Is Comet Safe on Porcelain?

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Comet is a popular powdered cleaning detergent that incorporates silica-based ingredients, which gives it a highly abrasive consistency and texture. The Comet cleanser product is advertised for use on various surfaces. However, due to the abrasive nature of the powder, a common question that will arise is whether Comet is safe to use on porcelain fixtures. 

Based on the instruction manual on Comet’s label, yes, it is safe to use on porcelain. This powdered cleanser is designed to clean porcelain, stainless steel, and fiberglass. The only materials that are not advisable to use are ceramic tiles and glass, as the hardened crystalline powder may scratch highly polished and delicate surfaces.

That said, it is best first to perform a spot test as some do advise caution when using Comet as a cleaning solution due to its abrasive powder texture. 

Common Questions Regarding the Use of Comet Cleanser

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While Comet is considered a versatile cleaning solution designed to solve most issues regarding tough-to-remove stains, there are rules on how and where to use it. We will tackle the most common questions involving the Comet cleansing product below. 

Where is the Comet Cleaner Best Suited for Cleaning?

Comet’s versatile all-purpose cleaning capability makes it an ideal solution for removing tough stains around your house, specifically in the bathroom. Not only does it remove stains, but Comet is also an excellent disinfectant and deodorizer.

Where Should You Not Use Comet?

Sure, Comet comes with a “Scratch Free” claim on its label, but it also instructs to properly dilute the powder in water if you plan on using it to clean delicate surfaces. Additionally, due to the abrasive crystalline powder found in Comet cleansers, we advise not to use it when cleaning chrome, plastic, aluminum, rubber, and painted walls as it can easily chip away the finish.

How Do You Use Comet to Remove Toilet Bowl Ring Stains?

Does your toilet bowl come with that unattractive dark ring stain? You can use Comet to remove it by sprinkling the cleaning powder directly on the affected area and letting it dissolve the stain for a few minutes. Scrub and rinse afterward to return the toilet bowl to its original appearance. 

Can You Mix Comet with Vinegar?

No. It would be best never to mix cleaning solutions with random ingredients as this can cause a chemical reaction that releases poisonous gas. For example, Comet and vinegar are not compatible with each other as they can lead to a release of chlorine gas which is extremely dangerous to your health if inhaled. 

Can You Use Comet to Wash Dishes? 

Since Comet is an abrasive cleaner, it is not ideal for use with delicate kitchenware like ceramic dishes, stainless steel plates, and china pieces. Using Comet on dishes can steadily reduce the luster of its glossy finish and leave it with microscopic scratches on the surface.

Along with dishes, you should be careful when using comet to clean your pots and pans. We do not advise you to scrub your pots and pans using Comet, especially if yours have non-stick features. Instead, pour about 1 inch of water in the pan and sprinkle approximately two tablespoons of Comet and mix it thoroughly. Then, boil the pan and wait for the black spots to disintegrate. 

How Can You Repair the Scratches on Polished Porcelain? 

Did you make a mistake and inadvertently leave visible scratches on your porcelain toilet bowl or tile with Comet? Here is a nifty trick that should help your repair the damage, and all you need are regular household items. 

Step 1: Pour a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into a container and steadily add a couple of drops of water; mix until you end up with a paste-like consistency. 

Step 2: Evenly apply a decent amount of your baking soda and water mixture to the scratched area. 

Step 3: Take a damp non-abrasive scrub or soft-bristle brush and thoroughly spread the baking soda paste throughout the affected area. 

Final Thoughts

Like the Magic Eraser, the Comet cleanser is quite a versatile cleaning product that you can use around the house. That said, it is best to know how to use this cleaner properly as the abrasive nature can cause more harm than good if improperly used.