Shower gel body wash

20 Luxurious Body Washes {Luxury Body Wash, Bath & Shower Gels}

A quality body wash offers more skin benefits than regular bar soaps. For this reason, more people prefer using body washes because of their formulation, mostly using a combination of nutrient-rich ingredients that have several benefits not only to the skin but to the body as a whole. Luxury brands like Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Versace, … Read more

Toilet flange

6 Different Types of Toilet Flanges (+ Common Toilet Flange Problems)

Toilet flanges connect the toilet to the floor and the drainpipes that lead to the sewer. There are a few different types of flanges, made of different materials (brass, copper, cast iron) depending on the intended use. Toilet flanges are also called “closet” flanges. This term came from the days when we called the bathroom … Read more

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