Porta Potties: The Ultimate Guide

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Porta Potties
Porta Potties at a construction site


Whether you’re planning an outdoor event, managing a construction site, or just in need of temporary restroom facilities, porta potties are the ultimate solution for accessible and convenient sanitation.

With various types and add-ons available to cater to all kinds of situations and preferences, renting a porta potty can seem like a daunting task. But fear not! Our comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about porta potties – from rental costs and requirements to maintenance, safety tips, and insider secrets.

Key Takeaways

  • There are different types of porta potties available for rent, including standard units, ADA-compliant units for wheelchair accessibility, deluxe flushing options with added amenities like sinks and mirrors, and two-stall portable toilet trailers.
  • The location, availability, number of people attending the event or working at the job site, and duration of rental significantly affect porta potty rental costs.
  • Accessibility and sanitation are crucial factors to consider when renting portable restrooms. ADA compliance requires at least one handicap-accessible unit in each porta potty location while ensuring proper sanitation is critical in maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Choosing a reputable provider can ensure hassle – free rentals with access to various types of equipment across numerous locations nationwide.
  • Porta potties for boats (called Marine toilets) are different than land-based porta potties. Some of these portable porta potties can be used on RV’s and when camping.

Types Of Porta Potties

Porta potties come in different types, including standard porta potties, ADA-compliant porta potties for wheelchair accessibility, deluxe flushing porta potties with added amenities like sinks and mirrors, and two-stall portable toilet trailers for larger events.

Standard Porta Potties

Standard Porta Potties
Row of standard porta potties

Standard porta potties are the most common and cost-effective option for providing temporary restrooms at events or construction sites. These portable restrooms come equipped with basic amenities such as a toilet, urinal, toilet paper dispenser, and ventilation.

Construction sites often rely on these units to accommodate workers because they are easy to move between job locations.

There are several national chains for porta potty rental, and a large number of local chains. United Site Services offers an array of standard porta potty options, and has a 10 Point Service Plan, ensuring cleanliness and sustainability. You can also look to National Construction Rentals, or CMS Logistics, as well as any number of companies that provide service to your local area.

When renting these units for your event or workplace, it’s essential to consider factors like crowd size and rental duration in order to determine the appropriate number of porta potties needed. Doing so will not only help maintain sanitary conditions but also comply with OSHA regulations regarding employee restroom facilities.

ADA-Compliant Porta Potties

ADA Compliant Porta Potty with Handwash station.
ADA compliant porta potty

ADA-compliant porta potties are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for all.

They feature spacious interiors with handrails, allowing wheelchair users to maneuver comfortably inside the unit.

In line with ADA regulations, event organizers should provide at least one handicap-accessible porta potty for every location where portable restrooms are being used. It’s important not just for legal compliance but also for the comfort and convenience of guests who rely on these accessible facilities.

Deluxe Porta Potties

Deluxe Porta Potty

Deluxe Porta Potties and Luxury porta potties offer a more upscale and comfortable experience for users compared to standard units. These luxurious restrooms may come with a flushing mechanism, creating a fresh environment for users throughout the event or job site. They may also come with built in sinks. Deluxe and Luxury porta potties are perfect for weddings.

A major advantage of Deluxe Flushing Porta Potties is their ability to leave guests feeling clean and pampered even in outdoor settings. They often come equipped with additional amenities such as built in sinks, handwashing stations, improved ventilation, internal lighting, and extra space for added comfort.

Choosing a deluxe unit not only enhances user satisfaction but also reflects positively on your event or project management skills—demonstrating your attention to detail and consideration towards the wellbeing of attendees or workers.

You can rent Deluxe Porta Potties from Imperial Restrooms and United Rentals for example.

Porta Potty Trailers

Trailer type porta potties
Restroom trailer or porta potty trailer offer luxury

For events or job sites with medium-sized crowds, a Restroom trailer, such as the Two-Stall Porta Potty Trailer from Services Sanitation is an excellent option. These trailers offer two separate restrooms with flushing toilets and sinks and are perfect for rental locations that require more than one restroom unit. The trailers can even come with showers.

United Site Services and Services Sanitation offer Two-Stall Porta Potty Trailers that provide all the necessary amenities for users in each room while maintaining privacy between them. AMS Global also offers trailers with toilets and showers.

Choosing the right porta potty rental can significantly affect the overall cost of renting these facilities. The number of people attending your event or working at your job site will play a role in determining what type of portable toilet you need.

