Should You Tile Behind Bathroom Sink?

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Building and renovating a bathroom is a rather complex process due to the limited space and important fixtures. Therefore, the planning stage is crucial in order to maximize space while also creating a relaxing ambiance. One of the less talked about aspects of the process is whether you should tile behind the bathroom sink or vanity. 

Tiling the wall behind the bathroom sink is essential since the bathroom will constantly be dealing with moisture and water, mold buildup is a significant problem – especially behind the basin. Having tiles behind the sink will help prevent the sheetrock from absorbing water which can cause water damage and mold problems. 

Common Questions When Tiling the Bathroom

Bathroom interior with white sink and faucet

Before you begin tiling the back of your sink or vanity, several questions need to be answered first. 

Tiling Before or After the Installation of the Washbasin?

Generally, it is best to tile behind the bathroom sink before installing the fixture. We recommend you tile beforehand as it will result in a more uniform aesthetic. The reasons for tiling around the sink tend to be caused by budget and time restrictions. We advise you not to cut corners as this can lead to problems in the future. 

Should You Tile the Whole Bathroom Wall?

If you will be tiling the entirety of the bathroom wall, then it is practical to tile behind the washbasin beforehand. Having the walls tiled before installing the bathroom sink means that the area is well-prepared for any renovations that you might consider down the line. 

Consider Future Renovations and Improvements to the Bathroom

The intelligent approach would also be to consider the future when planning out your bathroom. This aspect will also help you determine whether you should tile behind the bathroom sink now, later, or forego the process altogether. 

Replacing the washbasin or even a vanity unit in the future might be a task you will need to undertake. Unfortunately, especially if you installed a budget-friendly sink or vanity, these tend not to have longevity on their side. 

For future convenience, we highly recommend you tile behind the bathroom sink as replacing a busted washbasin in the future will uncover the previously hidden wall. If you did not tile the back of the basin, you would most likely need to find a similar tile to cover up the now exposed wall. 

On the other hand, using a backsplash tiling means that you will only need to update/renovate a specific bathroom wall corner.

Different Bathroom Sink Backsplash Materials

Clean granite sink in bathroom of model home

If you want excellent variety for bathroom sink tiles, a backsplash will provide the broad options you are looking for. Below are the various sink backsplashes that you can incorporate into your bathroom décor. 

Ceramic Tile

This backsplash tile is the most common option when it comes to tiling the bathroom wall. The popularity of the ceramic tile is due to its affordable cost and a nice aesthetic. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and quite durable as well. It can also provide excellent protection behind the bathroom sink from mold and mildew.

Granite Extension

The granite extension backsplash is quickly gaining traction in the industry in terms of popularity. However, this only applies if you have a granite countertop. The granite backsplash is best installed along the countertop to avoid looking for the same material and design. One of the advantages of this backsplash is that it provides excellent uniform aesthetics. 

Due to the material that this backsplash is made of, it can be quite an expensive option. The cost is why we suggest you have it installed along with your countertop, as you will most likely get some sort of a discount if you buy in bulk. 

Glass Tile

The glass tile is once again experiencing a resurgence in the market after years of stagnation. We suspect the current sleek minimalist modern trend to play a massive factor in its rise in popularity during the last couple of years. The main advantage of a glass tile is that it comes in larger sheets, making for quicker and easier installation. 

For those looking to add a splash of modernity to their bathroom, we recommend you check out the glass tile.

Self-Adhesive Tiles

If you are looking for something versatile, cheap, and easy to install and remove – then the self-adhesive tile is the option for you. The self-adhesive tile also comes in various materials for outstanding versatility when it comes to its aesthetics. 

You can find self-adhesive tiles that are made from resins, vinyl, and even glass. Installing it is relatively easy, and a 12 by 12-piece cost around $20 to $30.