types of shower floor drains

Types of Shower Floor Drains (Linear, Point & More)

Choosing a floor drain for your shower can be relatively easy if you know your bathroom’s floor construction, as well as the style that you want. When it comes to installation, there are three main classifications of showers. If your shower is tiled, on wooden floors, you’ll need a different drain than if you had … Read more

Shower Door Seals

Types of Shower Door Seals: Selecting the Right One for You

There are different kinds of shower seals, in terms of both application and appearance. Let’s take a look at them and find one that’s right for you. Choosing a Shower Seal There are some factors to consider when choosing a shower door seal.  Measure the thickness of the glass. Check the location where you’ll install … Read more

types of shower valves

Types of Shower Valves

Most showers today have two types of valves: one is used for controlling temperature, and the second one is for controlling water direction. Let’s take a closer look. Photo by ZeroEnergy Design – Look for bathroom design inspiration Temperature Regulating Valves In general, showers are easy to install. However, they share a water source with … Read more