How do Porta Potties Work?

Porta potties are portable containers that enable privacy. They are an environmentally safe and sanitary method to collect and dispose of human waste. At the most basic, porta potties have toilet seats with lids, a toilet paper dispenser, a urinal, and a tank with blue liquid to collect waste Upscale models may have a water flushing mechanism, a sink, and hand soap or hand washing station.

Porta potties are lightweight, so they can be transported to locations where they are needed. They are durable, so they can stand up to the outdoor elements and to repeated use by many people. They have odor control systems, ventilation systems, and most importantly, tanks to collect human waste.

Additionally, a porta potty is more than just the standalone toilet that you see. It requires a robust service system for collecting and disposing of the waste; and the unit requires regular maintenance and cleaning. If you want to know more about how porta potties work, we have a whole article devoted to that topic.

Factors That Affect Porta Potty Rental Cost

Location, availability, number of people, and duration of rental are key factors that determine porta potty rental cost.


Porta potties
The location of the porta potty can affect its cost

The location of your event can have a significant impact on the cost and availability of porta potty rentals. If you’re hosting an event in a remote or hard-to-reach area, it may be more difficult to find a rental company that can accommodate your needs.

However, by choosing a reputable rental company, you can rest assured that they will deliver and pick up the units on time regardless of location.

You can opt for a large company with nationwide locations that offer flexible delivery options to ensure that your porta potties are conveniently located for guests’ use.

You can also opt for a local company who may be more familiar with the local area.


The availability of porta potty inventory is an important factor to consider when renting portable restrooms. The number of units available in a particular location and at a specific time can impact rental costs and the type of porta potties that are available for rent.

For example, high-traffic events or construction sites may require more units than usual, which could affect their availability.

Whichever company you go with, you will need to find out what their service schedule is, and if that will meet your needs.

Large, national brands may afford better accessibility and convenience when it comes to renting porta potties. They may offer a range of options across various locations throughout the U.S.

A smaller brand that is local to your area may also be able to offer quick and dependable service. Your goal should be clean, safe and reliable equipment no matter where you need your porta potty.

Number Of People

The number of people using the porta potty is a crucial factor that affects the rental cost. For large events, it’s recommended to have at least one portable restroom for every 35 guests to ensure that lines don’t get too long and that there are enough facilities for everyone.

It’s also essential to consider whether food or beverages will be served as this can increase usage by 30-40%.

If you are needing the porta potty rentals for a job site, then you must also meeting OSHA standards, which requires at least one restroom facility for up to twenty workers on job sites.

ADA compliance requires that there be an accessible unit in each porta-potty location; however, more may be needed per crowd size if additional units aren’t specifically designed with accessibility in mind.

Duration Of The Rental

The duration of the rental plays a significant role in determining the porta potty rental cost. In general, longer rental periods result in lower costs per day.

Portable restroom vendors may provide discounts for longer rental periods and having multiple units on site. This means that if you’re renting several porta potties for an event or construction site, booking them together and for the maximum time needed will lead to considerable savings.

Porta Potty Requirements

Ensure the porta potty is accessible for all individuals, including those with disabilities and mobility issues.


It’s important to ensure that everyone attending your event has access to restroom facilities, regardless of their abilities. ADA compliance requires at least one handicap-accessible unit in each porta potty location, and United Site Services offers wheelchair accessible units to ensure that your guests have easy and safe access.

When planning your rental, consider not only the number of restrooms needed but also the types of units required for individuals with physical disabilities.

Additionally, make sure that the porta potties are easily accessible on-site. If the location is difficult to reach or far from where people will be spending their time, they might not use it as much as necessary.


Ensuring proper sanitation is critical when renting porta potties, regardless of the event or location. Portable toilets must be kept clean and free from waste to guarantee the safety of everyone using them. Waste in treated inside the porta potty tank using a blue liquid which serves to deodorize the waste and kill bacteria.

Additionally, all units are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers to promote good hygiene practices. Renters can also opt for additional amenities such as antibacterial dispensers and deodorizer liquids to further enhance cleanliness in their portable restrooms.

Nearby Access

Porta Potty Delivery
Ensure there is room for a truck to deliver the porta potties

It’s important to consider the location of your porta potty rental and its proximity to the event or job site. Having nearby access ensures that guests and workers won’t have to travel far to use the facilities, which can lead to a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Make sure that your rental company offers timely delivery and pickup services for porta potties, ensuring that they are situated in a convenient spot for everyone.

