Gray Tile Bathroom: Best Wall Colors + Ones To Avoid!

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Gray tiles give any room a contemporary feel. However, if you chose this specific tile color for your bathroom, you might be wondering what color the wall should be. Well, gray is a neutral color which means that you can pair pretty much all color shades without the risk of having both clashing with each other. That said, there are specific factors to consider here. Such as the size of your bathroom to the interior décor vibe that you are going for. 

In this article, we go in-depth with all the colors that you can match with a gray tile and the specific reasons for the pairing. We will also list colors that you should avoid if you have gray tiles in the bathroom. 

Best Colors for Gray Tile Bathrooms

Below is a list of colors that work well with gray and enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.


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Gray also works with other shades of gray. For example, if your bathroom floor features a darker shade of gray, opt for a lighter one for the wall and ceiling. If it is vice versa, we recommend you go with a darker dove gray wall paint. If you are looking to create a modern monochromatic aesthetic for your bathroom, different shades of gray will do the trick. 

You can also use blue-gray tiles with a wood design on the walls to add a nature twist to the aesthetics while still keeping it modern. Blue and gray are two colors that naturally go together, like peanut butter and jelly. Adding a splash of wood vanity design will give the relatively contemporary interior colors a lovely traditional feel. 


Bathroom with towel rock and hooks design

Soft or off-white is the most common color paired with gray. For example, a gray bathroom tile with smooth white walls adds a certain level of modern class to the interior décor. Off-white color on the walls can also help make your bathroom appear larger, which might be something you should consider if you have a small bathroom

White is also considered within the spectrum of cool colors. Another advantage of this comes if you do not have any source of natural lighting in the bathroom, as white can help simulate natural lighting in a room. 


Modern black and red bathroom with sink and bathtub

If you want to add a splash of boldness to your bathroom, note that red also works quite well with gray. We recommend you opt for light to medium gray tiles and pair it with a bold red wall. To help contain the somewhat overbearing shade of red, you can also add black borders to keep it relatively contained. You can also use white frames instead of black if you wish.


Bathroom with blue mosaic

As noted previously, blue is a natural color partner to gray. Therefore, you can choose to paint your walls a darker shade of blue to complement the gray floor tiles. Choosing a darker or medium blue shade ensures that it won’t overpower the gray floor aesthetic and strike a nice balance in your bathroom. Additionally, gray and blue deliver a rather relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom – something that is quite welcome in this part of the house. 

Turquoise also works excellent with gray and can create a sunny beachside atmosphere that is quite inviting and relaxing. 


Modern bathroom with sink bathtub and shower - rendering

Now, it is time to get a bit wild and experimental with gray color matchups. Despite being found on different ends of the color spectrum wheel, gray and lime green can accentuate each other. While not a common color combination, it is pretty surprising how green and gray complement each other. 

Combine the two in your bathroom if you are looking to create a fresh and unique aesthetic. The lime green wall adds a zesty visual pop and a sanitized appearance, while the gray floor subdues the overall bathroom appearance. 


Interior of panoramic bathroom with orange walls, wooden floor, double sink standing on gray countertop

For those looking to pair gray with something relatively ‘loud’ and energetic, the color orange can add a nice funky ambiance to your bathroom. Similar to the lime green and gray combo, orange and gray might appear like an odd color combination. But, surprisingly enough, both orange and gray create a similar wavelength once paired together. 


View of the sink, toilet and bidet in a large modern bathroom

Lavender adds a feminine touch to the bathroom and goes quite nicely with a gray tiled bathroom. The soft lavender color tone softens that somewhat rugged gray shade and creates a soothing ambiance in your bathroom. 


Interior of stylish bathroom with gray and pink walls, grey tiled floor, comfortable bathtub and double sink on white countertop

Let us keep the ‘unusual color combination for gray’ list going with another that does not seem to go well with gray initially. Well, that is where you are wrong since pink and gray can work well together no matter the color shade of the two you choose. Pink and gray are perfect examples of the notion that opposites attract. The lively and feminine charm of pink balances the somewhat dark and gloomy vibe of gray. 

We suggest going with fuchsia or rose pink to partner with gray. Fuchsia delivers more pep and vibrancy to the bathroom, while rose pink offers a more muted, soft, and romantic vibe.

Color That Clashes with Gray

When it comes to colors that you should not pair with gray, only one holds that distinction. 


While black and brown are a pretty decent color combination, replacing black with a lighter shade like gray won’t deliver the same results. While brown and gray are both neutral colors, they also exude the same level of contrast which causes the two to bleed into each other’s territory. 

Basics of Using the Color Gray in Interior Decoration

When it comes to incorporating gray in any room, there are a couple of rules that you should adhere to. Here are the essential tips utilized by professional interior decorators when incorporating the color gray into the bathroom, specifically for the floor tiles.

Know the Different Shades of Gray

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Image Credit: Bill Abbott via Creative Commons

While gray tends to elicit the image of an industrial, cold, and clinical establishment, it actually comes in a wide breadth of hues that exudes different vibes. Check out the different shades of gray available and mix and match to see which one best suits the ambiance you are going for with your bathroom. 

For example, there is a gray hue that has a tinge of beige to it. Go with the beige-gray shade if you worry that traditional gray might make your bathroom cold and unwelcome. Beige-gray or ‘greige’ has a sense of warmth not present in most shades of gray. 

Are You Going with Cool or Warm Gray?

Knowing which category your gray bathroom tile falls under will help you narrow down the best colors to pair it up with. Color undertone compatibility is a crucial aspect when it comes to pairing colors together in a room. 

Experiment with Gray

As you can see from our list of multiple color combinations compatible with gray, there is a wide variety available of combinations available. You can go in different directions with a gray bathroom tile. You can go with something fresh and funky with green or orange, fiery passion with red, or a calming mood with lavender or pink. Do not be afraid to experiment and go with something that matches your personality. 

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