Symmons Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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Symmons Industries started in 1939 and has never stopped creating plumbing products since. Today, many consider it to be one of the best manufacturers of residential and commercial sanitary ware. They are known for creating high-quality, durable, and beautiful products that are fit for regular households as well as five-star hotels.

Over 80 years of experience and credibility make them one of the most trusted brands today. Their focus is on providing exceptional products and services: starting with their famous Temptrol shower valve. This anti-scald and pressure-balancing shower valve put Symmons on the map. Since its inception, the team behind the company believes that it’s what’s inside that counts the most. 


For this reason, even though they create aesthetically pleasing products, they pay double attention to the systems and mechanisms found inside each product. Today, this tradition of quality remains. Symmons is still on the edge of its seat, looking for the next big innovation for custom fittings, to deliver solutions that work for their customers.

The Symmons Design Studio is an added benefit. You can visit it on their website to take a peek at how they help their customers arrive at the best possible solution for their problems. It all falls into place, as their slogan reads: Built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture.

The main headquarters is located in Braintree, MA. The company remains a privately-owned company, with a number of sales offices and local reps in different regions and states, both in the US and in Canada.

The brand looks toward the future – to another 80 years – full of vision. They’ll keep seeing new opportunities to embody the Symmons legacy through quality plumbing products and technologies. The goal is still, at the end of the day, to create effective water management solutions. Backed with a team that focuses on what matters: providing valuable service to customers, we can rest assured that this company is here to stay, and will continue to become a proud American brand.

Symmons Company Logo
Symmons Company Logo

Symmons History

When it started in the 1930s, the products that came out of the Symmons brand revolutionized the industry. A lot of its main products were a first in plumbing. Since then, it hasn’t stopped being a solution provider. 

How did it all begin? Paul C. Symmons was working for a small-time plumbing manufacturer in his hometown: Boston. It wasn’t long before he began developing a concept for a shower valve that was efficient in balancing water pressure, to create a safer showering experience. 

Paul analyzed the shower problem and found out that the issue of unsafe and drastic temperature changes is caused by water pressure fluctuation. This happens when there are demands in other sections of the plumbing faucet. That’s why you sometimes lose hot water when someone uses the washing machine or dishwasher, turns on a faucet, or flushes the toilet.

With this realization comes the need for a solution to improve the currently unsafe shower experience. This was his first and main motivation to quit his job and start his own company. In 1939, he did just that. He designed a shower valve that solved the issue of water heat fluctuation. But this design did more than that, and more than Paul probably was aware of at the time. This design paved the way for modern plumbing.

In fact, his original valve design has been virtually left the same since his early 1940s modifications. It’s still constructed using stainless steel, bronze, and solid brass. Since then, it has been – and still is – used in several residential and commercial settings in North America. Here’s a quick overview of this valve system:


In 1956, it was time for the company to move to a bigger facility. They expanded in a bigger space in South Boston. The next decade witnessed as the brand created a wider offering of products, including Showeroff, a metering shower valve, and Hydapipes, pre-assembled commercial showers.

In 1967, the company will make its final move (thus far) to Braintree. During this time, they have moved towards mass production, which allowed them to enter the market with more competitive pricing. As such, it gained a better audience with the residential market. Together with compliance with plumbing code changes, Symmons was able to grow even faster and bigger in the next 25 years.

Paul’s son-in-law, Bill O’Keeffe managed the company during this rapid growth, from 1987 to 2010. 

Symmonds went through a rebranding in 2006 as it expanded its collections to include premium products for both bath and kitchen. This move allowed the company to realign its standing in the plumbing industry.

Fast forward to 8 decades later, that one idea blossomed and we’re now facing the third generation of Symmons’ family who owns the company. It still offers the same dedication and quality to its customers, but now with an even wider array of products and technologies: thousands of them. They have also expanded to the commercial market, providing bath and kitchen products all over the country and overseas.

Today, the company lies in the capable hands of Tim O’Keeffe, a third-generation manager from the Symmons family.

Learn more about the Symmons history from this video:


Symmons Product Lines

Let’s take a look at the latest products and collections from Symmons.

Brushed Bronze Finish

Brushed Bronze products let you stay on-trend. As the brass and gold tones have resurged, you can now adorn your bathroom with these faucet finishes. Each product in brushed bronze goes well with different home decor and room themes, as well as building materials. You won’t have a hard time during renovation or construction.

In particular, we recommend their Dia Collection, which is a bestseller for the brand. The pieces in this collection transcend elegance and warmth. Feel luxury and vibrancy with each piece. You can add tubs, shower systems, lavatory faucets, and other bathroom accessories to your home, all in brushed bronze!

A more contemporary collection comes in the Duro Collection. If your current decor or future design plan calls for opulence and richness in the bathroom, this collection is what you need. Having these fixtures in brushed bronze only escalates the effect. For commercial settings, this will leave your customers with a feeling of luxury. This is the perfect collection for the perfectionist. There is not a single detail left out with these pieces.

