Should A Bathroom Vanity Be Against The Wall?

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Bathroom detail. Vanity with dual sink and white cabinets

Vanities add a considerable level of visual flair and appeal to any bathroom. If you aim to create a luxurious and classy atmosphere in the washroom, a vanity will help you achieve that goal. A frequently asked question regarding vanities is whether a bathroom vanity needs to be installed against the wall?

The answer is a definite yes. The bathroom vanity needs to be against the wall to provide ease of access to the plumbing system. Setting the vanity flush against the wall will also benefit the drainage as it will result in a well-organized system overall. The convenience offered by this positioning cannot be understated. 

The Advantages of Placing the Bathroom Vanity Against the Wall 

We have enumerated all the key benefits of positioning the bathroom vanity against the wall to clarify this reasoning further.

Convenience in Doing Repairs

Having the vanity flush and evenly positioned against the wall makes all sorts of repairs and new installations more accessible and faster. 

Stable Water Flow

Having the vanity evenly level to the wall results in a more organized plumbing system. An organized plumbing system will result in a more stable and smoother water flow. 

Reduces Risk of Blockage

Along with a stable and smooth flow of water from the pipes to the faucet, an organized plumbing system also helps prevent blockage problems. An optimum plumbing system can be achieved if the vanity is positioned flush against the wall. 

Standard Distance of the Vanity Sink from the Wall

Regarding the distance between the sink and the wall, we will need to follow the industry standard. Approximately 15 to 20 inches from the drainage hole to the wall is ideal. As for the backside of the sink, there should be at least 4 inches of space from the wall. 

Alternative Option: Attaching the Bathroom Vanity to the Wall

Besides simply placing the bathroom vanity evenly against the wall, another good option is to attach the vanity. There are additional advantages of bolting the vanity to the wall, which we will be pointing out below. 

Before we begin, take note that some experience is needed to install the bathroom vanity to the wall properly. If you are not confident in doing the task yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

Advantages of Attaching the Vanity to the Wall

Improved Stability and Security

Bathroom vanity quartz countertop with white rectangular sinks

Vanities can tip over if pushed, which is incredibly dangerous if you have kids at home. If it falls over, the plumbing system and fitting can also get damaged. Bolting the vanity to the wall eliminates these problems. Remember to tighten the screws and bolts properly if you have a rather heavy vanity at home. 

Improved Convenience in Accessing the Plumbing System

Having easy access to the plumbing is crucial for both repairs and additional installations. This result is achievable with a wall-attached vanity. Not only does a vanity bolted to the wall offer maximum stability, but it also creates an optimally designed water and drainage system.