Shower Curtain vs Shower Glass Doors: Which Is Right For You?

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Shower Curtain vs Shower Glass Doors

Having a separated shower stall in your bathroom is a nifty design choice that can help organize the appearance of your bathroom. Now, what are the options for separating the two bathroom fixtures? Well, you can use either a shower curtain or a shower glass door.

When it comes to picking between shower curtains and glass shower doors, the most obvious difference is the price. Shower curtains are popular due to their affordable price tag and easy installation. Glass shower doors are a much more permanent water barrier and add elegance to your overall bathroom design. 

Deciding which between the two dividers to install will fall on your preference. To help you draw a clear line between the two, we compiled a list of the pros and cons attributed to each bathroom divider.

What Are the Advantages of Shower Curtains?

One of the biggest reasons to choose shower curtains is their affordable price tag and excellent variety in terms of design. You can pick a high-quality shower curtain with an eye-catching design and it will still cost a fraction of an average shower glass panel.

The practicality that comes with a shower curtain is the reason why most business establishments like hotels incorporate this into their bathrooms. Additionally, you can pretty much buy a shower curtain almost anywhere.

The next advantage of shower curtains over shower glass doors is in the installation process. Unlike shower glass panels, shower curtains can be installed on your own without the need to hire a professional. All it takes to install a shower curtain is the shower rod and probably the curtain rings, attach it to opposite sides of the wall and that is it.

It literally takes just a couple of minutes and it is just as easy to remove and re-install if you need to re-adjust the curtain rod.

Curved Shower Road & Windowed Shower Curtain

What Are the Disadvantages of Shower Curtains?

One thing that shower curtains cannot achieve that glass shower doors can is to deliver an elegant aesthetic. What the shower curtain does is cover up what is on the other side, while shower glass doors can capture the attention. Also, while a shower curtain and liner combo can help bathtub water from spilling over to the floor, there will always be room for water to slip through. This is not the case with shower glass panels as it will completely eliminate water spilling problems.

Shower Curtain Pros and Cons Summary


  • Shower curtains are affordable, even the high-quality ones.
  • It comes in a wide variety of designs.
  • Shower curtains are easy to install.
  • It provides excellent privacy.
  • You can buy it pretty much anywhere.


  • There is still a bit of space for water to spill into.
  • Will need a shower liner to improve overall water spill prevention.
  • If you have a nice-looking shower or bathtub that you want to show off, a shower curtain will completely hide it.

What Are the Advantages of a Glass Shower Door?

Light blue modern bathroom interior with glass door shower

If you wish to push the aesthetics of your bathroom to the best that it can be, having a shower glass door is a great way to get closer to achieving this goal. A glass door panel not only forms a physical divider between the shower/bathtub section and the rest of the room but also enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Additionally, a shower glass door and panel can attract the focus towards the shower/bathtub, which is good if you have a nice-looking one to show off.

As for variety, shower glass doors also come with a pretty decent selection to choose from such as models that utilize different metal frame color tones to ones that are completely frameless. Shower glass door models feature styles that are compatible with popular modern bathroom décor as well so you will most likely find one that complements a particular bathroom aesthetics.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Shower Glass Door?

Take note that you will need to shell out considerably more money if you opt to go with a shower glass door in your bathroom.

Even the most affordable shower glass door can be quite expensive, while high-quality models will probably double or triple the cost. Plus, consider the installation which will require you to hire a professional to accomplish it properly as it can be quite a time-consuming task. The most expensive models are the ones with a frameless design that are aesthetically pleasing, no doubt about that.

While those with a good deal of knowledge in working with hardware tools can install shower glass doors themselves, a special degree of know-how is required for frameless shower doors. With these sleek fixtures, a skilled professional is highly recommended due to the intricate installation process needed.

Also, a bathroom glass door is pretty much a permanent fixture in your bathroom so consider everything facet before installing one. Replacement can be quite expensive, unlike a shower curtain which is interchangeable whenever you want.

Shower Glass Door Pros and Cons


  • Adds a level of elegance to the aesthetics of your bathroom.
  • There are several shower glass door designs and types available.
  • Can prevent water spills significantly more than shower curtains.


  • Shower glass doors can be quite complicated and time-consuming to install.
  • The glass door, panel, and installation overall can be expensive.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between a Shower Curtain and Shower Glass Door

So, should you pick a shower curtain or a shower glass door for your bathroom? What other factors should you consider when picking which one of the two to install in your bathroom?

  • Function Over Fashion

If you prefer a practical approach, a shower curtain might be for you. Besides being affordable, a shower curtain can come in a wide variety of designs that can enhance your bathroom’s décor style.

Plus, installing the shower rod is incredibly easy, and removing it is even easier. You won’t need to worry about putting holes through walls as well since there are tension shower rods available.

That said, a shower glass door delivers a certain level of elegance and sophistication that a shower curtain simply can’t deliver. Also, consider the fact that a bathroom with a shower glass door can significantly increase the house’s overall resale value in the future.

So, if you prefer something that is versatile and functional, go with a shower curtain. If you want something that will truly spruce up your bathroom’s overall vibe, go with a shower glass door.

  • Budget Consideration

If budget is a factor, you might want to stick with a shower curtain as even the best ones out there with top-notch material, fantastic design, and outstanding durability are still a fraction of how much you will spend with the cheapest shower glass door. A decorative shower curtain can, in some cases, even match up to the aesthetics that certain shower glass doors deliver.

  • Privacy Concern

If you live in an apartment and you share the space with a roommate, bathroom privacy is most likely a concern. That said, a shower curtain can deliver complete privacy compared to its glass counterpart. Shower curtain materials tend to be opaque and will completely block the view from both sides of the curtain. While there are frosted shower glass doors available, people can still see the outline or silhouette of the person on the other side.

Final Thoughts

Both a shower curtain and shower glass doors can prevent water from escaping and spilling over to the floor – a shower glass door even more so. However, a glass door is lacking in the privacy department as it focuses on drawing attention rather than blocking the view. A shower curtain is far cheaper and practical, while a shower glass door is more of a permanent fixture and can be quite an expensive investment.

The shower curtain and shower glass door come with their specific strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, this article sheds some light as to whether a shower curtain or glass door fits your preference better. One thing is for sure though, each can add a unique visual flair to your bathroom’s aesthetics.