Bathroom vanity quartz countertop with white rectangular sinks

6 Common Undermount Sink Problems

The bathroom needs to be as functional and convenient as possible due. When doing a remodel or upgrade people spend a lot of time on bathroom fixtures, one component that is often overlooked is the type of sink. That should not be the case since the style of sink has a major aesthetic impact and … Read more

Vessel Sinks Pros and Cons

The vessel sink delivers a more luxurious appeal, which makes it commonly paired up with bathroom vanities. It adds a nice touch of class to any bathroom and will surely enhance the overall aesthetics if that is an element that you are striving for in your home. Now, if you are interested in incorporating the … Read more

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How To Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles

There comes a time when the tiles in your bathroom will lose their luster and sheen. So, what are the options available for you to bring new life to your bathroom? The most straightforward solution would be to renovate and replace the tiles, but that is too expensive. The next, more practical option is to … Read more

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Can Bathroom Tiles Be Painted?

  Considering the state that the world is in, budget-friendly and cost-effective options for every facet of living have become crucial. At home, those who wish to renovate their bathrooms need to take a more practical approach. If your bathroom tiles look old and worn out, what options can you take other than a complete … Read more

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How Tall Should The Bathroom Vanity Be?

Are you planning on renovating or building a pretty slick looking bathroom? Might we suggest you add a bathroom vanity to spruce things up? Bathroom vanities add an extra layer of style and luxury to any washroom’s aesthetic. However, before deciding on a specific model at your local hardware store, ask yourself this: Is the … Read more