Soaps from Japan | Best Japanese Bath Soap Brands

Popular Japanese Soap Brands Below we talk about the top Japanese soap brands of today. Hinoki Oil Hinoki, in Japanese, means “white cedar”. It is also translated as “fire tree” because in the past it was used to create fire through friction in the old Shinto Shrines. The tree is considered one of the “Five … Read more

Italian Culture

Soaps from Italy | Best Italian Bath Soap Brands

History of Italian Soaps Italy has a colorful, fascinating heritage. During the Roman Empire, many of the everyday conveniences we have were invented, including plumbing for sanitary systems and sewers and aqueduct that provided running water. For the time, the system was very advanced, using the flow of public bath water to flush the waste … Read more

Moroccan Clay

Moroccan Clay | Rhassoul vs Red Clay Benefits | Skin & Hair

Morocco is famous for many things, one of which is their varied assortment of clays. They come in different colors and are used mainly to treat and pamper the hair and skin. Two of these are Rhassoul and Red Clay. These have gotten famous in the past few years, but the truth is that they … Read more