Does Magic Eraser Damage Porcelain?

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Magic Erasers are gaining popularity in the market as a ‘cure-all’ cleaning product, but how effective is it? Can you use it on more delicate fixtures and items in your home? In this article, we will be looking at the Magic Eraser and figuring out how, where, and when not to use this new type of cleaning tool. Probably the first question that will pop into your head concerning the Magic Eraser is whether it is safe to use on porcelain. 

The highly versatile Magic Eraser can be used on porcelain as long as the porcelain does not have any enamel coating. Unfortunately, while this cleaning tool might seem like a soft sponge, it is deceptively quite abrasive. As such, we highly advise you not to use this on delicate and polished surfaces. 

To help you figure out where to use the Magic Eraser, we compiled a list down below of places, fixtures, and items that you should not use the Magic Eraser on. Before that, though, let us first figure out how these nifty and efficient cleaning products do its, well, magic. 

How Do Magic Erasers Work?

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The Magic Eraser may look like a sponge, but the look can be quite deceiving. This cleaning product is a melamine foam block encased within hardened melamine resin threads. As you would expect, the hardened melamine resin greatly enhanced the ruggedness of the melamine foam. 

When using the Magic Eraser, a one-two combination functionality helps eliminate the grime and dirt. First, the hardened melamine resin scrapes the dirt loose while the air bubbles present in the foam absorb the dislodged debris. Adding more pressure to the scrubbing will break down the hardened melamine resin into tiny abrasive particles, making it act like sandpaper. 

This two-stage cleaning element allows the Magic Eraser to remove those hard-to-remove stains from any surface effortlessly. However, due to the sandpaper-like nature of this cleaning product, it is best to understand that it should not be used on certain items, fixtures, and furniture. 

Where Not to Use the Magic Eraser

Before you go and buy a Magic Eraser at your local store, you should first consider whether this cleaning tool best fits the task at hand. Due to the highly abrasive nature of this product, it can inadvertently cause damage if misused. As such, below are fixtures and surfaces where you should never apply the Magic Eraser on. 

Certain Countertop Materials

Bathroom vanity quartz countertop with white rectangular sinks

It would be best to avoid using Magic Erasers on delicate countertops made from natural stone such as granite and marble. Using this cleaning tool on these materials can damage the surface and reduce the luster of these materials, pretty much degrading the overall quality of the countertop.

Stainless Steel

The polished surface of stainless steel material is also at risk with Magic Erasers. Never scrub stainless steel with this tool, as you are guaranteed to remove its shiny finish and leave it dulled and scratched. 

Non-Stick Pots and Pans

Another kitchen item that you should not use Magic Erasers on is the non-stick pots and pans. The special non-stick coating on its surface is quite delicate, and it is best to avoid scrubbing it with any abrasive item.


Never use Magic Erasers when cleaning wooden surfaces and fixtures, especially if these have special finishes and coating. The Magic Eraser can chip away the finish of these wooden fixtures and pretty much ruin them aesthetically. 

Your Skin

While this might be common sense, please do not use a Magic Eraser on human skin. This cleaning item, as stated, is deceptively abrasive and can injure bare skin. Additionally, the tiny resin particles that break off their surface can cause extreme skin irritations. 

Always Do a Spot Test First Before Using a Magic Eraser

This step is crucial regarding the use of Magic Erasers. This safety precaution will ensure that this versatile cleaning tool will not damage the surface of the item you plan to clean. 

Where Can You Use Magic Erasers?

While it is generally an all-around cleaning tool, the Magic Eraser requires initial precautions to ensure it won’t cause more harm than good. In general, true to its versatility, the Magic Eraser is designed for pretty much general cleaning in your home. Once you have applied the spot test, here are the places and fixtures you can use the Magic Eraser. 

The Bathroom

The Magic Eraser is excellent in removing mold, mildew, hard water, and soap scum stains on the wall, floor, toilet bowls, and even shower doors. When cleaning those unpleasant water stain rings inside the toilet bowl, one tip is to cut off a small piece of Magic Eraser and let it dissolve inside the bowl for a couple of hours. 

Stained Drinking Glasses and Mugs

You can get rid of those pesky water stains at the bottom of your drinking glass, as well as coffee and tea stains in mugs with the Magic Eraser. 

Tile Grout

Cleaning grouts can be a hassle due to the several steps you must go through. However, this is not the case with the Magic Eraser, as you can scrub over those grimy grout and remove that embedded dirt and grime. 

Certain Furniture

As long as the furniture in question does not come with s glossy finish, you can use Magic Eraser to return it to its pristine appearance. In addition, the Magic Eraser can be used to remove fingerprint marks, grease, and dirt easily and quickly from your furniture’s surface. 


For anyone who has leather upholstery at home, you know how difficult it can be to remove those dark stains without the proper cleaning chemicals at hand, as well as the unpleasant worn-out edges. The good news is that the Magic Eraser can be an excellent alternative to removing those visible dark stains from the upholstery. First, make sure to scrub the surface gently. Additionally, you can use Magic Eraser to smoothen out the wrinkled edges of old upholstery. 

Tips on Using the Magic Eraser

Before you begin scrubbing around your home, there are a couple of steps you should be aware of when using the Magic Eraser cleaning product. Keep the following in mind to optimize results:

  • Do not use the Magic Eraser dry. Remember to dampen it slightly to lessen its ultra-abrasive surface and lessen the risk of damaging surfaces. 
  • Always wear gloves when using Magic Erasers as its abrasive texture can also scratch and damage your skin. Avoid the Magic Eraser having any possible contact on your skin.

Final Thoughts

While it is a versatile cleaning tool, certain precautions need to be addressed before using the Magic Eraser. This cleaning product may provide excellent convenience, but it is not advisable for all surfaces. It would be best if you never used the Magic Eraser on anything that has a polished and glossy finish and anything delicate. Other than those notable drawbacks, the Magic Eraser is an excellent cleaning tool that you should have in your home. 

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