15 Types of Bathroom Cabinets

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Undecided on which type of bathroom cabinet to fit into your home? Check out the different types available before you make your decision.

Bathroom Cabinet Types

Basic Wood Cabinets

Acclaim Solid Oak Bathroom Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinet, Espresso

These are the most common and popular. They can be found virtually everywhere, and it’s easy to custom-make them, too. You can choose from a whole myriad of colors, stains, and types of wood as you wish. This traditional choice is often used for kitchens, too. If you want to upgrade your current ones but don’t want to take too much risk, then wooden cabinets are the way to go.

Inset Cabinets

Elizabeth 60" Bathroom Double Vanity, Base: White, Top: Carrara Marble

These are among the most expensive types of bathroom cabinets. This is because they are highly specialized, and often custom-made. They are designed to sit in a frame of the cabinet, and as such have to be cut with extreme accuracy to ensure a good fit. These are made with almost perfect craftsmanship and are undoubtedly beautiful.

Despite their looks, they do cut down the amount of storage space available to you, mainly for having to fit into the frame in a different way than a regular cabinet would. However, if space isn’t much of an issue for you – and if you are looking for premium quality cabinets that will last an entire lifetime, then inset cabinets might be just what you need.

Distressed Cabinets

Abbeville Bathroom Vanity, Distressed Beige, 46"

Farmhouse style homes are such a trend these days, and one easy way to achieve a shabby chic vibe in your home is by using distressed cabinets. Distressed surfaces can be achieved by weathering techniques, and the aim is to give the cabinets a vintage – and even worn and torn – look. These cabinets go well with big mirrors, clear lighting fixtures, and brushed metal accessories.

Louvered Cabinets

White Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet with Louver Doors and Metal Knobs

Louvered cabinets are designed with a slatted appearance. These slats, however, are set one next to the other with some air space in between, instead of the usual overlapping setup. This is preferred by some homeowners, and it does turn out quite attractive. If you’re looking for a timeless look in your bathroom, this type of cabinets will suit you well.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrors, on their own, have the ability to open up spaces regardless of the room they are in. By using mirrors as the fronts of the cabinets, you open up your bathroom and make it more modern and “airy”. If you hate closed and narrow spaces, this will be a good hack to try. Alternatively, etched mirrors can also be used. Whatever decor theme you have will benefit from these cabinets. Choosing a unique pattern of the mirror will add even more personality to the whole thing. If you prefer classic, keeping it plain and simple is another way to go.

Flat Cabinets

Another popular kind of cabinets, these feature clean lines that will work well with most home decor. Whether you have an industrial vibe or a more traditional theme going on, these will suit you well. They are timeless and can give you a large room for improvisation with all kinds of finishes and types of wood to choose from. Optionally, you can go for laminate flat cabinets, which are much cheaper as well.

Beadboard Cabinets

Bellani 30" Premium White Bathroom Vanity with Midnight Pearl Granite Top

This material has been used for a long time. It used to upgrade the detail and style of walls. These days, beadboard is used on many other things, such as cabinets. They can transform a basic cabinet into a detailed, face-lifted fixture that stands out from the rest. Beadboard cabinets fit in nicely to country cottage, eclectic, and farmhouse decor themes.

Stencil-Patterned Cabinets

Stencils are a foolproof way to add personality and charm to anything. Use this tip for your walls, but it works great for cabinetry as well. You can choose patterns that you love. This is a nice way to add personality and a wow factor to your bathroom. Rustic, farmhouse, and Italian style rooms will get a big bang out of this choice.

Lattice-Patterned Cabinets

Lattice Fretwork Cabinet, Warm Chocolate Brown Finish and Antique Brass Accents

Lattices are popular for garden and patio applications, but now you can also take a bit of the outdoor look into your home simply by incorporating lattices into your cabinets’ fronts. This style gives your bathroom a lot of garden charm and personality and will let you enjoy a fresh and upgraded look without too much work – or expenses.

Metal Cabinets

Crestview Orleans 2-Door Wood/Metal Cabinet in Distressed Metal CVFZR316

If you are looking for a way to have a modern slash retro slash industrial vibe in your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with metal. Get yourself a fresh look by adding some metal cabinets and pair them with contemporary accessories and lighting. You can transform your bathroom into an entirely different era just by upgrading to metal cabinets.

Shutter Cabinets

60" Slate Gray Double Vanity Cabinet With Shutter Double Doors Dual Sinks

These shutter cabinets bring a bit of an outdoorsy vibe to your bathroom. They are great for windows, but for cabinets as well. For homes with country cottage or country chic decor, these will fit right in and add a more relaxed appearance to the bathroom. If you want to increase the warmth, coziness, and welcoming feel of your bathroom, then these are a nice choice.

Shaker Cabinets

Ronbow Essentials Shaker 36" Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Base, White

Shaker cabinets are very simple and often made of hardwood. You can get some made of veneer panels, though. They add natural finishes or a light stain on the wood. If you like distressed wood, you can go for those which have been weathered to give your bathroom a sense of age and “wearing”. It’s no secret that this can add to the overall style of the cabinets. Together with wooden handles or knobs, you can upgrade your space with elegance and simplicity at the same time.

Glass Cabinets

These give you a clean and classy appearance for the bathroom. These are quite versatile, too, in that they can be used in different kinds of design themes. You can even mix and match various styles to give your space a fresh new look. These are also used as display cabinets for obvious reasons. If you like to store your finest towels and other items while remaining visible for you and your visitors, these a great option. You’ll also feel like you’re just in a spa – right in your own home!

Thermofoil Cabinets

Thermofoil sounds like some sort of artificial, metallic material. There is NO metal used in these cabinets, though. It is made from heating a vinyl material and melding it into particleboard or another kind of wood. You’ll get a seamless, smooth surface that’s easy to maintain. More importantly, it lasts a very long time. You can choose from different colors to meet your decor requirements as well.

Custom Cabinets

As the name suggests, these are made according to your specific requirements. These are crafted with the homeowner’s own input and ideas. These include the size, design, color, finish, angles, and more. Often, consumers get stressed out when they do not find the right thing that they want in stores, they resort to custom cabinets. Of course, these a bit pricier depending on how detailed your specifications are.

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