Toto Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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Toto is a company that started its roots in Japan and quickly became a global phenomenon. This brand takes stock in embracing technology, going after the highest possible level of cleanliness, implementing aesthetic designs, doing its part for the environment, and developing products to improve its customers’ lives. As such, it has become a reputable name in the industry, almost synonymous with excellent bathroom experience. 

Aside from its product design, Toto is a brand that puts in a lot of effort to become a responsible corporation, socially and environmentally speaking. Later, we’ll talk about its many ways of helping the environment. 

Toto Company Logo
Toto Company Logo

Toto partners with several nonprofits, charities, businesses, organizations, universities, and other movements that benefit worthy causes. Some of these include Serenbe, Southface Institute, Captain Planet, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and many more. One of their main projects is educating people and communities about the importance of sustainability. In line with this, Toto has also provided products to communities affected by disasters as part of larger rebuilding initiatives. Toto is also actively participating in various Habitat for Humanity projects.

You can learn more about Toto, company news, and updates on product collections by visiting their website or checking them out on social media. They are active on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and they post several product and brand videos on YouTube

For professionals looking for connections or partnerships, you can also check them out on LinkedIn.

Here’s a quick video about how Toto aims to use technology to move you.


Toto History

Toto is a brand that finds inspiration from wanting to improve its consumers’ quality of life. After almost a century in the industry, it has changed the common idea of what a good bathroom should – and can – be.

It was founded by Kazuchika Okura, a visionary who had a goal back in 1912. During the time, the idea of having public sewage systems hasn’t been implemented widely in his home country, Japan. Okura traveled overseas and saw highly advanced systems. After returning home, he was motivated to create a ceramic sanitary ware center and laboratory to create better, healthier and cleaner living spaces.

The company was founded in 1917 under the name Toyo Toki K.K. but was quickly called and known as Toto, LTD. It supplied the industry with these products that he envisioned. Toto was rooted in a dedication to create and offer comfortable living solutions for people while keeping the health of the planet and its resources in mind.

To this day, the rich heritage of Japanese art in porcelain and pottery is well and alive — and you can see this in each Toto product. As it expanded internationally, the brand has not swayed away from its Japanese traditions, which have shaped the company’s core values since the beginning.

Porcelain Bath Tub | Photo by Pixabay 

Toto Product Lines

Here are some of the several product collections offered by Toto.


Wyeth is a collection of products designed with a refined aesthetic but in understated styles. It is part of TOTO Total Design (more on this later). The “total design” approach lets every member of the family become comfortable with these showers, faucets, and bathroom accessories. 

Operating them is very effortless and intuitive. And even though the ease of use (for all ages and levels of physical ability) is its main motivation, Wyeth products do not compromise with the efficiency and quality of their design. You can expect great performance across the board.


Aero features showers that provide the most luxurious showering experience without abusing water supply. Both the hand shower and showerhead use AeroJet air injection technology (see video below for more information), which aims to elevate water volume by integrating air into each droplet of water. As a result, you get a fuller, richer shower. And all of this is possible while using even less water than your standard hand shower or showerhead

See how Aero showers are different compared to standard showers in this video.



Waza toilets, lavatories, and faucets come in high detail designs that find inspiration in a wide variety of things: nature, royalty, opulence – pick one that suits you best. You can feel Japanese culture permeating through each piece of this collection. Waza is a collection of art pieces for your bathroom.


Legato is a collection that draws inspiration from angular lines. It features a light and almost airy design. As a result, you get a collection that will fit right in with your current contemporary and sophisticated room theme. Legato fixtures are also part of the TOTO Total Design initiative. If you choose this collection, you can be assured of stress-free use no matter your age or ability. The lever handles of the faucets are very easy to turn, and the toilets are designed with the right height for comfort.


