Greek Culture

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The origins of soap making root from Ancient Greece. On the island, of Lesbos, Greeks sacrificed animals to honor the gods. They incinerated the animals and took the ashes, later on, to mix with the rest of the dead animals. According to literature, once it rained hard, a yellow residue from the ashes will roll … Read more


Soaps from Spain | Best Spanish Bath Soap Brands

Spain has one of the most colorful cultures in the world. There are many reasons for visiting this wonderful country. While many tourists flock here for sunny beaches and historical cities, they soon learn that there is much more to see and learn about. Soap making, for instance, has flourished in this country for centuries. … Read more


Soaps from Japan | Best Japanese Bath Soap Brands

Brief History Of Japanese Soaps Soap making has such a colorful history, and Japan is one of the places where it first bloomed. Soap blossomed as an industry and a common household item back in the 1950s in Japan. The Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA) was founded in 1950. Just a year after, in … Read more