Moen Reviews – Is It a Good Brand?

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If you’ve ever gone shopping for bath fixtures like showerheads or faucets, you have probably heard of the brand Moen. The company has been at the forefront of its industry for the past 75 years. Its main principles lie in the balance of innovative technologies and modern design (more on this later). 

Each year, over 1.5 trillion gallons of water run through their faucets. Because of this, the brand has taken it upon itself to do its share to create technology that creates efficient and sustainable water use for every home. A statement on its official website reads Water designs our life. Who designs for water?

And with that statement, the brand has built its core values. What does it mean to design for water, you might ask. The company’s history shows its immense respect for water. So with each product it creates, it honors and celebrates it. Keep on reading to learn more about Moen’s innovations and products.

Moen History

But first — let’s take a quick peek at how the brand came to be.

  • 1937 – Al Moen was cleaning himself up one evening in Seattle, after a long day of work. He used a traditional two-handle faucet. A burst of hot water suddenly caught him off-guard. This moment of surprise soon blossomed into inspiration and creativity. Soon, this will become the single-handed faucet, a revolutionary invention that will change the landscape of plumbing for decades to come.
  • 1939-1950 – Al Moen finished his invention in 1939. Manufacturing started in 1947. The first dozen of the first product line sold for $12 each. By 1950, Moen gained recognition across the country for producing single-handle faucets for the first-ever prefabricated kitchens.
  • The 1970s – 1980s – Moen joined the upscale faucet market with its Boutique line in 1970. In 1979, he launched a two-handle faucet with his patented washer-free cartridge. In 1981, he patented the 1225 Magnum non-metallic cartridge, which was resistant to mineral buildup and corrosion. Moen retired in 1982 after 45 years of inventing and creating, with 75 patents under his belt, all of which paved the course of modern plumbing.
  • The 1990s – In 1993, the company introduced the Monticello bath faucet line. 1997 saw the birth of the LifeShine non-tarnish finish. This made Moen the first company to offer lifetime finish with all of its polished brass products. In 1998, they launched the Pure Touch filter system, which combines the features of a pullout faucet and a water filtration system. Users were given over 1000 finish combinations through the mix-and-match designer finishes in 1999.
  • 2000 – Present – In 2000, they introduced the vertical spa experience, which included custom choices on the custom valve, body spray, and shower. Moen died in 2001. The company was hailed WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year in 2010, the same year when the brand launched its SpotResist Brushed Nickel and Stainless finishes. MotionSense faucets were introduced to the market in 2012, giving users hands-free efficiency. To this day, the brand does not stop producing new products with new technologies designed to make daily life easier.

Moen Product Lines

Let’s take a look at some of the many product lines and innovative technologies that makes Moen one of the leaders in today’s market. With each design, they put the customer first. By visualizing and anticipating the user’s needs, they keep coming up with cutting-edge innovations to make life easier and more convenient.

M•PACT Common Valve System

M•PACT allows you to change the style of your faucet without removing or replacing any parts of your plumbing. Think of it as replacing batteries or a light bulb. You can upgrade your plumbing in mere minutes. All you need is a screwdriver and an Allen wrench to finish installation instantly. You can perform the upgrade whenever you wish. 

The system offers several style options and finishes. You can change fixtures if you perform a renovation down the road, or if you do a redecoration, or if you just feel like it.

Click here for all products with this technology.


MotionSense™ Technology is one of the best innovations to pave the way for plumbing. This gives you the ability to enjoy hands-free convenience. It responds instantly thanks to smart wave sensors. Simply pass your hands across the sensor to trigger water flow. To turn it off, wave again. You can also place a glass, a dish, or your hands below the spout to activate water flow. The water stops automatically as soon as you pull away.

The system is very user-friendly and easy to do. This tech lets you complete multiple tasks at home efficiently. Plus, because of the hands-free control, you can help control and minimize the spread of germs. This also means you won’t have to clean your faucet as often!

However, the biggest advantage of this feature has to be the water savings. Because it only delivers water when you actually need it, and automatically stop when you are done, you minimize the amount of water wasted.

Click here for Moen products geared with MotionSense.

Power Clean™ 

Power Clean is exactly what it sounds like. It is designed to create more force but less splash. This technology creates a spray that’s more concentrated and powerful, perfect for cleaning up. Even the toughest jobs will get done in no time with the Power Clean spray. By increasing the force, you reduce the amount of time and energy required to perform the same task.

This technology provides 50% more power compared to Moen faucets without Power Clean tech. See the full list of Moen faucets with Power Clean.

Magnetix Handheld Showers 

Moen’s Magnetix™ handheld showers are the first from the brand to feature magnetic docking. This lets you enjoy easy and quick release. And when you’re done, it snaps back into place. You can do this even if you keep your eyes closed while in the shower.

