pressure assisted toilet reviews

7 Best Pressure Assisted Toilets of 2019

Do you want to know a secret? We’ve heard that the toilet industry is slowly shifting its focus from gravity-fed toilets to pressure-assisted ones. We’re certain that an average homeowner should follow this new-age toilet trend. Pressure-assisted toilets have been around for years. However, the latest installments in this direction are bigger and better than … Read more

modern one piece toilet

Toilets One Piece vs. Two Piece (Pros & Cons)

It is not common knowledge to most, but did you know that there are two types of toilets that can be installed in one’s home? This is the one-piece and two-piece toilet. You might come across the need to choose between the two when building a house of your own; the question is, how do … Read more

Top luxury lotion brands

20 Best Luxury Lotions (Nourish Your Skin With Extravagance In 2019)

Luxury items are irresistible. From bags to shoes, to cars—everything is highly sought-after. But who says a little thing like an expensive lotion is grandeur if it reciprocates desirable benefits? Applying lotion after a shower pampers the skin with ultimate nourishment, softening, hydration, and replenishment. Finally, it spoils the sense of smell with a delicious … Read more

Toilet flush handle

Different Types Of Toilet Flush Handles (Toilet Levers)

Considering how much it is used, the toilet is a relatively low-maintenance bathroom essential. Apart from a clogged toilet or a worn-out toilet flapper, one of the most common mechanical problems is a broken lever or flush handle. No surprise there, as it’s the part of the toilet that gets used the most being pushed … Read more

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