Additionally, it’s important to consider if there is enough space for delivery trucks to maneuver around the area where you want the porta potty placed.

Porta Potty Amenities And Add-Ons

When you book your porta potty rental, you might also was to consider porta potty amenities and add-ons, including handwashing stations, lighting, and additional supplies to ensure a more comfortable experience for users.

Handwashing Stations

Porta Potty Handwash stations
Handwashing stations in front of porta potties

Handwashing stations are an essential add-on for porta potty rentals. They provide a convenient and hygienic way to wash your hands after using the restroom, especially at events where food and beverages are served.

Ask your rental company about options for handwashing stations that can accommodate small to large crowds, Companies may offer anything from basic standalone units to deluxe models with mirrors and soap dispensers.

Additionally, their handwashing stations use antibacterial liquid soap that kills 99.9% of germs while being gentle on skin.

Built in Sinks

Beyond just exterior handwashing stations, you can now get porta potties with sinks in some luxury models! Some of these porta potties are structured like standard porta potties. Others are built in large trailers, that make have several stalls, a countertop, air conditioning, and a sound system too.

It’s important to note that the type of unit chosen can impact the rental cost for porta potties with handwashing stations. For example, ADA-compliant restrooms and wheelchair accessible units with handwashing stations may cost slightly more than standard portable toilets with added hand sanitizer dispensers.

Check with your vendor. Some offer discounts for having multiple units on site and longer rental periods.


In addition to basic amenities like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, you may want to consider lighting as an important add-on when renting a porta potty.

This is especially true if your event or job site requires the use of these facilities after dark. Some portable restroom providers offer optional lighting packages that are typically solar-powered or battery-operated LED lights.

These can be installed inside the unit or mounted on the exterior for added visibility at night.

It’s worth noting that not all portable restrooms come with built-in lighting, so it’s best to consult with your rental provider about this option ahead of time. Additionally, keep in mind that additional costs may apply for any add-ons beyond the standard porta potty rental package.

Additional Supplies

Apart from the basic features of a porta potty, there are additional supplies that can make your experience more comfortable and hygienic. One such supply is handwashing stations.

This is especially important for events where food will be served or consumed, as it helps prevent the spread of germs.

Another additional supply to consider is lighting. If you’re hosting an event at night or in low-light conditions, adding lighting inside the porta potty can help improve visibility and safety while using the facilities.

And finally, it’s essential to have enough toilet paper available in each unit throughout your rental period.

By renting these additional supplies alongside your standard porta potty rental, you can enhance guest comfort and satisfaction while maintaining high levels of hygiene at your event or site.

Porta Potty Maintenance And Cleaning

The frequency of porta potty cleaning is typically once a week, but that can vary depending on usage and the rental company’s policies.

How Often Are Porta Potties Cleaned?

Porta potties are often a necessity at outdoor events and construction sites, but many people wonder how frequently they are cleaned. The industry standard for porta potty cleaning is once per week, which includes waste removal and sanitation.

It’s important to note that porta potty cleanliness is not solely the responsibility of the rental company. Users should also take steps to maintain hygiene by using hand sanitizer after use and properly disposing of waste in the appropriate receptacle.

Dealing With Waste

Properly dealing with waste is a crucial aspect of renting porta potties. Portable toilets are designed to handle both urine and solid waste, but it’s essential to follow some guidelines to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

When using the restroom, only human waste should be flushed down the toilet.

Once full, porta potties need to be serviced by professionals who pump out and properly dispose of the waste at a wastewater treatment plant.

It’s important for renters to not attempt any DIY cleaning or disposing of porta potty waste themselves as this can pose serious health hazards.

The Porta Potty Dilemma: Buying versus Renting

Porta potties - to buy or to rent
Porta potties – to buy or to rent

When it comes to organizing outdoor events or construction projects, one of the most vital components that often takes a backseat in the planning phase is sanitation facilities. Porta potties, or portable toilets, are indispensable in such situations. However, the predicament faced by most planners is whether to purchase or rent these essential amenities. This article aims to delve into the pros and cons of both options, facilitating informed decisions.

Buying a Porta Potty

The primary advantage of purchasing a porta potty is its long-term cost-effectiveness. For organizations or individuals that frequently organize outdoor events or construction projects, buying can be a worthwhile investment. Once purchased, these units can be reused, eliminating recurring rental costs.