The integrated magnet allows for this easy release and return. It literally takes nothing more than a snap. It also features a simplified shower arm. Because there is no cradle and no unnecessary clutter, you can use it for all shower sizes. You can use it for all bathrooms. We’re not even talking about how sophisticated and modern it’s going to make your shower look!

You get six spray functions, each providing a unique shower experience. Each setting features a particular spray force, ensuring you’ll get exactly the kind of shower that you want.

Because of the kink-free design, you can enjoy not only flexibility but also an extended reach. The metal hose is designed to resist any tangling. This makes showering kids and even pets so much easier. You can use the shower to clean the shower area, it is that versatile and powerful.

You’ll get a dial or push-button control to change the spray settings. You can choose from two finishes to fit your current bathroom theme.

Reflex Retractable Faucets 

Reflex® is a technology that makes cleanup one step easier. With this feature, faucets are geared to put themselves away: quite literally. Reflex technology lets you use a fully flexible hose, which means your movements are not limited in any way, but once you are done, you can enjoy the convenience of a faucet spray that retracts itself securely and completely.

The retracting action is seamless and effortless. You don’t need to worry about making a mess all over the counter or the floor. It will dock securely and smoothly on its own.

The hose allows you to enjoy maneuverability. How is this possible? The Reflex faucet’s parts might look like separate sections, but each one works in unison as one whole system. The hose is 100% flexible, making daily tasks seem a tad easier. Now, you don’t need two hands just to handle a faucet spray.

No matter what angle you finish using the spray head, the faucet will retract securely and naturally with no problem.

Moen Brushed Gold

Simply put, there is no other bath collection than the Moen Brushed Gold collection. Even without using the fixtures and features — just by looking at them — you can feel the singular sophistication coming off of these products. These offer customers the unique experience that water can be more beautiful.

These are available for both kitchens and bathrooms. Professional designers, architects, and actual consumers were surveyed to come up with the exact perfect tone and level of golden sheen in making this collection. And might we say – they did achieve that indeed.

Bathroom Sink Faucets
Bathroom Sink Faucets | Photo by Quark Studio from Pexels

Is Moen a Good Brand?

Yes, Moen is a good brand – on paper and in real life. But since you’re here because you are still uncertain about the brand, let’s take a look at some of its accomplishments in the past few years. We won’t list down ALL of their awards, because it’ll take forever (yes, there are a lot of awards). But you can see the full list of awards won by Moen on their website if you want! Here are the latest ones:

America’s Most Trusted® Faucet Brand

Moen won this title for three years in a row now. This title is not given lightly. Moen is hailed as the number one faucet brand in all of North America because of the excellent customer service it provides, the revolutionary technologies it continuously innovates, the useful and practical features and fixtures it produces, and the lifetime value of its designs. Learn more about this title and award at Most Trusted.

David Weekley Homes 2019 Partners of Choice

Moen has been given an “A” rating for nine years in a row now. It is recognized by David Weekley Homes’ Nationally Acclaimed Partners of Choice Awards for its outstanding service. This is a yearly award ceremony that gives recognition to brands that offer the highest quality of products and services.

2019 Best of KBIS Award

In 2019, the Best of KBIS Award was given to Flo by Moen, under the Smart Home Technology category. This yearly awards program recognizes the best innovative products of the year in the bath and kitchen industry.

The 30 Most Innovative Products of 2019

Better Homes and Gardens – Beautiful Kitchens & Baths Magazine named U by Moen™ as one of the “30 Most Innovative Products of 2019”. This technology, which features voice activation, is a next-generation cloud/Wi-Fi-based digital shower. It features personalization options and mobile connectivity. There are three ways to control the shower: using the in-shower controls, via voice activation, and by using the integrated smartphone app.

America’s Most Trusted 2019 Awards

Moen has gained this title (America’s Most Trusted Faucet Brand) for four years in a row. It is awarded by Lifestory Research. This title is based on an annual study that ranks the consumers’ most trusted brands, by collecting data from customer ratings. Over 12,000 consumers are involved.

Moen Warranty

Moen’s biggest motivation has always been the customers. This does not end after you make a purchase. You can tell their dedication to customer satisfaction with one glimpse at their Warranty Options page. There is a dedicated warranty information section for each category of product. To make sure you are eligible for a warranty claim, we recommend checking their terms on the website.

In a nutshell, you are guaranteed high-quality products, manufactured under the highest standards of workmanship, using the highest quality of materials and parts. The majority of their faucets fall under their Lifetime Limited Warranty. There are several additional Moen product warranties offered as well.

Stainless Steel Faucet
Stainless Steel Faucet | Photo by Victor Perez from Pexels

Where to Buy Moen 

For a complete of store locations near you, as well as an official list of authorized online retailers that carry the brand, click here.

You can also buy Moen bath and kitchen products on Amazon, Houzz, and Wayfair