10 Easy Ways Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Like a Spa (Decor Tips)

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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Going to the spa is a luxury that most of us crave but can’t often afford.  But getting that royal treatment doesn’t always have to come at a cost.  You can recreate a lavish spa experience right in your own home.

Consider this.  Your bathroom is the most private place in your house that you retreat to, not just to wash and relieve yourself, but also to relax and rejuvenate — especially if there’s a tub to soak in.  

But no matter how small your bathroom space is, and even without a tub, you can still spruce it up to make it look and feel like a spa. 

Here are 10 tips to help you convert your bathroom into a veritable oasis.


“Minimize and organize” is your marching order here.  On the counter, keep only the most frequently used toiletries and cosmetics.  Get rid of commercial packaging and old containers.  Instead, get a stylish bathroom accessory set to hold your toothbrush, tissues, soaps, and lotion. Cotton balls and swabs, sponges, bath salts and fresh bars of soap can be kept inside elegant apothecary jars.  Organize these neatly on a tray then put away everything else that you seldom use.  Store those inside the medicine cabinet or in a basket or bin under the sink. 

For extra storage space, mount some shelves on a wall. (Consider glass shelving — it doesn’t eat up visual space and appear to crowd the room.)  You can place wicker baskets or trays on them to stack fresh towels, candles and rolls of toilet paper.

In the shower, use a caddy to hold shampoo bottles, body wash, and other bath products. Other essentials can go on a tray by the tub or a side table. 

Go soft

Sumptuous towels, a luxurious robe, and a gentle loofah.  Add to that a plush mat and comfy slippers.  Think of the pampering you’ll get from all that fluff! Surrounding yourself in softness will bring immediate comfort to your body and quickly relax your senses.  Make sure these amenities are always fresh and clean though — never wait ’til they’re worn and musty before replacing them. 

Choose calming scents

It’s no secret — aromatherapy eases anxiety, boosts relaxation and improves sleep. When choosing toiletries, essential oils and diffusers, go for calming fragrances like lavender, eucalyptus, citrus or mint. Hints of jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla, and rose will bring sweetness to scented candles and potpourri.

Upgrade your showerhead

Whether you prefer a gentle rain, high-pressure massage or an invigorating spray, replacing your showerhead with modern features that will deliver the kind of water therapy you crave will do wonders.  Get one with multiple settings, if possible. It’s a luxury well worth the splurge.

Invest in a tub and a tray

If you don’t have a tub, getting one might be the most important and worthwhile investment you’ll want to consider.  No worries, bath manufacturers offer a wide range of tubs these days that are no longer than 5 feet, but deep enough to soak. 

And grab a caddy along with it, too.  Resting a wooden tray across the top of your tub not only brings added convenience but a whole new level of indulgence.  Consider the many creature comforts you can place on it:  a glass of wine, a soothing tea, a book, your phone or tablet, a scented candle, a loofah or washcloth, some cheese or fruits to nibble on.

Choose well.  Some tray designs come with built-in stands for laptops and tablets, as well as built-in phone and wineglass holders.  

Alternatively, you can set a small table or stool beside the tub to serve the same purpose.

Warm your towels

Sometimes it’s the unseen elements that bring the greatest comforts. There’s no better way to wrap up a long, soothing soak than to wrap yourself in a cozy, warm towel. Consider installing towel warmers on the wall beside your shower. Warming bars easily integrate into any bathroom, no matter the size.  They also dry towels faster, keeping them fresh, fluffy and clean longer by keeping mildew at bay.

Master mood lighting

Lighting defines the ambiance of any room. The kind and amount of light you bring into your bathroom will decide whether you’ll feel warm or cold, roused or relaxed, while using it. For an authentic nighttime spa experience,  you’ll need to soften the mood with hushed, muted lights. Mix and match several kinds. Light some votive candles on the tub deck. Place an accent lamp on the counter. Hang pendant lights on the ceiling or set lanterns on the floor. Consider installing wall sconces with dimmer switches. 

Controlling the brightness and placement of your lights will impact the overall vibe you wish to experience and in this case, you’ll want it relaxed and romantic.

Mind the aesthetics

Visual appeal is crucial in achieving a spa-like look. Spas have that distinctive “clean and serene” look, using subdued colors and simple decor. When deciding on a color scheme, opt for natural, tranquil hues like gray, brown or green in pale, muted tones. Soft blues are also a good option.

For a contemporary look, use accents and furnishings that have minimal patterns and clean, straight lines. A single oversized piece of artwork is a good idea, with an abstract design that isn’t jarring to the eyes. “Less is more” should be your mantra here.

Bring in nature

Not only do houseplants help clean the air, but they also lend a relaxing and uplifting vibe. Bonsai bamboo, horsetail, aloe vera, snake plant (a.k.a. mother-in-law’s tongue) and others with long vertical leaves look elegant and serene. Cacti and succulents show off unique shapes and texture. Orchids bring a wisp of color, and eucalyptus exudes a cool, minty fragrance. Check out these top 15 plants that grow well indoors, even in bathrooms with low light.

Show off your potted plants on the bathroom counter or on a shelf as an accent piece. If space is limited, consider hanging some plants from the ceiling or wall in a hanging planter. Place them by the window so they can soak in some sunlight during the day.

Play some music

Music is healing to the soul and your spa experience won’t be complete without cool, soothing music. Get a portable waterproof speaker or just use your phone.  There are lots of soothing spa music online that you can download for free.  Go for gentle genres like jazz, samba or classical guitar and piano.  Pan flute music with nature sounds is extremely relaxing, too, evoking a spirit of Zen.

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