Should A Bathroom Sink Match The Toilet?

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Bathroom fixtures such as toilets and sinks come in a wide variety of designs. You can easily find a handful at your local hardware store that features various materials, styles, and even colors. If you debate whether to use a similar sink and toilet design for your bathroom, you have to the right place. In this article, we will be going through crucial interior decoration tips to help you decide on the best route for your bathroom aesthetic. 

Having uniformity across bathroom fixtures is essential. While there is nothing wrong with experimenting with different interior décor, it’s generally best if the sink and toilet complement each other.  Aesthetics and style are always subjective; if you wish to keep things traditional – go for uniformity. But if you want something fresh – mix and match. 

Basically, there is no concrete rule that says a sink and toilet should match. It is all up to the homeowner what route they should take regarding interior décor. Of course, you can combine different aesthetics, but as long as a connecting thread allows the fixtures to complement each other, you are good. 

Importance of Uniformity in Interior Décor

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Designers believe that matching the material of the fixtures in your bathroom is essential – even if you are trying for a wilder aesthetic. The toilet and sink, albeit typically positioned apart from each other, are among the main elements in your bathroom. 

Toilets and sinks are available in various types of design utilizing different materials from stainless steel, ceramic, oil-rubbed bronze, and plastic. A rule of thumb followed by professionals is to use the same materials for these bathroom fixtures. For example, if your toilet utilizes ceramic, then your washbasin should be as well. 

Matching Tips

The most common aesthetics for bathroom décor is white for almost every facet of the room. Typically, you will find fixtures such as sinks and toilets to feature a white finish, in some cases, even off-white. That said, white and off-white tend to be quite monotonous and boring. So instead, you can splash some color with the wallpaper, bathtub, and curtains to add some flair to the bathroom. Just make sure that it will all blend and complement together nicely.


Determining whether you should feature similar bathroom sink and toilet aesthetics is 100% subjective to your preference. Again, most professionals recommend you opt for a matching sink, toilet, and bathtub as it provides a more streamlined appearance to the bathroom. However, it is also not too “left field” to go for something unique and experimental. Sometimes, you can even create a fantastic bathroom atmosphere with a somewhat unorthodox approach to designing.