Grouting of tiles.

Is Bathroom Grout Waterproof or Porous? Do You Seal It?

It goes without saying that tiling the bathroom will take up a lot of your energy, time, and patience. That said, the results are well worth it. Along with tiling, there is also the need to grout the bathroom floor and wall tiles to prevent water from seeping into the gaps. However, is grouting genuinely … Read more

Plumber fixing toilet in a washroom with silicone cartridge

Should You Caulk Around Your Toilet?

A common discussion about toilet installation is whether it is best to caulk around the toilet or not. As you will find out in this article, both sides of the argument have some valid points, which makes deciding a bit more complicated. So, should you caulk around the toilet or not? Let us go through … Read more

plumber apply silicone sealant to the joint bathtubs and ceramic tile

What To Do If Bathroom Caulk Not Drying?

Caulking is an essential part of the bathroom. This sealant helps ensure that the moisture will not seep into surfaces. It is also airtight and is the sealant of choice for doors and windows. The caulk needs to be appropriately applied; otherwise, you will be left with a subpar sealant that won’t be able to … Read more

Caulk vs Grout - What's The Difference?

Caulk vs Grout – What’s The Difference?

Both caulk and grout are essential components in home development. These two are the most common sealants used in households to improve an area’s overall waterproofing. Due to having similar applications, some mistake these two as the same thing. However, there are significant differences between the two, and understanding this is crucial to optimize each … Read more


How Long Do Sinks Last? [Answers By Sink Material]

Nothing lasts forever; this quote pretty much applies to everything, and it most definitely applies to home furniture and fixtures. The sink is among the most used household fixtures and will need to be as durable as possible to deliver the longevity required. In this article, we will discuss how long sinks last and the … Read more