Pfister Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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We’ve been reviewing more than a few bathroom ware brands for a while now (See: Kohler, Grohe, Delta Faucet, Brizo, Kraus, and more). So you might be inclined to ask: what’s different with this one?

Pfister mainly markets professional-grade bathroom and kitchen products. And that’s not a half-cooked effort, because experts in various fields (engineers, plumbers, builders, architects, wholesalers, and others) have given them the thumbs up, too.

Pfister offers household items, too. These are available for retail in their many store locations and online retail partners, but their Professional Grade product line is one of the things that sets them apart. The products that fall under this category are mostly trade-exclusives (this means you can’t find or buy them in stores and feature exclusive finishes, parts, accessories, as well as tools and supply nuts for installation). Custom home builders and pros working in the construction and engineering fields are usually their biggest audience.

Pfister Faucets Brand Logo
Pfister Faucets Brand Logo

Pfister History

Pfister has been a strong name in the industry of sanitaryware. They have bagged several first-to-market products and technologies over the years. Here are some of them:

  • They are the first faucet brand certified by the EPA WaterSense.
  • They were the first to market ceramic discs in shower body sprays. These function separately from the diverter valve. This cut down over $350 in installation for the homeowners.
  • They led the way with several “green” projects, including their flow control system and separate volume system.

When you purchase a Pfister Professional Grade product or accessory, you can rest assured that the company is backed with more than a century of production, innovation, design, and expertise.

The brand belongs to the Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement, a corporation known internationally for creating products that excel in design, technology, and value.

Pfister Product Lines

Here are a few of their current innovative product collections.


Restore Showerheads are the next revolutionary new technology from Pfister. It solves the never-ending problem of limited spray settings. With this tech, you take control of your own shower experience – more than you’ve ever been able to before. 

It includes the standard presets: massage spray and full coverage. But the real gold lies in the showerhead’s adjustable scale. You can go from Wide Spray (you can rinse both of your shoulders in one go!) to Narrow Spray (perfect for getting rid of all traces of shaving cream on your ankle). 

Control is the operative keyword with this innovation. Most showerheads allow you to choose from a couple of preset spray settings, but Restore gives you FULL control. You can modify the gradual scale until you land on the best setting to give you the shower you want – and deserve.

Plus, the nozzles on the showerheads are easy to maintain. Simply wipe them clean and you are all set. For homes with hard water problems, the buildup can be an issue with a lot of plumbing fixtures, including showerheads. These showerheads are easy to clean, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy a carefree, perfect shower experience every single time.


Thermoforce 6-Spray 5.5 in. Fixed Round Showerhead in Spot Defense Brushed Nickel
ThermoForce 6-Spray 5.5 in. Fixed Round Showerhead by Pfister. (Image: Amazon)

ThermoForce™ technology takes your usual showers to the next level. With this innovation, you can get the ideal combination of heat retention, force, and coverage. They engineered the showerhead’s nozzles to create the perfect balance of water conservation AND water pressure (something we never thought is even possible). So you end up with a refreshing, truly invigorating shower.

This shower system consists of four spray nozzles, giving a wide and complete coverage. If you have always craved for a full drenching experience, this is the technology you’ve been waiting for. It makes the most of the heat using larger openings in the nozzles, creating larger droplets. Larger droplets mean you get to retain more heat for the right amount of “toasty” clean. It’s like you are coming out of the spa after each shower!

Rest assured that despite the ideal water pressure, these showerheads all meet the WaterSense regulations.


Pfister Vie Brushed Nickel 5-Spray Shower Head
Pfister HydroDrench (Image: Amazon)

The brand’s HydroDrench technology already sounds like such a refreshing experience. But let’s talk more about it. The common notion is that the greater the power you use, the better the shower experience becomes. With this new technology, we’re finding out that the secret isn’t in power, but in coverage

Ideal Shower Coverage and Force
Get yourself the right drench and coverage with each shower | Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

HydroDrench offers focused coverage with a refreshing force, so you get the ideal shower every time. You won’t even think you’re conserving water because it feels so good. 

These are also wipe-clean nozzles, which eliminates the hassle of worrying about hard water or mineral buildup. Just wipe them and go. You’ll never have to use harsh chemical cleaners or vinegar ever again.

