How Far Should A Bathroom Mirror Be Above A Sink?

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A major staple of any bathroom is the mirror. Not only is it a functional fixture, but it can also visually enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom. Another effect a mirror can have is to make a relatively small bathroom appear larger than it actually is. It is all about correct positioning when it comes to mirrors, which is the question we will be answering today. How far should a bathroom mirror be above the sink?

In general, a bathroom mirror should be at least 10 inches above the sink. Of course, we have not factored in the various sink heights and the height of the individuals using the bathroom. The ‘10-inch rule’ is pretty much the standard based on the average sink height. 

In some instances, wherein there is a light sconce hanging above the sink, you should place the mirror exactly in the middle of the sink and light fixture. However, this will most likely limit the available mirror options for you to choose from. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

Now, before you pick the mirror to hang above your bathroom sink, there are several factors that you must first take into consideration. Below are these essential factors that you should know about before heading out to your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a bathroom mirror.

Framed or Frameless Mirror

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The choices available on hand can be a bit overwhelming, so it is best to know what to look for to narrow down your options. 

First, you have to choose whether to go with a framed or frameless mirror. Framed mirrors deliver that classic and traditional vibe and will be able to complement every type of bathroom décor. There are minimalist framed mirrors that you can find anywhere, and there are those that feature stylish frames carved into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

The other option is to go with frameless mirrors. This type of mirror exudes a more contemporary aesthetic and comes in different sizes and shapes as well. Additionally, frameless mirrors are considerably cheaper than framed ones. Frameless mirrors also work well when placed inside a bathroom with a modern and minimalist design

Mirror Size

Different bathroom mirror sizes and design

The following important factor to check off your list is the size of the mirror. A good rule of thumb to figure out what mirror size will complement your sink nicely is to get one that has a width a few inches shorter than your vanity or sink. 

As noted earlier, if you have light sconces installed above the sink, you should pick a mirror that will fit snugly in the middle. Then, measure the height between the sink and the light sconce and give a few inches of extra allowance on the bottom and top. 

Additionally, it would help if you considered everyone who will be using the bathroom mirror. It should at least be above a few inches for the tallest person in the household for the height. Also, consider the children using the bathroom mirror and factor in their size into the equation. Finally, there are instances wherein you might need to compromise so that everyone in your home can use the bathroom mirror comfortably. This compromise means that you might need to install the mirror closer to the bathroom sink, less than the recommended 10-inch space. 

Mirror Shape

Choosing the mirror shape is subjective and depends solely on what type of aesthetic you are going for in your bathroom. If you are looking for something relatively safe in terms of design, we suggest going with the traditional oval or rectangular-shaped mirror. 

For the modern tech-savvy individual, you can complement your high-tech lifestyle with mirrors that feature a nifty display that shows details like weather forecasts and time. Yes, these high-tech mirrors are out there, and they are sleek and will complement a modern home. 

There is a wide range of bathroom mirror designs to choose from out there. From traditional framed mirrors to modern frameless versions and even those with quirky designs. A little bit of research online will yield you a good chunk of design options to choose from that will complement your style.

Light Fixture Compatibility

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If you are installing a new mirror in a bathroom that already features wall lighting above the sink, you will need to factor in the light fixture. Unless you are replacing the lighting, you will need to stay within the confines of the sink and light fixtures. If you have a horizontal tube light above the sink, you will need a mirror that is a few inches smaller than the width of the lighting. 

Bathroom Mirror Measuring Guide

Measurement of the correct mirror for your bathroom is relatively straightforward. Before heading out to buy one, make sure to write down the measurement of your sink or vanity’s width, the height of the wall, and, if it applies, the height between the sink’s countertop and the wall lighting above. Make sure you pick a mirror that is smaller than the sink’s width. You can select a mirror with the same width as the sink but never exceed that measurement. 

Additional Bathroom Mirror Placement Optimization Tips

Now that you have an idea of the proper installation of the bathroom mirror, other factors will benefit you to consider before you go on about the installation process. 

Consider the Lighting of the Bathroom

Whether you are using artificial or natural lighting in your bathroom, it is always a good idea to ensure that the mirror will be able to reflect as much light around the room as possible. Maximizing the lighting in your bathroom will lead to a better ambiance and make your bathroom look more spacious. 

If your bathroom lacks any windows for natural light to come in, we recommend making full use of light sconces. Install these compact extra light fixtures on both sides of your bathroom mirror to provide excellent illumination. 

Proper and Secure Installation 

Mounting bathroom mirrors is pretty simple, especially with frameless variations. However, particular framed mirrors that incorporate heavy ornate wooden frames will require extra care. We highly recommend you use stud finders and brackets that you will install onto the wooden structure itself. Please take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your intricate framed mirror will have all the support and stability it needs.


Understand that the above tips and guidelines are just that, tips and guidelines. There are no definite rules when it comes to bathroom mirror placement. It all depends on critical factors such as the height of the individuals using the mirror. Other factors include the bathroom’s lighting condition, the sink or vanity’s size, and whether you have extra lighting fixtures on the wall.

All in all, the core focus of the right bathroom mirror height will always be centered around the comfort of the people who will be using this essential bathroom fixture.