Do Bathroom Hardware Fixtures Have To Match?

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Modern bathroom interior with two vessel sinks

Furbishing your bathroom might seem pretty simple on paper, with limited floor space and mandatory fixtures to work with, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Choosing the toiletries such as shower curtains, bathroom rugs, and towels can be relatively straightforward. But how about the bathroom hardware? Should these essential bathroom fixtures match as well? 

The general rule of thumb is that bathroom hardware must also match each other aesthetically. So, yes, it would be ideal to have your bathroom hardware matching each other to create consistency and balance. That said, there is no “law” that stops you from experimenting with bathroom design, but this approach requires a certain degree of experience. 

There are many bathroom styles to choose from, each with its specific charm and appeal. You can check out our in-depth look on the subject of different bathroom décor styles.  

What is Bathroom Hardware?

Double vanity sink in a bathroom with stone tiles counter

In most homes, the bathroom tends to incorporate the most number of hardware despite the limited space. Bathroom hardware is defined by any metal fixture used by an individual, such as faucets, bathroom doorknobs, and even towel racks, showerheads, and bathtub accessories. 

When it comes to bathroom hardware, one of the influential primary factors is the bathroom’s décor. With that aspect accounted for, choosing what type of washroom hardware to incorporate and whether to mix or match will be more apparent. 

Tips on Developing an Outstanding Bathroom Design

Bathroom décor can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what factors to consider during planning. To help point you in the right direction, here are the key elements that will assist you in developing your bathroom’s interior design. 

Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware such as faucets, drawers/shelves, and other accessories should ideally match each other in material and design. A uniformity between bathroom hardware will deliver a sense of coherence to the bathroom’s design. 

If you picked a silver-tone faucet, try incorporating the same style with other vital fixtures in the bathroom. There are a handful of different faucet finishes to choose from. So check it out to narrow down your options on this vital washroom component. 


Bathroom lighting can significantly affect the overall ambiance of any room. Most homes feature fluorescent lighting, and in most cases, this is a pretty good choice. However, bathroom lighting needs a different approach as fluorescent light bulbs create an artificial blue tint that is not complementary to the appearance of the skin. 

We highly recommend you go with halogen lighting as it delivers the closest similarities to sunlight for bathrooms.

Storage Space

Master bath in luxury home with windowed shower


If possible, try to maximize the storage space available in your bathrooms, such as the cabinet, drawer, and countertop space. Insufficient storage space in the bathroom will inevitably lead to clutter, which pretty much ruins the relaxing atmosphere that bathrooms should be able to provide. 

Bathroom Accessories

Less is more should be the approach here. Due to already having a limited space to work with, adding too many accessories will leave your bathroom feeling cluttered. We recommend opting for items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Here are some tips for organizing your bathroom even without drawers or cabinets for maximum storage.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom hardware should match together with the overall aesthetic house. A streamlined and articulate bathroom décor will deliver a relaxing vibe that is both easy on the eyes and mentally refreshing. Of course, you can still experiment with mixing and matching bathroom fixtures and hardware. Still, we suggest you do your homework first to determine if a particular eccentric design will yield ideal results.