Signature Hardware Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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Signature Hardware is one of the biggest manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen hardware, fixtures, and accessories. One thing that it values is transparency to its customers, as well as the importance of keeping open channels of communication. That’s why it has such an active presence on social media. 

Its Facebook page lets you stay updated on its latest innovations, collections, and announcements. On its Pinterest page, on the other hand, you can get inspired with its kitchen and bath decorating ideas. It also posts photos of design inspirations, product photos, and complete room mockups on its Instagram.

If you are a professional who works in interior design or construction, you can definitely enjoy its Houzz page, where it not only highlights its product lines but also features its own crafted fixtures and accents. You can see how these products can be used to enhance different rooms in your home.

Signature Hardware History

Back in the 1930s, Robert Butler, a master plumber, was renowned as one of the best experts in plumbing in his hometown of Covington, Kentucky. He understood the importance of performance, he can fix any broken bathtub or faucet, and all of his projects boasted of quality craftsmanship. He always went one step further just to make sure his customers are fully happy with his service.

Fast forward to two generations down the line, his family is still in the plumbing industry. The company, Signature Hardware, focuses on offering premium quality products with unquestionable customer service. The commitment that Butler once had with his work and customers remains true and alive to this day.

Signature Hardware Brand Logo
Signature Hardware Brand Logo

The company was officially founded in 1999. Since then, it has been providing the market with one-of-a-kind accents and pieces for different rooms in the house. The brand pays attention to both function and design, which means that you get pieces that aren’t just pretty to look at – but are also built to last.

The headquarters and warehouse are located in Northern Kentucky, where most of their products are stocked and prepared for shipment. The company ships to customers from all across the US and Canada.

Like Butler, Signature Hardware ensures a great shopping experience by keeping a customer service staff with actual expertise on the industry, as well as a team of licensed plumbers to solve any problems their customers might have.

Signature Hardware Product Lines

Let’s take a look at some of their product collections.


The Acrylic Bathtub Collection features lightweight acrylic material that can be placed anywhere in your home. There is no need for added floor support. You can get these in different styles and shapes. Plus, they’re very easy to clean and maintain. Compared to other tub materials, acrylic bathtubs are very affordable. If you do experience scratches, they are quite easy to repair.

Acrylic Bathtubs
Acrylic Bathtubs are more affordable and lightweight | Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


The Cast Iron Tub Collection features pieces which will go greatly in bathrooms that have a vintage decor. Each tub has a timeless, classic appeal to it. Aside from their aesthetic, they are also known for their high durability and extreme ability to retain heat. With this said, cast iron tubs cost a bit more than other materials.

The cast iron tubs are easy to maintain. To clean, you’ll only need a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. However, cast iron is a significant material in terms of weight. Additional floor support might be required to make sure that your tub rests on a foundation that can bear its weight.


Lagom, pronounced “Law-Gum”, is a Scandinavian word. Straight out of Sweden, it technically means “not too much and not too little, but just right”. This phenomenon has been becoming more of a trend lately as people are consciously looking for ways to keep their lives more balanced. This applies to life, as well as other aspects: such as food, work, and home decor.

When it comes to lagom lifestyles, it’s best to go with “less is more” to arrive at the “just right” scale. To achieve this, there are a few things you can try at home. First, you might want to get rid of unnecessary items, or clutter. Having a clean space is believed to yield a clear mind. Keep only the basics and the most important items. Minimalism principles will let you have more space for things that have a bigger purpose. It’ll also create a feeling of being more organized and functional.

Utilizing natural light is another key aspect of lagom living. Maximize windows to bring in natural light to your rooms. Open your house up more with sheer curtains, and by picking decor that creates a relaxing ambiance and compliments natural light.

Another key factor is using natural elements, such as wood and plant life. Adding plants can complement the room with texture and color. You can go with one big plant or several smaller ones. Place them sensibly to keep things “natural”. You wouldn’t want to mistake it for the BOHO style.

Finally, the biggest thing about lagom is to keep things comfortable and cozy. With home decor, try to hit the balance between beauty and comfort. Use livable spaces that feature both function and relaxation without having to give up on style.

Check out Signature Hardware’s Solid Surface Tub Collection and Barn Door Hardware to get the right Lagom vibe for your home.


