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Are Towels Considered Linens?

  Linens are household fabric goods often associated with beddings and kitchen accessories such as tablecloths, napkins, and hand towels. But what about bathroom towels? Are towels considered linens alongside bedsheets, comforters, and tablecloths?  Yes, towels are indeed linens. Any accessory made from a type of cloth and is typically an everyday commodity in the … Read more

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Can You Caulk Over Grout In The Bathroom?

Cracked and damaged grout can ruin the aesthetics of the bathroom. Along with its being unpleasant to look at, grouts can be quite a hassle to fix. The most common question asked about this particular bathroom issue is whether you can caulk over the damaged grout and be done with it. While it is possible … Read more

How High Should Grab Bars Be Installed In A Shower?

Grab bars may not seem an essential bathroom modification, but it is, especially in specific scenarios. Said occasions include residences with seniors and people with disabilities (PWD). Grab bars will considerably enhance the safety of the bathroom as it provides extra stability. Considering that washrooms always tend to have wet floors, stability is a crucial … Read more

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Does A Double Sink Vanity Share The Same Drain?

Regarding double vanity sinks, or any double basin for that matter, one of the most common questions is whether it will need to have individual drains. For example, does each sink need its drainage pipe, or can they both share a single one? In this article, we will discuss this specific concern and broaden your … Read more

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What Bathroom Wall Color Goes With White Floor?

Pristine white bathrooms have a certain charm that exudes a de-stressing vibe that befits this section of the household. There are also several advantages of utilizing the color white in the bathroom. One such benefit is how it makes the limited floor space appear larger. Now, when it comes to adding some flair to a … Read more