How Much Space Do You Need Between Double Vanity Mirrors?

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White bathroom interior, double sink

The mirror is one of the most crucial elements in the bathroom. It is a necessary functionality that is pretty much essential in any bathroom. It helps you check yourself and put on makeup. Aesthetically, a mirror can also make any room larger than it is. Since bathrooms tend to be relatively small, that element is a welcome addition. Installing a bathroom mirror is also pretty simple. But how double vanity mirrors? How much space do you need to have between the two mirrors?

When it comes to the space needed between the two vanity mirrors, a good rule to follow is to position it precisely between the gap between the sinks. For example, if the sinks measure at 30-inches, the mirrors should be 28-inches or less. Another method is if the mirrors are oval, you can measure the diameter of the mirrors to get a better gauge of the space needed between the two. 

As stated previously, the best way to ensure that the double vanity mirror will accommodate each other is to base their measurement on the vanity sink. A general rule of thumb here is to pick a mirror with a slightly shorter width than that of the vanity sink. So, for example, if the vanity sink measures at 28-inches, select a mirror about two inches shorter.  

Choosing the Vanity Mirror Shape

Bathroom detail. Vanity with dual sink and white cabinets

While it may not seem like a significant factor, the shape of the mirror should be considered carefully as well. There are a variety of vanity mirror styles to choose from, with the most common being rectangular and square mirrors. However, those who want to add a splash stylistic flair to their bathroom can select circular, oval, or even a hexagonal vanity mirror. 

The shape of the vanity mirror is purely subjective and depends on the interior style that you are going for in your bathroom. Square or circular shaped mirrors fit well with traditional bathrooms, while hexagonal ones will accentuate building a more contemporary vibe. 

Double vanity sink in a bathroom with stone tiles counter


Now, determining the correct space between the double vanity mirrors is not as simple as it sounds. First, you should choose the width of the sink and counter. Other factors such as the bathroom lighting might also come into play in some instances. Overall, the general rule of thumb to follow is first to base the mirror size on the sink and be slightly smaller. Once that is done, all the other pieces will fall into place gradually.