Ownership also offers the benefit of availability. There’s no need to worry about the porta potty being out of stock or unattainable during peak rental periods. Additionally, buying allows the owner to customize the unit according to their specific requirements and maintain it to their standards.

However, there are some downsides to owning a porta potty. First, there is a considerable upfront cost, which may be prohibitive for some. Further, storage becomes an issue when the porta potties are not in use. Owners must have a designated area to store them, which can be challenging in urban spaces with limited storage.

Lastly, maintenance and sanitation are entirely the responsibility of the owner. This includes cleaning after each use, which can be a time-consuming and somewhat unpleasant task. There’s also the matter of proper waste disposal, which must comply with local laws and regulations.

Renting a Porta Potty

On the other hand, renting a porta potty has its own unique benefits. For one-off events or short-term construction projects, renting is the more cost-effective and convenient option. There’s no need to worry about storage or maintenance, as the rental company typically handles these aspects.

Rental companies offer a variety of units, from basic models to luxury porta potties with additional amenities, allowing the renter to choose according to their budget and requirements. Plus, it allows for flexibility – you can rent more or fewer units as needed.

However, the downsides of renting cannot be overlooked. During peak seasons, the availability of porta potties might be limited, and prices can be higher. Over time, if there’s a regular need for porta potties, rental costs can add up and may eventually exceed the cost of buying.

Additionally, reliance on the rental company for timely delivery and proper maintenance can potentially lead to issues. If the company doesn’t adhere to high cleanliness standards or fails to deliver on time, it can cause significant inconvenience.

Choosing the Best Option for you

The decision to purchase or rent a porta potty heavily depends on individual circumstances, including budget, frequency of use, storage availability, and maintenance capacity. As with any decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider the long-term implications. Both options present their own unique benefits and challenges, so thorough consideration will lead to a decision that best fits your specific needs.

Marine Toilets vs Porta Potties on Land – Exploring the Depths

When it comes to answering nature’s call, the difference between land and sea can be quite
profound. Marine toilets and porta potties are two distinct systems designed to meet the sanitary needs of
individuals in different environments. Understanding the unique characteristics of each is essential for
those venturing onto the high seas or engaging in land-based activities.

Marine Toilets

Porta potties for boats are called Marine toilets, and are also known as marine heads. They are specifically designed to function effectively on boats and other watercraft. These toilets employ specific mechanisms to ensure
efficient operation, even in the challenging marine environment. There are several type of marine toilets.

Manual Marine Toilets

Manual marine toilets require physical effort to operate. They typically consist of a hand or foot pump that creates suction to flush waste into an onboard holding tank or directly overboard. These toilets are common on smaller vessels and sailboats due to their simplicity and affordability. These toilets are lightweight and easy to transport, and so therefore also commonly used as portable toilets for RV’s and Portable toilets for camping.

Electric Marine Toilets

Electric marine toilets are equipped with an electric pump or macerator that assists in flushing waste away. These toilets offer increased convenience and ease of use, as the flushing process is automated. Electric marine toilets are often found on larger boats or yachts and are well-suited for those seeking a higher level of comfort.

VacuFlush Marine Toilets

VacuFlush marine toilets utilize a vacuum pump system to flush waste away. These toilets are known for their powerful flush and minimal water consumption. They are often found on high-end boats and luxury yachts, providing a comfortable and hygienic experience akin to a residential toilet.

Porta Potties on Land

Porta potties, also called portable toilets or porta-johns, are commonly used in outdoor events, construction sites, parks, and recreational areas. While they serve a similar purpose to marine toilets, they differ in design and functionality due to their land-based usage.

Self-Contained Porta Potties

Self-contained porta potties are stand-alone units that include a toilet bowl, waste holding tank, and hand sanitizer dispenser. These are often known as “standard porta potties.” These toilets are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. They rely on chemicals or deodorizers in the waste tank to control odor and break down waste. Self-contained porta potties are commonly seen at outdoor events and festivals.

Trailer-Mounted Porta Potties

Trailer-mounted porta potties are larger units that can accommodate multiple individuals simultaneously. They are mounted on trailers for convenient transportation and feature separate compartments for men and women, along with handwashing facilities. These porta potties are frequently utilized at construction sites and large outdoor gatherings.

Flushable Porta Potties

Flushable porta potties mimic the experience of a traditional toilet by incorporating a flushing mechanism. They are equipped with a fresh water reservoir and a waste holding tank, providing users with a more familiar and comfortable experience. Flushable porta potties are often employed in upscale events or areas where a higher level of sanitation is desired.