If you want a more earthy and rustic, modern yet traditional vibe, then go for the Sereno Collection. In brushed bronze, this product will easily complement other natural building materials that you already have, such as granite countertops and wooden finishes.

PLUS: If you don’t fancy any from these three collections, you CAN request for brushed bronze finishes on other Symmons products (accessories and fixtures) by filling out a form, and they’ll notify you as soon as they become available!

Check out the company’s introduction video for this finish:


Matte Black Finish

If you have been keeping up with design trends, you’ll know that the Matte Black Finish is making waves right now. Now, Symmons is offering its best collections in this new finish. You can now experience an elevated level of modern style to your bathroom and kitchen.

Pair these accents and fixtures against lighter backgrounds or surfaces for a true, bold contrast. Create your dream aesthetic that makes any room stand out. You can enjoy this finish in their best selling collections, Dia, Duro, and Sereno.

You can also opt to fill forms to request for matte black finishes on other Symmons fixtures and accessories to be notified the second they become available.

Check out the company’s introduction video for this finish:


Temptrol Rapid Install™ (New)

The Temptrol® shower valve started it all for Symmons. Today, we see the latest version update of this shower system. It’s perfect for school gyms, apartment buildings, multifamily structures, or other establishments with several bathrooms. This valve offers excellent water pressure and comfortable showers even through constant and simultaneous uses.

Here are some features and benefits of the Temptrol system:

  • Inlets and outlets lie in one plane
  • Choose from PEX crimp, PEX cold expansion, or CPVC connections
  • Faster and easier install with the Rapid Install Bracket
  • Smaller valve body fits in a 2×3 or modular wall

The Rapid Install Bracket is made of heat-resistant nylon. It ensures a stable and durable installation, especially when using supply lines that are non-rigid. It also removes the need to calculate rough-in. You can reduce installation time by up to 67%.

Stinger mounts are also built into the casting, which lets you enjoy the easier installation of the valve. You can also use it to mount the valve to the rapid install bracket.

Symmons® Water Management

Symmons Water Management is designed for hotels and other large establishments. It allows hotel managers to gain a clearer view of their property’s water system. It also benefits them by making sure that all guests ALWAYS have hot showers, no matter what time of the day. 

As a result, you reduce the chances of getting negative reviews online, which of course can affect your profitability. We all know how everyone reads online reviews before checking into a hotel. Use this water management system to ensure your guests are 100% satisfied, and to take control of your water system.

Check out this quick video about Symmons Water Management:


Is Symmons a Good Brand?

Symmons has a lot of value in the plumbing industry. Behind all the tech advances, effective water solutions, and beautiful fixtures, the brand remains focused on providing quality to its customers providing everything from showers and tubs to accessories and showerheads. It has expanded to the commercial sector and now provides multiple solutions to large establishments. It’s not unlikely that you’ve encountered their fixtures in hotels or resorts while you were on vacation or a business trip.

While brands such as Moen, Kohler, Delta and Grohe may be more well-known household names and well-respected among plumbers, the Symmons brand still gets plenty of mentions as a good quality brand in the industry.

Good Enough for the Government

In the last ten years alone, the company has introduced 14 premium product collections. You can also avail of a custom design service!

Of course, the amazing craftsmanship and attention to quality and detail were not unnoticed, even in the company’s earliest years. During the Second World War, the company was a supplier of parts for constructing US Naval torpedoes. It received an award for such excellence. The government has also reward Symmons with post-war contracts, such as shower valves for military camps and barracks, as well as various federal projects.

Symmons Design Studio

Symmons Design Studio is the company’s answer to the needs of meeting its customers’ specific problems. This is a great example of the company diversifying its portfolio. The studio offers added value to its customers by giving them custom design paired with durable products.

It also caters to global clients. It’s not surprising to learn that custom collections have been installed in prestigious hotels and establishments around the world, including the Four Seasons in Toronto, Courtyard by Marriott, Casino del sol in Tucson, Terranea Resort in California, and the Algonquin in New York City.

Innovative Water Management Solutions

Even if you take away the global recognition and government trust, you can still say that Symmons is, in fact, a good brand. Taking into consideration its core values and dedication to creating effective water systems for its customers is enough proof.

If you need proof of the quality in terms of material, design, and workmanship, just look at its flagship product. The Symmons valve started the whole company. More than seven decades later, the rest of the world is still using the same valve!

You can expect that as the world changes, the company will adapt. History is a great thing. But the better mark of excellence is how a brand keeps up with the times and continues to seek better product designs for the future. 

Symmons Warranty

You can learn more about the Symmons Warranty terms and agreement on their Warranty page.

They offer a limited lifetime warranty to most products. All claims should be pre-approved by the company.

Where to Buy Symmons 

Locate the nearest store that sells Symmons products on the Where to Buy page. There, you can also check for the official list of online retailers that sell their collections, including Amazon and Wayfair