One of the biggest trends in design this year is matte black bathroom fixtures. You can undertake this theme if you want to create a non-conventional finish for your home. It is very subdued and creates a feeling of calm and sensibility. Use tons of minimal gloss and modern pieces to achieve this look.

In the bathroom, you can go for matte black bathtubs. You can paint out your current bathtub with matte black finishes to turn it into the centerpiece – and showpiece – of your bathroom. Pair it with a closet or vanity that’s matte black, with some golden or silver accents thrown in.

You can also go for bathroom faucets that complement the whole matte black ideology. The good thing is that this color finish can fit in either modern or classical themes. And just simply put, black never goes out of style. Change your lighting fixtures to matte black sconces or pendants for an affordable way to follow the trend.

For brighter rooms, add contrast with black shower rods, shower enclosures, or showerheads. You can transfer any room in the house from stale to bold just by using dark countertops. Using black tile in the shower or bathroom can also hype up the dimension in the room.

Matte Black Sink
Matte Black Sink and Faucet | Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Is Signature Hardware a Good Brand?

Since its birth in 1999, the company has amassed $140 million in gross worth. It has won a lot of awards and claimed success as an eCommerce company. Today, it has over 60,000 bath, kitchen, and home products available. 

The brand prides itself in finding simple and beautiful solutions for common home improvement issues. Its site is user-friendly, shopping-enabled, and provides great customer service. Its pricing is also one of the more competitive in the current market. 

Here are some of the many awards one by Signature Hardware through the years.

  • Top Workplace for 2015 and 2016 by the Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Internet Retailer: Excellence in Web Redesign Award
  • Internet Retailer: 50 fastest-growing e-retailers in North America
  • Cincinnati Business Courier “Fast 55” for growth

Signature Hardware Warranty

Check out the complete terms and coverage of Signature Hardware’s Warranty Statement.


Basically, the brand guarantees high quality for all products, thanks to extensive experience in the field. They back their operations with over 2 decades of customer service. Their business is based on trust, style, and quality – and they intend to honor these values. If you feel like these values are violated, reach out to their team of customer reps to receive assistance by calling 866-855-2284 Mon-Fri: 8 AM to 8 PM (ET), Sat: 8 AM to 6 PM (ET), and Sun: 11 AM to 6 PM (ET).


The guarantee that there are no defects regarding manufacturing or mechanical aspects for all non-electrical products is given to the original purchaser, for the product’s lifetime. If proven defective, a replacement product or part, or other appropriate adjustments, will be given. 


A 1-year warranty covers all products containing electrical components. The warranty guarantees that such products must meet the stated performance specifications. They should be free of mechanical and manufacturing defects, too. Once found defective, a replacement product or part, or other appropriate adjustments, will be given as long as it falls in the one-year from the date of product delivery. 


The company’s warranty coverage is limited to homes or establishments within the US and Canada. Products used in multi-unit settings or commercial establishments, as well as those installed outside the US or Canada, will only be covered for manufacturing and mechanical defects for 1 year after the delivery date. 

Warranty will not cover damage from daily use, normal wear and tear, as well as “living finishes” damages (some materials are expected to change over time and with daily use, such as bamboo, teak, nickel, copper, and bronze). 

Damages caused by improper installation, repair, replacement, cleaning, neglect, or misuse will also not be covered. 

For damages incurred during shipping, please contact the company immediately. You may send questions or comments to customer relations.

Where to Buy Signature Hardware

Find out where you can buy Signature Hardware.

Flagship Showroom

You may visit their Flagship Showroom, with over 4000 square feet of bath, kitchen, garden, hardware, and home collections. During the visit, you can check the quality and feel of their products firsthand. These include bathtubs, farmhouse sinks, bathroom accents, and more.

Here, you can also ask their experts about anything related to choosing the right item for you, how to operate the products, how to install the products, and more. The showroom is designed to be low-pressure and relaxing so that you can imagine the fixtures as if you are in your own home.

You can find the showroom across the river from Cincinnati in Erlanger, Kentucky. It can be reached via a short drive from Lexington, Columbus, Dayton, or Louisville. If you are from Chicago, it’s only a four-and-a-half-hour drive. You can make a weekend out of it! For more info, visit

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