PartySaving New Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet Potty Review

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When traveling to different places via land, or water, finding a toilet can be a difficult job. That is why having your own portable toilet that you can take anywhere is important.

One of the best selling camping toilets on the market is the PartySaving Travel Outdoor Camping Boat Portable Toilet.  This self-contained portable potty can hold up to 5.3 gallons and empties fast and easily. It comprises two tanks; one serves as a water reservoir and the other is the waste tank.

There is a waste lever that opens the waste reservoir and leaves the bowl clean. It is fully flushable, releasing fresh water from the tank, that also cleanses the bowl.

To ensure that there will be no leakage during the transfer or transport, there is a side valve to seal the tanks; this feature locks in odors, too. The toilet is tall and the toilet seat is big enough to provide comfort to the user.

It is made of sturdy materials so that you can use it for your camping, van trips, and in other remote places. If you want to have a lighter portable toilet, you can choose the smaller version of the product which holds up to 2.6 gallons.


  • A sage green colored camping toilet made of high-density polyethylene
  • Portable and can hold up to 5.3 gallons
  • Includes a fresh water tank and a separate waste tank
  • The integrated handles make it easy to carry during camping trips or boating
  • Features a tight cap to prevent leakage, and easy waste disposal
  • Has a water pump and flush spout that releases fresh water for cleaning the bowl
  • Includes a side valve that seals tight, prevents leakage, and locks in waste odors
  • Measures 14″ tall x 14″ wide with a 14″ x 16″ comfortable and spacious seat


There are so many things that are uncomfortable to do when you are traveling that includes going and finding a clean toilet. The perfect solution for this is to have your own portable toilet like the PartySaving Travel Outdoor Camping Boat Portable Toilet Potty.

Designed to give you comfort and convenience, this product is sure to be the answer to most of your potty needs., This brand can be regarded as one of the most affordable and the best portable camping toilets on the market today, according to those who have bought and used the product.

One of the things that make this portable toilet unique is its color. Instead of the standard white or beige, this model is sage green. The reason behind this unusual color is to prevent staining because of frequent use. Aside from this, you will also notice that the design of the toilet is good for maintaining a clean bowl and getting rid of waste.

The portable toilet has two separate tanks: the water reservoir and waste tank. There is a waste lever that sends waste directly to the waste tank when opened. To minimize the strong odor, you simply have to close the lever. On the other hand, the water pump and flush spout work together to release fresh water and clean the bowl. You can empty the waste tank by unscrewing the cap and screw it tight again while in use to avoid leakage.

Furthermore, the manufacturer added integrated handles on the toilet so that you can easily carry the portable toilet anywhere. Compared to other brands, this one has a wider seat diameter which makes it more comfortable to sit on. Lastly, this portable toilet is also easy to set up. Since the toilet has a separate waste tank that you will empty, you can use conventional tissue although many use biodegradable RV or camping toilet paper since it breaks down quicker and is considered better for the environment.


Like any other brands, this product is not perfect and has flaws. The most common complaint is that the portable toilet is too low. It is only 14” tall, which can make it uncomfortable for tall people.

Aside from this, the cap for removing the waste is not easy to seal, and if you are not careful, there will be leakage. While other brands provide limited warranties, this product does not state anything in their product description. Perhaps, you should call the manufacturer yourself.


If not for the disadvantages mentioned above, one can say that the PartySaving Travel Outdoor Camping Boat Portable Toilet Potty is almost the best among the others. However, a lot of buyers still think that it is great for its inexpensive price.

If you are careful enough in keeping your portable toilet clean and secure, the issues you will encounter will be minimized. Just remember that this toilet is designed for camping use and not permanently for home.