How Long Does It Take To Fill a Bathtub?

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It goes without saying that the bathroom will be the room in your house that will take up the most water. For those worried about the monthly water bills, you might be wary about using the bathtub. Having said that, why restrict yourself from experiencing a relaxing bubble bath every once in a while? In this article, we will be discussing the bathtub, precisely the amount of water you will likely use, and how long it takes to fill these nifty bathroom fixtures. 

There are different sizes of bathtubs, and we need to consider the water pressure. However, you should be able to fill a standard-size bathtub within 15 minutes max. Of course, with excellent water pressure, you can expect to fill up the bathtub significantly faster. 

We will go into further detail about factors that can affect the overall time it takes to fill up your bathtub. Continue reading below to learn about several issues that can negatively affect the efficiency of your plumbing and water pressure efficiency. 

Different Bathtub Sizes and Water Filling Time

As stated earlier, there are different bathtub sizes out there, affecting how long it will take to fill it up with water. Let us consider that your faucet generates pretty decent water pressure of around 4 to 7 GPM (Gallons per Minute); below is the estimated time it will take to fill up different bathtub sizes. 

Extra Small Bathtub – requires about 30 gallons of water so expect to fill it up within 5 minutes.

Small Bathtub – requires 40 gallons of water and will take a little over 5 minutes to fill. 

Medium Bathtub – requires around 60 gallons and will take approximately 10 minutes to fill. 

Large Bathtub – requires 80 gallons of water and will take around 15 minutes to fill.

Extra Large Bathtub – this 100-gallon bathtub will take a little over 15 minutes to fill. 

Remember that we used a specific water pressure rating for this computation. In general, as long as your faucet has a pretty decent water flow, you can expect to fill up your tub within 10 to 15 minutes. 

Is Your Bathtub Taking Longer to Fill?

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If you noticed that your bathtub is taking longer to fill than our computations above, the chances are that you might have a weak water flow in your home. There are several possible causes of inadequate water pressure. It can be caused by the water pressure coming from the main line if you are on city water or it can be due to issues in your plumbing. 

Worn-out pipes can cause your water flow to decrease pressure, and replacing old pipes might be in order. Another possible cause is clogged valves due to limescale buildup, which needs to be cleaned asap. It is also possible that your water regulator is in the fritz and might need some repairs done. 

There are several possible causes for low water flow, and determining the issue is crucial as this could lead to more severe problems in the future. Therefore, when you notice that your bathtub is taking longer to fill, it is best to contact a professional plumber to do the necessary checkup on your plumbing system.

How Much Water Does the Faucet Release Per Minute?

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The standard water flow should be between 4 to 7 GPM or 15 to 26-liter LPM (Liters per Minute). The average person will usually take up to 35 gallons of water to take a bath and around 40 gallons of water to shower. Keep these numbers in mind if your monthly water bill is something you like to keep your eyes on.  


Take note that there are also many different types of bathtubs that incorporate different designs and shapes, affecting how long it will take to fill them up. However, as long as your water pressure at home is at a decent enough rating, you can expect to fill up your bathtub between 5 to 15 minutes.