Man grouting wall ceramic tiles with float

How Long Does Bathroom Grout Last? (When to replace)

The grout is an integral part of installing a new bathroom tile. Unfortunately, grout is not designed to last forever, eventually, you’ll need to regrout between tiles.  If you wonder how long grouts last, you have to the right place. We will learn just how long a bathroom grout lasts before it needs to be … Read more

Man grouting tiles in bathroom

How Long Does Grout Take To Dry?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom tiles? Then grouting is an essential procedure that you must comply with to ensure the best possible result. Unfortunately, one of the most common questions regarding the whole grouting process is how long it takes for the grout to dry thoroughly. In this article, we will … Read more

Bucket of mapei kerapoxy two-component, decorative, acid resistant epoxy grout for tile joints. Installing and grouting decorative finishes in environments

Is Epoxy Grout Good For Showers?

The one part of the household that proves to be the most challenging place for grouting is, without question, the bathroom. The bathroom’s high moisture and humidity level mean that you will need a specific type of grout. While cement grout (the cheapest and most common) will be able to do the job with the … Read more

Grouting of tiles.

Is Bathroom Grout Waterproof or Porous? Do You Seal It?

It goes without saying that tiling the bathroom will take up a lot of your energy, time, and patience. That said, the results are well worth it. Along with tiling, there is also the need to grout the bathroom floor and wall tiles to prevent water from seeping into the gaps. However, is grouting genuinely … Read more

Plumber fixing toilet in a washroom with silicone cartridge

Should You Caulk Around Your Toilet?

A common discussion about toilet installation is whether it is best to caulk around the toilet or not. As you will find out in this article, both sides of the argument have some valid points, which makes deciding a bit more complicated. So, should you caulk around the toilet or not? Let us go through … Read more