Are Shower Curtains Supposed To Touch The Floor?

There is such a wide variety of curtain showers available in the market today that it can be a tough decision. Besides the question of which design/color you should choose, there is also how long the shower curtain should be. Do you go with a shower curtain that touches the floor or something shorter? Should … Read more

White bathroom interior, double sink

How Far Should A Bathroom Sink Be From The Wall?

Bathrooms tend to allocate only limited floor space in most house designs. With such a little space to work on, it is crucial to plan out the positioning of every key bathroom element. One of the most important is the sink. Where is the optimum placement of a basin within such a limited space? Obviously, … Read more


How High Should A Bathroom Sink Be?

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Old style bathroom interior with white tile floor

Should A Bathroom Sink Match The Toilet?

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Bathroom interior with white sink and faucet

Should You Tile Behind Bathroom Sink?

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