drains without hair catchers easily get clogged

8 Best Shower Drain Hair Catchers

No one enjoys digging hair out of their shower or bathtub drain, but hair is inevitable (unless you’re bald of course).  The good news is that there are some really useful tools out there that can catch the hair before it clogs your drain.  Shower drain hair catchers are simple devices are very affordable and … Read more

best in-shower shaving mirror

7 Best Anti-Fog In-Shower Shaving Mirrors- 2021 Reviews

If you’ve been looking to purchase a good mirror for shaving in your shower, chances are you’ve found countless different options at your local store or online.  While there are plenty of cheap mirrors out there and it’s a relatively simple bathroom accessory, it’s still important to find one that is: easy to hang, won’t … Read more

best straight back bath pillow

6 Best Bath Pillows for Straight Back Tubs (2021)

Do you love soaking in a relaxing bathtub only to be annoyed by the hard, comfortable straight back on your tub? Let’s face it – unless you have a good bath pillow, the hard back of the bathtub – especially the straight variety (compared to more ergonomic and comfortable rounded tub backs) can ruin the … Read more