How To Prevent My Shower Curtain From Sticking To Me?

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I think everyone will agree that one of the biggest pet peeves in the shower is when your shower curtain incessantly keeps on sticking to your body as you take a bath. Now, you might even wonder how this even happens – it’s like something is blowing the shower curtain towards you or attracting it to you like a magnet. Well, there is a physics-based explanation as to how the shower curtain becomes extremely clingy whenever you are within arm’s reach. 

In this article, we will give you some tips on preventing the shower curtain from constantly sticking to your body. But first, I think it is only fair to explain just why our body seems to become a shower curtain magnet when taking a bath. 

Why Does the Shower Curtain Keep Sticking to Your Body?

There are actually several explanations as to why shower curtains tend to get all clingy whenever you are taking a shower. The most plausible explanation, though, is that the showerhead creates a horizontal vortex which will then cause a low-pressure zone to develop at the center of the shower stall. Think of it as having a mini twister inside the shower stall which then sucks the shower curtain inside. 

This phenomenon is known as the Bernoulli Effect, which explains how airplanes manage to take off from the ground. Who knew that we’d get a little physics lesson while talking about shower curtains? 

How Do You Prevent This Problem from Happening? 

Now that you know the science behind this annoying little phenomenon in the shower, we can develop a game plan to stop this problem from happening. Well, there are several ways to prevent the shower curtain from sticking to you, and each method is pretty straightforward. 

Here are ways you can stop the shower curtain sticking problem dead on its tracks.

Get a Weighted Shower Curtain

Look for shower curtains with weights attached at the bottom of the fabric. The weights will keep the shower curtain steady and prevent it from getting sucked into the shower stall. You can find weighted shower curtains at your local department stores. 

Get Higher Quality and Heavier Shower Curtains

If your shower curtain is one of those affordable ones, then we recommend you upgrade yours with a higher quality version. Cheap shower curtains tend to use super lightweight materials, making them easily blown around with the slightest breeze. In addition, look for shower curtains or a heavy-duty shower curtain liner to help keep the curtain in place. 

Use a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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Instead of the typical straight curtain rod, go with the curved ones. A curved shower curtain rod provides an extra couple of inches between you and the shower curtain. Those extra inches of distance help prevent the curtain from getting drawn in too quickly into the shower stall when taking a bath. 

Use Magnetic, Binder Clip, and Suction Cup Shower Curtains

You can choose between a shower curtain with a magnetic base, binder clip, or suction cup to keep it in place. If you have a bathtub, you can go with the shower curtain with magnets and simply attach it to the bathtub’s base. 

For those who do not have a bathtub (or if your tub is not made from metal), you can opt for suction cups that you can attach to the shower wall. You can even do this DIY style, and all you need is to buy suction cups at your local home improvement store. Then, you can attach the suction cups to the curtain by using a binder clip.


There you have it – problem solved. With a simple tinkering or changing your shower curtain, you can easily circumvent this common problem entirely. 

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