Soirée pieces feature bold curves and clean lines. That’s exactly what it aims to be: an easy fit for any design theme, for any kind of bathroom. You can enjoy state-of-the-art tech AND luxury at the same time with this collection. You can’t find anything else that compares to its tubs, lavatories, showers, and high-efficiency toilets. What you end up with is comfort, beauty, and a luxurious bathroom space right in your own home.

Is Toto a Good Brand?

We think Toto is a great brand. Let’s talk about some points that prove this.

Toto toilets are some of the best on the market, their washlet line of combo bidet-toilets and bidet toilet seat attachments are some of the top options on the market and their Neorest® line of toilets are some of the most elegant and luxurious available.

Here are some other reasons why we consider Toto a very high-quality brand.


We’ve mentioned TOTO Total Design earlier, but what is it really about? As you might’ve picked up by now, Toto as a brand believes that their products are meant for everyone: no matter how old, and no matter what level of ability. Toto understands that each person is inherently unique, so it aims to exceed common standards right at the beginning to make way for ease of use. They want for as many people as possible to enjoy their products. 

By improving accessibility and ergonomics, and combining these into high-performance designs, Toto affords all members of the family the quality products that they deserve.


Toto knows that its customers value aesthetic design, and not just in specific areas of the room. For this reason, it has launched the TOTO Whole Bathroom, a better bathroom experience that relies on being a part of the bigger picture. 

Each tub and toilet that’s part of the TOTO Whole Bathroom is designed with a corresponding bigger collection in place. These are created to form a larger room for space, reflection, comfort, and peace. By designing each and every part of the room, Toto created a relaxed, flowing, and refreshing way of life.


Toto has gotten farther since its start in Japan. One of the best things about choosing Toto is that you can experience its products’ features almost anywhere. Live with amazing Toto products in your home. Experience their premium collections in hotels and restaurants. Traveling? You know Toto will take care of you in your favorite airport lounge. Watching the game? You bet Toto is in your team’s sports arena.

Toto is present in company offices, universities, and resorts. This is a mark of the brand’s global quality and appeal.


PeoplePlanetWater is perhaps the biggest proof of Toto’s overall value as a company. It is their stamp of approval, it is their mark of excellence. It represents the brand’s excellent accomplishments in the fields of technology, engineering, research and development, water conservation, sustainability, and data and metrics. 

Together with several certifications and awards, PeoplePlanetWater shows us that a brand like Toto can use high technology and innovation to benefit not only itself, but also People, the Planet, and its Water. Check out this short video about PeoplePlanetWater!



We’ve already covered how Toto benefits People when we discussed its charitable efforts and its high-quality product lines earlier. So let’s talk about how it benefits the Planet.

First on the list is ECOPOWER, an innovation that aims to bring together operational and environmental initiatives together. The end goal is energy conservation, waste reduction, toxicity elimination, and promotion of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle efforts. ECOPOWER tech is made possible by proper water flow in the shower valve or faucet. It allows you to consume less power. You can see this tech in Toto’s sensor faucets and sensor flushometer valves.

Next is HYDROTECT, an innovation that’s implemented in various Toto legs – not just in the US. This is an environment purification tech as well as a technology brand. It helps cleanse the planet and the immediate living environment by creating a photocatalytic reaction through light and water power.

Water Efficient Bath Fixtures
Toto is dedicated to putting forward efforts to help conserve water through efficient technologies in its products | Photo by Sourav Mishra 

Transparency Reporting

You can tell through its core values and even with its technologies (and many more) that Toto is dedicated to being 100% transparent to its consumer base. After all, how can you vouch to aim to improve the lives of your customers and the planet you live in if you do not follow the principle of honesty and transparency? It is a cornerstone of providing consumers with complete, informed choices about which products to use, as well as the ethics behind the brand’s operations.

Toto has partnered with Sustainable Minds to continue its promise of moving even BEYOND compliance to develop the world’s first third-party verified Transparency Report for bath products, including the results of their material assessment. You can visit the SM TOTO Showroom to see all of the products that come with full transparency information.

Toto Warranty

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Where to Buy Toto 

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