Pink Bathroom Accessory Sets and Matching Pink Bath Accessories

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My niece is obsessed with the color pink. When she was little we didn’t think much of it, what little girl doesn’t like pink, right?

But as she got older it became a little more than the typical girly pink…almost everything she had was pink. So when she recently graduated from college and moved into her first apartment living on her own, I decided (as her only aunt) that rather than getting a generic gift card that has become so typical now, I would send her a special house warming gift. But rather than just giving a simple gift I decided I would send her a full matching bathroom set, of course, it was…pink. 

matching pink bath accessories
Simple Pink Bath Accessory Set

It turned into a kind of a game for me, I started with a pink bathroom accessory but then kept adding other pink accessories to make up a full pink bathroom.  I started with this 5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set and then completed it with several other complementary products in a similar tone to outfit her whole bathroom.

There are tons of pink accessories out there. If you just google it, of course, you’ll get a ton of results. The hard part is finding items that match (similar tone of pink) and have a similar style.  This wasn’t as easy as it sounds. First of all, I never realized how many shades of pink there are! Hot Pink, Pale Pink, Champagne Pink…the list goes on and on. So a contemporary hot pink toothbrush holder doesn’t really go with a pale champagne pink soap dispenser that has vintage looking “fleur de lis” motif on it!

The next problem is some things that came up were not easy to actually get delivered. Many items were out of stock while others were old eBay listings that had been sold already. I spend a lot of time searching and finally came up with a full set of pink bathroom accessories, in the end, my niece was very happy and we all had a good laugh about it.

She is now settled into her new apartment and happy with her totally pink bathroom so I thought I’d put together this list of my best picks- I figure she can’t be the only one- there must be more people out there that are also hooked on the color pink so hopefully this helps save you some time in your search!

Here is my complete package I got for my niece, along with some other options for you to pick from.Pink bathroom accessory set

I started with this 5 piece pink accessory set. The accessories are made of durable resin by artisans that make the items in limited production runs. The five-piece set includes two tumblers, a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and a soap dish.  The toothbrush holder fits 4 toothbrushes.  The resin gives a strong durable feeling and is less fragile than glass, ceramics or other materials. 

Some people may actually find the material a little too heavy feeling as it’s more chunky than typical plastic accessories, nor does it have the light dainty feeling of ceramics…so it’s really a compromise of some elegance for a more durable and lasting product. 

The toothbrush holder is unique looking, rather than the typical 4 holes of equal size found on many holders, this one has two smaller holes and then one larger compartment – which can be very practical for storing a tube of toothpaste.  You can click the photo above to see more product images on Amazon, including a close-up of the toothbrush holder design.

Best Pink Bathroom Accessory Sets

Fuloon Country Style Resin 5PC Bathroom Accessories SetFuloon Country Style Resin 5PC Bathroom Set Soap in Pink

In the end, I did not get this set but I do think it’s worth a closer look.  My niece is just out of college and while some 2o somethings might like this look.  She is into more modern looking, minimalist decor, so I didn’t think she would like this one as much.

This five-piece set by “Fuloon Country Style” has a more vintage look.  It’s the more ornate country home look and has a floral pattern that would look great in a home that has a similar design style.

The set on a practical level is very similar to the one above two tumblers, a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and a soap dish.  And it’s also made out of resin, so has the same kind of durable construction as the one above but just a much more decorative look.  One of the advantages of this accessory set is that it comes in a quality box with a handle so it does make a nice gift. 

After the 5 piece set, I added several other pink bathroom furnishings…

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Shower Curtain

Fuchsia shower curtain
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Pink Bathroom Accessories Sets
Matching Pink Bathroom Accessories

This shower curtain is actually sold as “Fuchsia” not pink, but I chose it because my niece likes darker shades of pink and because the curtain graduates from deep pink at the bottom to white at the top it really runs the full spectrum from dark pink to light pink and I really liked the look.

The curtain measures 70″ W x 72″ L. The nice thing is that it comes with 12 matching metals shower curtain hooks with matching pink beads.

The curtain is machine washable and 100% polyester.  It does NOT come with a vinyl shower curtain liner so you would want to buy the liner separately.  Also if you decide you want to go with a different shade of pink, you can buy the pink beaded shower curtain hooks separately. 

Pink Bathroom Wastebasket:  

This was actually surprisingly hard to find.  You’d think that a pink trash can wouldn’t be that hard to find.  I did find plenty of pink wastebaskets for sale, the problem was that most of them were tiny

Many of them looked really cute, some had a cut out hollow floral pattern which would have looked great in a young woman’s bathroom, but when I got them they were deceivingly small in the photos. Realistically, unless you were going to be emptying your wastebasket every other day, they were not practical.  

