Speakman Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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Speakman is based in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. It has been in the industry of plumbing for 150 years. The products that it designs and manufactures have become popular in all of North America and abroad. While it creates home-standard bathroom fixtures, it is best known for its safety equipment, emergency equipment, laboratory equipment, and commercial plumbing installations.

You can find it on social media, where it keeps a high standard of customer transparency and communication. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. They post content every now and then to keep their audiences updated with new products, technologies, and announcements.

For industry professionals, you may visit their company page on Houzz, where they share several design ideas together with their product lines.

Speakman is a part of the Professional Plumbing Group (PPG), a corporation whose subsidiaries offer high-performing, affordable, and innovative products across different plumbing industry channels.

Speakman Brand Logo
Speakman Brand Logo

Speakman History

It all started in 1869 when the siblings Joseph and Allen Speakman started a simple plumbing workshop in Wilmington, Delaware. They were extremely dedicated to their work and had a passion for innovating new solutions. Soon, they created the very first adjustable showerhead. Since then, they have garnered more than 100 patents under their name, for innovation and design.

Undoubtedly, the industry has changed a lot since 1869 – and for the better. The company keeps the same drive and passion that the brother had since Day 1. They have always chosen to keep their design team small, to avoid all unnecessary corporate kerfuffles and concentrate on the designing process. They spend time from the design table to the workbench — and up to this day, each product still comes out of Glen Mills, PA.

Speakman Product Lines

Here are some of Speakman’s collections and product lines.

Water Efficient Showerheads

One of the brand’s main driving forces lies in the statement For the Love of Water. To bring this motivation to life, the company has gone greener, manufacturing fixtures that are even better performing than ever, and are water-efficient at the same time.

This collection features showerheads that either come with a 1.75 or a 2.0 GPM flow. Check out the entire Water Efficient Showerheads lineup.

The Optimus System

The eye and face wash solution called Optimus is branded as suitable for any application. This is part of their Emergency Product Line. The Optimus line is the first and only of its kind to feature a dedicated eye and face wash built into one design. 

The user gets full facial relief if a chemical burn occurs. This system can also be wall-mounted or mounted on a pedestal, and integrated with an emergency shower. You can also configure it to meet ADA standards. No matter what the workplace situation is, Optimus is designed to help and adapt.

Medical and Chemical Laboratory Workers
Medical and chemical laboratory workers need emergency safety equipment handy in case of chemical spills | Photo by Pixabay 

EyeSaver Faucet Collection

The EyeSaver collection features eyewash and sink faucets designed for laboratory use. It can also suit the needs of academic institutions, commercial establishments, and other settings. This collection offers one-of-a-kind installation settings for specific requirements. It can do the job for science labs, medical facilities, and janitorial closets. 

This product line is ideal for worksites that require ANSI-compliant and high-performing equipment.

GravityFlo Equipment

GravityFlo is perfect for workplace environments with no sufficient water source. Whether you work in a refinery, a construction site, or a field office that’s in the middle of nowhere, there are many risks that you can expose yourself and your workers. Exposure to chemicals is dangerous, but so is heat exhaustion and dehydration. 

GravityFlo Portable Eyewashes present the ideal solution. Each unit provides effective and comfortable sprays even without a connection to a plumbing source for 15 uninterrupted minutes – or longer. Having this gear on-site ensures you meet all ANSI standards.

Workplace Protective Equipment
In many workplaces, it is important to have emergency equipment ready in case of accidents. | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Is Speakman a Good Brand?

This company is not your typical plumbing fixture brand. Its main market involves workplaces that constantly present hazards and risks to their employees. Speakman produces solutions in the form of emergency gear, safety equipment, and plumbing fixtures — so that no matter what, and no matter where they are, the workers are able to work without fear of chemical spills and other hazardous events.

With that being said, it also produces high-performing and eco-friendly collections for residential and commercial use.

3 Areas That Set Speakman Showers Apart

In this day and age, simply saying that you offer water-saving products is not enough. Why? Because all plumbing manufacturer is already doing that. So what sets one brand apart? For Speakman, the difference lies in three particular areas.

These areas have been carefully studied and tested until the best performance was achieved. The end result is the production of eco-friendly collections that are backed by statistics and science to offer a more satisfying and complete showering experience. Read more about these three below.


What does improved thermal retention mean? It’s a smart way of saying “a better way to keep heat”. This is certainly a solution that is needed in today’s plumbing industry. The sprays created by Speakman are geared to retain temperature for a longer period of time compared to competitor units. You can tell the difference with how the water feels as it leaves the showerhead and travels down the body.

This improves the entire shower experience, but it also benefits you by cutting down energy costs. Did you know that cranking the water heat level up and down (and up again) causes the heater to work more?


Since the beginning of Speakman, the company has identified what makes a shower great: the ability to deliver an intense and powerful spray. Performance has been a huge motivating force with each shower product they create. No matter what the style of flow rate is, the important thing is the capacity to create the right level of spray force.

For these reasons, Speakman engineers focus on developing new and unique systems and innovative technologies. They did not waste time with infusing air force with their sprays – a common step taken by other brands. Instead, they created a plunger system (patented) that has been proven to actually increase water pressure. As a result, you get a more energized and powerful shower performance.


The final one is the coverage. The team behind Speakman is focused on jet placement, almost to the point of obsession. They ensure that each jet is placed ideally. This means that not a single spray nozzle intersects with another. For the user, this feels amazing, because it allows you to feel every single drop of water.

They also monitor the radius of the spray using annular gauges. They do this to measure the distribution of water so that they meet all standards required to be certified by WaterSense. What you are left with is a significant but even coverage, essential for a good shower experience.

These three aspects ensure a great shower even with lower flow rates, which help conserve water. 

Compliance with ANSI, OSHA, CEC, and EPA

Certification and compliance are very important to remain ahead in such a competitive industry. For 80 years now, Speakman has been creating ANSI-compliant products that create high-performing products. Honestly, when your life is on the line, you won’t want anything less than compliant. Each item is also tested rigorously to meet OSHA laws and ANSI standards.

Besides providing first aid and safety gear to workplaces, another problem that Speakman is helping out with is the global crisis on water. We can’t deny the issue any longer. That’s why so many brands are doing their part by creating water-efficient bathroom fixtures and accessories, such as Kohler, Moen, American Standard, and Grohe. Of course, Speakman is doing the same.

It has re-engineered its showerheads to now have either 1.75 or 2.0 flow rates, saving significant amounts of water. These are also compliant with the standards set by WaterSense and CEC.

Check out this video from Speakman’s YouTube page to learn more about their advocacy for water conservation.


Speakman Warranty

For the complete information on Speakman’s Warranty Coverage, visit their Warranty page.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is the most basic and important to understand right off the bat. For all residential bathroom faucet and showerhead plumbing products, the company will provide coverage for defects in workmanship and material for a limited lifetime, starting after the installation date.

The buyer is covered only if the products are free from defects during the purchase and installation. During such cases, Speakman will offer either replacement or repair (of the product or parts), whichever is more applicable.

Where to Buy Speakman 

Visit the Where to Buy page to see all the places you can buy Speakman products. You can also check the official list of wholesalers and distributors.

Prefer to shop online? See their Online Retail Partners.

Shop for Speakman products on Amazon, Houzz, and Wayfair.