bidet and toilet

Are Bidets Sanitary? A Bidet Is Actually Much Cleaner Than You Think!

It’s not unusual to think that bidets are gross, unnecessary appliances that are found in many European bathrooms. However, a lack of information can cause Americans to poo-poo bidets when in actuality they can provide a deeper clean. It’s time to set the record straight on how bidets can help to keep people cleaning after … Read more

10 Blue Glass Vessel Sinks You’ll Love | Bathroom Sink Ideas

Vessel sinks are one of the many sink options you have for your bathroom. Vessel sinks are popular with interior designers since they give a modern look to your bathroom. Because the entire sink sits on top of the vanity surface, they give a unique look to any bathroom decor and free up valuable extra … Read more


7 Benefits Of Using A Bidet

For some reason or another, the United States just hasn’t picked up on just how practical bidets can be. On the other hand, these devices can be found in roughly 90% of South American homes and 60% of homes in Japan. The benefits range from more cleanliness and fewer infections to increased independence and ease … Read more

Toilet paper manufacturing

How Toilet Paper Is Made

People use a lot of items for their daily needs and toilet paper is just one of them. For some, toilet paper is used for personal hygiene. However others use toilet paper to clean anything else – to wipe their noses when they have a cold, clean up water, juice or coffee spills on the … Read more

Toilet paper

9 Different Types Of Toilet Paper To Choose From

Toilet paper has evolved so much over time and being a household item, the toilet industry has tremendously grown. Today, there are a number of manufacturers making and producing toilet paper giving people interesting options to choose from. Toilet paper now varies in style, cost, softness, style, and size. Even celebrities such as Beyonce and … Read more