Small Trash Can for Kitchen & Bathroom: Rose Pink

Pink bathroom trash can
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I chose this trash can to go with the rest of the pink accessories because I have the exact same one in white in my bathroom. It’s a solidly built wastebasket with a foot pedal.

It’s made out of stainless steel with a matte powder painted finish. One of the best features of this trash can is the slow close mechanism that prevents it from slamming closed, which is especially nice for nighttime visits to the bathrooms as its quiet.

The interior insert is made of plastic, which makes it easier to empty – you just take out the lightweight inner plastic cylinder to empty it. It also makes it easier to clean since the main metal can stay cleaner longer.

There is also a convenient handle on the backside of the trash can so if you did want to carry it or bring the whole thing to a bigger trashcan for emptying it that would be an option. I prefer to just take out the insert and empty it into my larger kitchen trash.  The picture here is of the “Rose” model which is a deep pink, but it also comes in a paler “Pink” model.

Height=11 in.
Diameter=8 in.
Circumference=26 in.

If you are just looking for a simple and very affordable option you might like this pink plastic bathroom wastebasket. It measures 7.1″ x 11.2″ x 12″, a classic shape without much decoration but for a bathroom,  it does the trick and is a nice light pink color.

If you don’t necessarily need everything to be pink in your bathroom, we reviewed some other top quality slim bathroom trash cans here which you might like, especially if you have a compact space.

Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Molded Wood Core

pink toilet seat by mayfair
Check Price Round and Elongated Options

This gift wouldn’t have been complete without the toilet seat! It was actually the item that got the biggest laugh from my niece but proved to be very practical also. One of the best advantages to this Mayfair toilet seat is the Easy Clean & Change hinge which makes it a lot easier to quickly remove and clean the back end of the toilet seat which is one of the biggest challenges to keeping a toilet seat clean.

Mayfair toilet seats are made in the USA (WI) and are designed to fit all standard round toilet seats in the US and Canada. Luckily Mayfair makes the exact same color for elongated toilets.

Mayfair, regardless of color, continues to be one of our top choices for best wooden toilet seats here.

Pink Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush
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Pink Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush with Holder Set

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this toilet brush holder….for me the biggest plus was that it’s PINK! And the shade went well with the other accessories that I put together which were also a deep pink color.  The brush itself is what you’d expect from a toilet brush. It’s made of lightweight plastic and has a molded handle with an ergonomic grip.

It also has a hole at the top that you could use to hang it but realistically there really is no need since the brush comes with a stand-up holder that sits on the floor. The bristles themselves are made of flexible plastic. The handle comes apart into two sections and also has a movable section that turns 90 degrees so that it can be used to clean the underside of the bowl.  The brush measures  15.1 x 2.7-inch, its holder 5 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

Pink Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

As I said, this whole house warming gift set kind of turned into a game, plus as her only aunt and this being her first home living on her own, I really wanted to go all out and make the set as complete as possible. I found this very practical makeup organizer and jewelry case.  We had reviewed other large makeup organizers here but those were all made of transparent acrylic.

The one is unique because it comes in a tinted soft rose pink color!  The organizer itself is super practical as is has lots of small drawers to store and organize all kinds of cosmetics and loose jewelry,

The other nice thing about these organizers is that they are stackable so if you wanted to add more storage onto this one. The same company also sells smaller formats of this same pink organizer if you don’t need this much space to begin with.

pink turkish cotton towels
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Matching Pink Bathroom Towels:

I could have kept going with the pink theme but at a certain point figured I’d stop. While there are some other pink bath items I could have added more as a joke (hot pink plush toilet seat cushion!)

I wanted the items to be practical and things she would actually use.  When it comes to a practical housewarming gift, I think good towels are towards the top of the list. You can always use extra-plush towels, especially for guests it’s nice to have an extra set.

I figured pink towels and matching rug would be a nice way to round out the gift and she would definitely use for the bath. The touch of luxury is especially a nice upgrade for her after college life living in a door.   For towels I had debated between cotton and bamboo towels since I had also found some very nice quality larger bamboo bath “sheets”…but I couldn’t find any nice ones that were also pink so I ended up getting there this six-piece set of pink towels made out of Turkish cotton.

To go with it, I got her this pink memory foam bath rug.  If you’ve enjoyed the comfort of a memory foam pillow or mattress topper, you can see why it’s a great feeling under your feet when you step out of the shower or bath.


Whether you like pink or are looking for a gift for someone like my niece who is totally obsessed with pink, hopefully, this shortlist of matching pink bathroom accessories and matching complimentary items will help you furnish your bathroom or find the right gift for the person you are looking for.

The basic 5 piece set is a great start to adding a pink accent to your bathroom but as you can see there are a lot of other options to match your favorite color. I’m the first to admit I may have gone overboard on this one…but the end result was well appreciated the person who received the gifts.


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