Porta Potties for Camping

Standard porta potties and porta potties for camping offer distinct features and advantages depending on the setting and purpose of use. Standard porta potties, commonly found in public events or construction sites, prioritize durability and functionality. These portable restrooms are typically made from sturdy materials and designed to withstand heavy usage. They often feature a larger capacity and are equipped with basic amenities such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer dispensers, and a waste collection system. While they may lack aesthetic appeal and comfort, standard porta potties excel in providing practical and reliable sanitation solutions for high-traffic areas. However, due to their large size, you can’t transport them through the woods yourself. The portable aspect means that they can be moved via truck, not via backpack.

Porta potties for camping, on the other hand, are specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of outdoor enthusiasts. These are similar to, and sometimes the same as, the manual marine toilets and portable toilets for RV’s. These portable toilets are often more compact and lightweight, making them easier to transport and set up in remote camping locations. Additionally, camping porta potties frequently include specialized features such as biodegradable waste bags, odor-control solutions, and even privacy tents to create a more comfortable and discreet restroom experience in nature. They are also designed with eco-friendliness in mind, as some models are equipped with waste disposal systems that minimize environmental impact. While they may not match the capacity of standard porta potties, camping-specific designs prioritize convenience and sustainability, making them an excellent choice for outdoor adventurers seeking a more enjoyable and responsible way to answer nature’s call during their trips.

Porta Potty Safety And Tips

Preventing tips and falls is crucial when it comes to porta potty safety.

Preventing Tips And Falls

To prevent tips and falls when using a porta potty, take note of the following tips:

  1. Choose a flat and stable location for the porta potty to be placed.
  2. Always use handrails when entering or exiting the porta potty.
  3. Wear appropriate footwear with good traction to avoid slipping.
  4. Keep the area around the porta potty clean and clear of any debris or obstacles.
  5. Use caution when stepping up or down from the porta potty platform, especially if it’s dark outside.
  6. If you have mobility challenges, consider renting an ADA – compliant or wheelchair accessible unit from United Site Services to ensure safety and accessibility.
  7. Never try to move or tip over a porta potty, as it can cause serious injury. If you witness vandalism or suspicious activity near a porta potty, report it to the proper authorities immediately.

By following these simple tips, you can minimize the risk of accidents and make your experience using a porta potty safe and hassle-free.

Disease Prevention

Proper sanitation is critical in preventing the spread of diseases, especially when using porta potties. To minimize the risk of contracting infections or illnesses, it’s crucial to practice good hygiene before and after using the facilities.

Additionally, some porta potty rental companies offer antibacterial dispensers in some of their units as an extra precaution. These dispensers can kill up to 99% of germs on hands, preventing them from spreading further.

Video – Tips for Renting Porta Potties

This video has tips you need to know when planning an event or site where you will need porta potties.

Porta Potties video


In conclusion, knowing everything about porta potties is essential for anyone looking to rent them. From the types of restrooms available to factors that affect rental cost, such as duration, location, and number of people in attendance.

Porta potties are available with a wide variety of options, from basic units to restroom trailers with temporary power. Porta potties for boats are a whole other category. Porta Potties for RV’s and camping are similar to marine porta potties. Remember that it’s important to keep your portable restroom clean and well-maintained to ensure the best experience for all attendees at your event or job site.


What is a porta potty and how does it work?

A porta potty, also known as a portable toilet, is a self-contained unit that includes a holding tank for waste and chemicals to break down the waste. Users can access the unit through a door and use it like any other toilet.

How often do porta potties need to be serviced?

The frequency of service depends on the number of users, but typically every 1-2 weeks for standard usage or more frequently if used heavily at an event or construction site. A professional service company will remove waste, clean the interior thoroughly and replenish supplies such as toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Can I rent a luxury porta potty with additional amenities?

Yes! Luxury portable toilets are available for rental with features such as air conditioning, running water in sinks or shower stalls, mirrors with lights & music systems to provide comfort while on location.

Are there environmental concerns associated with using porta potties?

Improperly disposed of waste from porta-potties can damage local ecosystems by introducing harmful bacteria into rivers or lakes used for recreational purposes or agricultural use so it’s important follow proper protocols when disposing of this type of waste material responsibly along proper disposal methods recommended by local municipalities who manage solid-waste management facilities within their jurisdiction.