEVA Heavy Duty Shower Curtain with Rustproof Metal Grommet and 3 Magnetic Weights – Odor Free and Compatible with Standard Showers, White
BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner (Image: Amazon)

For those who prefer to skip the cleaning process altogether, you might want to check out the mold and mildew-resistant shower liners. This type of shower liner either uses mold-resistant materials or incorporates a special coating to its fabric.


  • Less of a need to clean the shower liner. 
  • Significantly reduces the risk of mold and mildew buildup on the shower liner. 


  • This type of shower liner might contain toxic material and will typically have a chemical odor out of the box.

XL Shower Liners

Extra Long Shower Curtain or Liner 72x80 - 6 Magnets on Bottom, PEVA, Waterproof, PVC Free, Metal Grommets - 72 x 80 Inches, Clear
Extra Long Shower Curtain or Liner 72×80 (Image: Amazon)

The standard measurements of a shower liner are around 70 to 72 inches in length. However, there are some shower liners out there that offer a couple of inches more. For example, the XL shower liner is often installed in bathrooms with curtain rods that are placed exceptionally high. As a result, XL shower liners can reach up to 96 inches in length. 


  • It adds a bit of visual flair to the bathroom.
  • Wider and longer cover helps further reduce water spills. 


  • The XL shower liner is not suitable for bathrooms with low to medium curtain rods as the liner will drag on the floor. 

Waffle Shower Liners

Waffle Fabric White Shower Curtain with Liner Set - Includes Free Clear Liner, Decorative Shower Curtain for Bathroom Set - Rustproof Metal Grommets Waterproof Hotel Quality 72" x 72" Heavy 290 GSM
Waffle Fabric White Shower Curtain with Liner Set (Image: Amazon)

For those who are looking to incorporate a classy appeal into their bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a waffle pattern shower liner. Additionally, the unique pattern is not just for aesthetics, as this type of design can also help reduce the amount of water spilled over the bathtub. Fashionable and functional, those are two pretty good features to have in any kind of product.



  • It has a pretty distinct design which might clash with particular bathroom décor. 

Frosted Shower Liners

ANYEV Shower Curtain Liner 8 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner Frosted Waterproof 7272 inch
Shower Curtain Liner Heavy Duty Liner Frosted (Image: Amazon)

If privacy is a factor and you don’t want to use fabric shower liners, you might want to go with frosted shower liners instead. This type of liner pretty much comes with all the advantages of the plastic liner, such as low-maintenance, easy to clean, and cheap – with the added element of enhanced privacy. 


  • Classy and sophisticated appearance. 
  • Enhanced privacy.
  • Affordable and easy to clean.


  • It may also contain harmful chemicals and odor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Liner

Before picking up a shower liner, there are several factors that you need to consider to ensure optimum reliability and safety. First, check if the shower liner uses harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as phthalates, organotins, dioxins, ethylene dichloride, lead, and BPA. Next, you should consider whether you are okay with shower liners that require higher maintenance. Going with low-maintenance liners might also mean the need to replace them sooner than later. 

Budget will also be a factor as specific shower liners can be more expensive but more durable and can even come with aesthetically pleasing designs. Speaking of design, you should also ensure that the liner will pair nicely with the shower curtain in terms of visuals. 

Also, consider the types of shower curtain hooks or rings you’ll be using with the curtain and line and whether you’ll be using a double curtain rod or not.

Overall, we would recommend you go with the heavy-duty shower liner. Still, a PEVA or EVA shower liner is an excellent alternative for those who consider budgeting a factor. Not only are PEVA/EVA liners waterproof, but they are also resistant to mold, mildew, and hard water stains. Additionally, they are easy to install and just as easy to clean and maintain. 

If you are going for an eco-friendly approach, a fabric shower liner is a good alternative. Not only does it come in a wide variety of design options, but it also lasts longer than plastic shower liners as the former can be washed and cleaned.

Shower Liner Maintenance Tips

On average, a plastic shower curtain has a shelf life of around six months before it needs to be replaced. This time limit primarily applies to plastic shower liners that are made from PVC or vinyl. The question is can you extend this period to maximize the use of your plastic shower liner fully? The answer is yes. Here are ways to help you raise the integrity of your plastic shower liner:

  • Rinse off soap foam.
  • Spray cleaning agents.
  • Spread the shower liner evenly to allow it to dry faster. 

Cleaning your shower curtain can be done relatively quickly, and you can even make your cleaning solution. Depending on their material, most shower liners can be cleaned by spraying chlorine evenly on the surface and wiping off any mildew stain with warm water and soap. For plastic liners, use cloth towels to wipe them clean to prevent damaging them. 


Shower liners must be able to keep water from spilling out of the bathtub. That is its primary function. But, of course, other aspects are also important such as safety and durability. There are different types of shower liners out there, and as you can see from our list above, each has its own merits. As long as you know what factors to look for, you can bet you can narrow down your options to the best possible choices. 

Check out these different shower curtain materials to decide the best one to pair with your new liner.