The Most Absorbent Bath Mats | 2018 Reviews

Gorilla Grip Shaggy chenilleThere is nothing worse than going into the bathroom after some has had a shower and finding wet puddles on the floor, especially if you walk around you house in your socks. Selecting a great absorbent bath mat can be a vital step in ensuring the harmony in your home. If your main criteria is a mat that can soak up all the water that falls on it then you can’t do better than the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mats.

What to consider:

    • Backing material – Some bathmats offer non-slip backings. This can be very useful in a bathroom as it means that you don’t need to worry about the mat sliding around on the tile when you step on and off, or even just when you open to door to the room.
    • Color Options – When selecting a rug for your bathroom you will want to know that you can have a color that will fit I with your décor. Some mats come in only one or two colors, often very neutral tones, such as whites and greys where as others offer more choice and brighter colors.
    • Size the sizes of the mats varies greatly. Most come in a standard 20” x 31” size, which is a good size for sitting alongside a bath or at the entrance to a shower. If you have a larger bathroom you may prefer to have a runner sized bathmat. Runners are longer and can be a more suitable choice if you have quite a large bathroom and you want to cover up more of the tile.
    • WashabilityAs these mats will be in a steamy bathroom environment they will invariably become dirty and in need of washing over time. Some mats can be easily washed and dried. Where as others need to be washed with care and drip dried.

Most Absorbent Bath Mats 2018

Lifewit, Soft Shaggy Bath Mats

Lifewit Soft Shaggy Bath Mat in White
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These bath mats are available in a range of colors and sizes which means that it can fit into a wide range of bathrooms or even utility rooms. There is a large runner sized mat which is a great option of you have a larger bathroom.

The mat is made of microfiber which means that not only is it highly absorbent but it also it also feels lovely and soft underfoot. The back of the mat has a very functional silicone backing that keeps it fixed in place on tiled flooring.

On washing this mat can sometime suffer a little, so you should make sure to wash with care. You may find, after washing, that the non-slip backing is not as effective as it was prior to washing.



  • Non- slip backing
  • Luxuriously soft microfiber
  • Very absorbent


  • Mixed results on washing

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Mayshine Bath Mat Review

Mayshine bath mats
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These mats are available in 5 different sizes, including a round option and a matching mat to go at the base or your toilet. There are six color options, include one nice and bright turquoise option.

These mats are sold as being non- slip and this is mostly a function of the fact that they are quite heavy, rather than due to the coating on the bottom of the mat. As a result, they can still slide on some floors.

The rug itself is made from microfiber, which is great at absorbing water. The design of the rug includes a fiber-locking technique which means that the mat survives machine washing well without any loss of fibers which can make bath mats look worn after they’ve been through the wash. Although it is recommended that you drip dry these mats.


  • Machine Washable
  • Great soft feel underfoot
  • Very Absorbent


  • Non-slip base in ineffective

Gorilla Grip Shaggy chenille Bathroom Mat Reviews

Gorilla Grip Shaggy chenille
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This is the original “Gorilla Grip” mat, it comes in only one size – 30”-20”. There are 8 color option, all of which are relatively neutral in tone.

The grip on this mat is absolutely outstanding, and works well on any surface. There is however a caveat to that statement. If there is any water, under, the mat then it loses its non-slip properties and will slide out from underfoot.

So, if you are prone to splashing large amounts of water onto the floor, near your mat then this might not be the best option. It is very good at absorbing water that drops directly onto it, as you might expect from stepping out of the shower, it just can’t cope with water that gets underneath it.

The feel of this mat is wonderful, you can feel your feet sink into the plush shag material. It is made from polyester but you would never guess that from the feel. The fact that it is made from polyester means that it does wash well and can also be tumble dried on a gentle cycle.


  • Machine Washable and Tumble Dryer Safe
  • Super Absorbent
  • Soft and Plush Feel


  • Can be slippery if water gets under the mat

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Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mats

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mats
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These bath mats come in three sizes and six colors, with a mix of vibrant and neutral colors to choose from.

These mats are truly luxurious with a layer of memory foam that cushions your feet as you step onto them, you may be finding excuses to go and stand on these mats they are so good.

They have anti slip dots on the bottom that work relatively well, but as with other mats they can slide a little if a large amount of water gets underneath them.

They work really well at absorbing water that drips off you after a shower, so well in fact that they can be a little slow to dry after use, this means that the next person in the shower might get cold water on their feet as they step into the shower.

The slow drying also has an impact on laundering these mats. They are both machine washable and tumble drier safe, but they can take a while to dry.


  • Possibly the most comfortable bath mat you will ever stand on
  • Very absorbent


  • Slow to dry after use

Final Verdict/Conclusion:

If what you are looking for is a bathroom mat that absorbs water well, then you can’t do better than the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mats, not only is it fantastic at absorbing water, it is a pleasure to stand on.

If you have small kids going in and out of the tub or elderly people in your house/are shopping older adults you may want to first look at these non-slip bath mats made with seniors in mind. Although they may not be quite as comfortable or absorbent as the ones on the list, if safety is your first priority they may be a better fit for you.