Cast-Iron Bathtub vs. Acrylic Bathtubs (Pros & Cons)

Bathtubs are a common bathroom fixture in today’s modern times but this container used to hold water for bathing has had a long and interesting history before it shaped how we know it now. While the term bathtub wasn’t used back then, similar water contained made for bathing was found in the Palace of Knossos … Read more

Clawfoot Tubs Pros & Cons – Bathtub Buyers Guide

A clawfoot bathtub is a self-supporting tub with four pegs under it. The pegs are traditionally finished with a claw design, hence the name, but modern bathtubs with feet under it regardless of the design are considered as a clawfoot bathtub. Its roots can be traced back during the mid-18th century, with the ball and claw … Read more

10 Best Two Piece Toilets -2020 Toilet Reviews

A toilet is a sanitation hardware used to collect human waste. Toilets can either be with or without water but it wasn’t until the 3rd millennium BC that the first-known urban sanitation system in the world came into existence, thanks to the Indus Valley Civilization. It was during this time that toilets and sewers were … Read more

5 Bathtub Materials (+ Pros & Cons Of Each Material)

A bathtub is a container that can hold water for the purpose of bathing. Originally invented in 1883 by John Michael Kohler, the very first bathtub model was made of a cast-iron horse trough with four decorative feet and covered with an enamel finish. Similar to what we know now as the clawfoot model, this … Read more