The nozzles are designed to create larger drops to create a better drench. The spray pattern is uniquely geared to keep coverage consistent and focused. You can choose from these five unique spray settings:

  • HydroDrench Spray Pattern – feel both coverage and force in each drop
  • Powerful Rinse – the right way to rinse the soap off the body and head, fast and easy
  • Full Coverage – creates a consistent spray and wider coverage for a relaxing shower
  • Intense Massage – a pulsating spray to invigorate, relieve tension, and relax you through direct pressure
  • Full Coverage and Intense Massage – the perfect combination to get your body ready to start the day right

Collections Based on Design & Inspiration

If you’re more of an aesthetic eye, you can choose your products based on design.


The Traditional Collection is nothing but boring. It features classic craftsmanship and time-tested architectural treasures in design. If you have a home filled with cultural and inherited pieces, this collection will fit right in.


Are you undecided if you consider yourself a classical homeowner or a modern man? No worries. You can always choose to be Transitional – the right blend of both worlds. It is functional, practical, but doesn’t give up on design and form. Who says there is no grey area? This is the cool spectrum right in the middle of old and new.


Are you born in the right year of innovations and technological advances? Then there is no doubt that you are best off with Contemporary fixtures. Show off your style in spades unapologetically. Explore creativity in minimalism and pure lines. Make your fixtures your showpieces and be proud of them.

Is Pfister a Good Brand?

Two of the main focuses of Pfister are Design and Quality, above all.

Customer-First Design

Their design, as they call it, is “customer-first”. This is because customers today are more informed, smarter, and more involved than ever. They care about environmental issues as much as they want their bathrooms to look great. They look for innovation but also crave beauty in products they purchase. 

That’s what Pfister offers them: functionality, attractiveness, and the cherry on top: a lifetime guarantee. Put all of this together and you get a true-to-form “customer-first” design.

Pfister’s departments work hand in hand to make sure that the customer-first design does not end after production. Marketing efforts coincide with engineering staff to ensure the products meet the needs, likes, and dislikes as expressed by the customers. 

Their designers are based in a California headquarters, surrounded by like-minded people of forward-thinking design and futuristic innovations. They get their inspiration from current trends in architecture, lighting, living trends, interior design, and even fashion. They don’t believe in cookie-cutter designs. They strive to make artisanal creations that meet the customers’ expectations.

Dedication to Quality

Pfister is committed to delivering quality, affordability, and performance in all of its product lines. Through constant improvements and advancements in their existing techniques, including comprehensive product testing, they increase the overall value of their already competitively-priced offerings.

Every faucet comes with a lifetime leak-free guarantee, as well as a finish and function guarantee. They have been offering the Pforever Warranty since 1997, guaranteeing that all products have zero defects in both material and workmanship for the entire lifespan of the products. 

Certifications and Standards


Like we mentioned earlier, Pfister is the first faucet brand to gain certification from the EPA WaterSense program. Since 2007, it has been leading the industry with several green projects. Its WaterSense certified products can reduce water consumption by 30%.


Pfister products are tested and certified to meet the criteria set by the CALGreen (California Green Building Code), which identifies that the products must reduce total consumption of potable water by a minimum of 20%


Pfister valve control meets the requirements set by the ADA/ANSI A117.1, and thus carries the International Symbol of Accessibility. This means that they can be accessed by physically disadvantaged individuals.


New legislation (NSF 61/9 Annex G Lead-Requirements) requires a maximum of 0.25% lead content in all wetted surfaces. Pfister faucets (kitchen, lavatory, and bar) have been tested and certified to meet these requirements.

Bathroom Faucets
Are Your Bathroom Faucets WaterSense Certified? | Image by Tony Zhu from Pixabay

Pfister Warranty

All products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more information about coverage, visit the Pfister Warranty page. You can also call them at the following number: 1-800-PFAUCET (1-800-732-8238).

It is better to talk to a customer representative before ordering parts to ensure availability. Their phone lines are open from 7 AM to 4 PM PST during weekdays, and from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM PST during weekends. You can also call this number if you have doubts about your product’s warranty coverage, as well as other general concerns regarding warranty.

If you need to buy replacement parts, you can check their Where to Buy page for the store nearest your location or select from their online retailer partners. 

Where to Buy Pfister 

Check out all of their store locations, as well as online resellers on this page

Too busy to drive to a store? Don’t worry. Pfister has a handful of authorized online retailers, including Amazon and Wayfair.