best shampoo for blonde hair

9 Best Shampoos for Blonde Hair: How To Maintain Your Golden Locks

So you just want to stand out sporting that chic blonde hair without dealing with the shallow undertones or brassiness that could offset the vitality of your hair.  Here is our list of the best shampoos that would not only work fabulously on your hair but retain its color, and leave you nothing short of confident … Read more


9 Best Shampoo for Hair Breakage: Strengthen Your Strands

Hair loss or breakage is a nightmare no one really wants to face. It is often uncontrollable due to several factors such as exposure to climatic changes and chemical treatments. Luckily, there are ways to get your hair back in perfect healthy shape, but of course, with the right products and treatments. Here, we highlight some … Read more

woman with long red hair

9 Best Shampoo For Red Hair: Maintain That Fiery Look For Longer

Red hair, whether dyed or natural, is challenging to maintain – especially if you’re using the wrong products. For instance, red hair dyes are made of bigger molecules that do not penetrate the hair shaft as deeply as other shades, and this causes the hair to fade faster when exposed to water. That is why it is … Read more