How Tall Should The Bathroom Vanity Be?

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Bathroom Vanities classic style

Are you planning on renovating or building a pretty slick looking bathroom? Might we suggest you add a bathroom vanity to spruce things up? Bathroom vanities add an extra layer of style and luxury to any washroom’s aesthetic. However, before deciding on a specific model at your local hardware store, ask yourself this: Is the bathroom vanity you like offer the appropriate height for your home? Fortunately for you, we are here to answer that exact question.

The bathroom vanity has an industry-standard height of 30 to 32 inches. As a result, this site is pretty much the safest option for any household. That said, the bathroom vanity height variety has split into three different categories over the years. These are the standard, comfort, and vessel sink height.

Yes, you read that right. There are three vanity types categorized by their height in the market today. So, which one should you choose? 

Bathroom Vanity Height Categories

To help you figure out which bathroom vanity height is best suited for your home, we cover the three main vanity height variations and determine which situation each fits best. 

Standard Height Bathroom Vanity

Dorel Living Otum 30” Bathroom Vanity, White
Dorel Living Otum 30” Bathroom Vanity, White (Image: Amazon)

As we have stated earlier in this article, the standard height of a bathroom vanity ranges between 30 to 32 inches. However, you will also notice that this is slightly lower than the height of most kitchen counters. This measurement is mainly because the industry-standard considers the average size of adults as well as children. 

For residences with kids running about, a safe option is to go with the standard vanity height as it provides easy accessibility for both young and adults alike.

Comfort Height Bathroom Vanity

TONYRENA Modern 36" Bathroom Vanity Set - Cabinet with Ceramic Sink(17.7" Lx15.7 Wx5.7 D) Top, Chrome Finished Faucet, Flexible Drain & Mirrors, White
TONYRENA Modern 36″ Bathroom Vanity Set (Image: Amazon)

With this bathroom vanity, the height typically resides within the 36-inch mark, similar to the standard kitchen countertop height. The 36-inch size is optimal for adults and won’t require you to bend over as much. In addition, this recommended height means that a “comfort” height bathroom vanity will considerably minimize back strain. 

As such, designers implemented this height with bathroom vanities to enhance the overall comfort provided by these stylish washbasins. However, due to the extra size, children might need a stool to access the sink properly. 

Vessel Sink Vanity Height

Blossom Sydney 84" inches Double Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity, Side Cabinet, Vessel Ceramic Sink with Mirror All Wood Espresso 001 84 02D 1616V
Blossom Sydney 84″ inches Double Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity (Image: Amazon)

The vessel sink vanity installs on the top of the countertop, which significantly adds to its height. A vessel vanity basin can easily add a six-inch vertical increase to the countertop. Make sure you consider this factor as you don’t want a bathroom vanity to be too high.

If the vessel sink vanity is around 6 inches high, your bathroom countertop must be 30 inches, while a 4-inch vessel will require a 32-inch-high countertop. 

Measuring the Right Countertop Height

You can typically determine the correct height needed for your bathroom vanity by measuring your kitchen counter. The kitchen counter should provide you with excellent comfort when using the sink. If you find yourself bending a bit too much, add a couple of inches to the measurement. 

After you’ve landed on the appropriate countertop height, don’t forget to consider everyone in the household as well. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding the correct bathroom vanity height and size will boil down to your personal preference, budget, and interior aesthetic. Fortunately, the most common bathroom vanity in the market today all follow the “comfort height” measurement. If you prefer a vanity that offers versatile height for everyone, a standard height vanity is a good option. As for the vanity vessel, this style is ideal for luxury washrooms and homes without children due to its height.