Are Shower Curtains Supposed To Touch The Floor?

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There is such a wide variety of curtain showers available in the market today that it can be a tough decision. Besides the question of which design/color you should choose, there is also how long the shower curtain should be. Do you go with a shower curtain that touches the floor or something shorter? Should the shower curtain even be touching the bathroom floor? 

Having your shower curtain a few inches above the floor is highly recommended to prevent mold and mildew buildup on the fabric. Regarding safety concerns, a shorter curtain also prevents accidentally stepping and slipping on the shower curtain. You may prefer longer shower curtains for aesthetics, such as covering up an old tub.

Additionally, consider that the average length of a shower curtain is around 72 inches. Therefore, install the shower rod about 75 to 77 inches high to provide adequate space between the curtain and the floor. 

Standard Shower Curtain Measurements

Fortunately, you won’t be needing to bring a tape measure when buying a shower curtain as manufacturers employ standard measurements that are usually listed on the package. Here are the comment length and width measurements for standard shower curtains:

  • 72 x 72 inches
  • 70 x 70 inches
  • 70 x 72 inches

How to Measure the Correct Shower Curtain Width?

Artiwell L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod, Bathroom Bathtub Corner Shower Curtain Rod with Ceiling Support (CHROME PLATED)
Artiwell L Shaped Shower Curtain Rod, Bathroom Bathtub Corner Shower Curtain Rod (Image: Amazon)

Determining the correct shower curtain width to buy is pretty rudimentary. What you need to measure is the curtain rod’s length and add 12 inches. The extra 12 inches ensures that the shower curtain will properly reach both ends while having enough fabric to create the draping fold appearance. 

However, the width of the shower curtain is not the only important factor that you should focus on. What about the length?

How to Measure the Correct Shower Curtain Length? 

Amazon Basics Shower Curtain with Hooks, 72-Inch, Gray Stripe
Amazon Basics Shower Curtain with Hooks, 72-Inch, Gray Stripe (Image: Amazon)

Again, this method is pretty straightforward. If you are looking for a shower curtain to accompany your bathtub, you will want to measure from the curtain rod to the floor and subtract about 10-inches to accommodate the bathtub’s height. 

As for the shower curtain length for a freestanding stall, measure the distance from the curtain rod or rings to the floor. Once you have the exact measurement, subtract about 2-inches to avoid having a shower curtain that touches the floor.

Common Mistakes in Shower Curtain Installation

The limited space and essential fixtures in bathrooms make decorating pretty simple. That said, you will be shocked how many common mistakes are made regarding the shower curtain. 

Below is a list of common mistakes that you can make with this vital bathroom fixture:

1. Ignoring the Material and Texture of the Shower Curtain

Some customized or printed shower curtains tend to not react nicely to being washed. We highly recommend sticking with the options available at your local department store or opt for shower curtains made from pre-shrunk material. There are dozens of options featuring some excellent designs at low to mid-range prices. So, don’t go overboard with the spending solely based on aesthetics. 

2. Going for Cheap Plastic Shower Curtains

While cost-effective, plastic shower curtains are ideal for short-term or temporary use. You might spend more by constantly replacing plastic shower curtains compared to buying a good quality one. We recommend you go for poly-cotton or nylon curtains as they offer good durability and longevity while still being relatively cheap. 

3. Choose Metal Rings or the Hook-less Options

 Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rings
Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rings (Image: Amazon)

Plastic rings are cheap and do have that vintage charm, but it is not practical in the long run. Instead, we suggest you pick metallic shower curtain rings for their longevity and aesthetics. Alternatively, there are shower curtains that feature a hook-less design. When it comes to these types, pick one that utilizes snap-in liners for added convenience. 

Final Thoughts

A shower drape can tie the interior aesthetics of your bathroom nicely together. While having the curtain touch the floor may appear stylish, this is not the practical option. It would be best to have the shower curtain a few inches above the floor to avoid moisture damage due to mold and mildew.