How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

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We’ve all experienced the discomfort and embarrassment associated with a stained shower door made with glass. You scrub and rinse until your shower door is spotless, but it will never be clean enough! Then there are hotels with wonderfully streak-free, flawlessly glossy glass shower doors that appear to be freshly installed. This leads us to wonder How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

We will find out here.

Why Are Glass Shower Doors So Difficult To Clean, And How Do Hotels Get It Right?

Glass, on the other hand, is a particularly difficult substance to keep clean since it is entirely transparent. As a result, you will notice every streak and stain. While the other bathroom surfaces may be just as filthy or dirty as your shower glass door, they don’t show it as much.

A Hotel Bathroom With Clean Shower Glass
Hotels keep their glass shower doors crystal clear

In certain regions of the country, “hard water” exists.  Hard water has a high mineral content.

Sometimes, hard water is naturally rich in minerals.  This is true for a lot of well water.

Other times, minerals may be added to city water.  To improve water quality and promote general health, chemicals and minerals are added to tap water, but as a consequence, mineral deposits build up in your pipes, fittings, and glass shower doors. This deposit reacts with soaps chemicals to produce a gray “scum” that darkens glass or any metal.

Hotels succeed at this because:

  1. They clean on a regular basis.
  2. Hotels typically have advanced HVAC systems to carefully control humidity throughout the building, preventing excessive dampness.
  3. There are water filters on the water mains at many hotels, eliminating or minimizing mineral deposits.

The Influence of Hard Water on Shower Glass Doors?

The minerals dissolved in hard water include magnesium, calcium, and limestone. Soft water, such as fresh rainwater, has less of these elements in it but nevertheless picks up some minerals over time through contact.

Why does hard water cause ugly soap stains and water spots on the shower glass door?

You might lay the blame for all of your scrubbing at the feet of hard water.  But you would be wrong.  The soap that you use to clean yourself with plays an important role in creating dirty shower doors.

Hard-water minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, chalk, and lime, come into contact with soapsuds, creating soap scum.

A Clean Hotel Bathroom
Hotels control the humidity throughout the building to make cleaning easier

What exactly is soap scum?

“Soap Scum” is that pale-colored wax produced when soap together with calcium and minerals found in hard water react with one another. The ions combine to form an insoluble stain on the glass door that remains permanent even after washing with water and even resists many common cleaners.

How to Clean the Glass Shower Door in 4 Easy Steps?

Although cleansers are required to eliminate these buildups, there are several simple methods to prevent them from returning. To prevent future accumulation of grime, you should first clean any existing soap scum away, and then you may try natural or commercial cleaners to halt further dirt buildup in the future. It’s a common sight in your shower’s corner and around your sink.

Here’s how to clean a shower door glass on your own at home.

Step 1: Start By cleaning All Of The Grime And Debris Off Your Glass Shower Door.

It may appear to be simple, but keeping a spotlessly clean glass shower door and shower interior is more difficult than most people think. To begin, you must start with a clean and fresh shower. All buildup and soap scum need to be removed. This may take some time, so schedule it during a non rushed period of  your day.

Clean Thoroughly And Everywhere

Make sure to clean around the tiles, in the door panels’ edges, handles, and all the way up to your glass shower door’s frame. Use a good quality product that will remove built-up soap scum that may have built up over time in your shower.

Dry Your Shower in Its Entirety

Showers are often damp locations, and a leaking showerhead or tap may generate an endless supply of moisture, causing your shower to smell terrible. Make sure the whole surface of your glass door is dry before continuing. Remove any excess water with a squeegee and then use a microfiber cloth to dry the entire surface of your glass door. Turn the bathroom fan on or otherwise ventilate the bathroom for at least 30 minutes before moving on.

Step 2. Make Your Glass Shower Door Water Repellent

If you can make your shower door repel water quickly, cleaning it on a daily basis will be much easier. Water repellent chemicals will prevent you from accumulating scum and hard water build-up on a daily basis.

Apply the water-repellent solution once your glass shower door is completely dry with special wipes, sponges, or clean microfiber cloths. Apply with a circular motion. Allow the water repellent to cure per your specific product’s directions, which may create a foggy appearance.  Then wipe down the glass repeatedly with a new microfiber cloth until it’s clear again.

You’ve now got a completely transparent glass bathroom door that will resist water stains with ease.

Step 3. Take Care Of Your Shower Glass Door On A Regular Basis

It’s important to clean your glass shower panels on a daily basis to prevent build-up from accumulating. Unless you’re prepared and make cleaning a habit, this might be a difficult demand. Having the appropriate tools and chemicals can also assist.

DIY Solutions For Cleaning

There are several home cleaning solutions that will leave your glass shower doors streak-free. The combination of a half cup vinegar, a few drops of any dishwashing liquid, plus a cup of water can help remove the majority of obvious scummy marks. Keep this in a spray bottle for regular use.

Another easy solution is to keep a squeegee near the shower, and spend a few seconds clearing the water after each shower.

Get Into The Groove

The majority of people are unaware of how quickly a shower gets filthy. Specifically, how readily soap scum forms along with the mineral deposits that accumulate in the water. The edges and regions that are less simple to clean tend to accumulate the most, and they may also become moldy.

You must clean right into the grooves in order to keep a clean glass shower door, which may necessitate a weekly cleaning with a more powerful detergent, a shower scrubbing brush, or a shower steaming brush.

Step 4: Set a date for your glass shower door to be cleaned.

While the daily clean and a weekly scrub may eliminate most issues, keep in mind that each cleaning will also remove not only soap scum, mineral deposits, and residue, but will also reduce the water repellent coating you have applied.

You will need to reapply your water repellent coating occasionally to keep your shower doors up to your new, crystal clear, standards.

How do hotels keep glass shower doors clean?  Now you know!