Is Delta Faucet a Good Brand For Bathroom Fixtures?

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The Delta Faucet brand bases its driving force on three tenets: (1) water can change how we feel every single day, (2) we can find magic in the simplest solutions, and (3) the best innovations stem from our insight. The brand gets its inspiration from the needs of its customers.

They have come up with several innovative technologies that are presented in simple solutions, such as the Touch20, H2Okinetic, and MagnaTite Docking technologies. These modern features are paired with daily solutions. For instance, you can turn on a faucet with a simple tap of the elbow. Their products are also designed with both durability and aesthetics in mind.

Today, Delta Faucet is leading the way in water solutions, in the bathroom and the kitchen, and in other applications.

Delta Faucet Company Logo
The Delta Faucet Company Logo

Delta Faucet History

It all began in 1920 when Alex Manoogian – a youthful immigrant from Armenia – came to the United States with nothing but curiosity and ambition. During that era, most homes used faucets with two handles. Alex and his peers came up with the idea of creating a single-handle faucet, using a ball valve that is able to mix cold and hot water. He had the vision for the potential when no one else did.

He worked hard to perfect his design, and it took two years to finish. Finally, he was able to introduce the Delta Faucet, which he named after the Greek letter “Delta”, which means “change”. The name is very apt for the product and the company that is going to revolutionize the industry in years to come. To this day, the same company keeps pushing the boundaries of this industry, and we are seeing the positive changes that it brings to our daily life.

Delta Faucet Product Lines

Delta Faucet creates faucets primarily geared for bathrooms and kitchens, for both residential and commercial settings, as well as toilets and other bathroom fixtures. The company’s passion for water can be seen in its product lines and brands. Their ultimate goal is to bring their technology and expertise to homes and businesses across the country.

The company is in the business of bringing water, the most essential resource, to your daily life in style and sophistication. Most of their product lines and new technologies stem from their imagination of what is possible. As a result, Delta Faucet was the first to launch hands-free technologies in both bath and kitchen faucets for residential use. 

The company is well aware that the next big idea is just around the corner, and that is why they are always exploring and discovering — constantly looking for inspiration.

Their Delta Mateo Collection features a unique square base and seamless curves that resemble a blown glass bottle. Their Sotria Bath Collection, under the Brizo brand, is the ultimate personification of a sleek airplane silhouette. 

You can definitely see how the teams find their inspiration every day. They are the secret as to why the Delta Faucet Company remains a leader in the market, thanks to its strong dedication to growth and excellence. They create products with purpose and integrity, serving customers here and all around the world.

Modern Faucet
Modern Faucet | Photo by from Pexels

Is Delta Faucet a Good Brand?

The company has won numerous awards since its start. It is the EPA’s WaterSense Partner of the Year for 2011, 2013, and 2014, and it also won the Sustained Excellence Award for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Its Delta Pilar faucet for kitchens, geared with its signature Touch20 technology bagged the Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA) Winner’s Seal of Approval.

The Delta Addison Lavatory Faucet, also with Touch20 tech, was nominated for the Edison Best New Product Award in 2012.

These awards are only on the surface of what makes this company a good brand. As we mentioned earlier, this brand has a foundation based on 3 tenets:

  • Water has the power to transform how a person feels every day.
  • Magic can be found within a simple solution.
  • Innovation is a power that flows from human insight.

These tenets are the bases of the company’s most amazing innovations and technologies, which have all been applied to their modern product lines. For every household that gets to experience these technologies, daily life just gets a little bit easier. A number of their faucets let you turn on the water just by using your wrist, elbow, or forearm to tap them.

Another feature that is worth noting is their SpotShield technology, which greatly lowers the amount of time you spend cleaning the faucet itself. This technology renders the faucet resistant against fingerprints, water spots, and other common stains.

If you are a fan of accepting new tech to make daily life – particularly chores – easier and simpler, then you’ll love this company. They have certain faucets fitted with tech that allow a concentrated stream of water to get rid of food particles on the dishes, which would otherwise require tremendous scrubbing and cleaning. This is made possible without water or residue splattering all over you or your countertop.

All of this is rooted in the brand’s belief that each home deserves the chance to experience using water in a better, easier way. That’s why they design their products with this goal in mind.

Here are a few more reasons why Delta Faucet Company is a good brand:

Minimizes Water Use

The advantages of using Delta faucets don’t stop with helping you with chores. Their products are also water-efficient, from their faucets to their showers and toilets. They are designed to conserve water and play a key role in saving the planet’s essential resources, without compromising their main function. Delta lavatory faucets, toilets, and kitchen faucets are tested to meet and pass various water-efficiency standards. These include California and Colorado standards, as well as CALGreen.

Smart Temperature Indicator

Have you ever stood under the shower, ready for a warm rinse, only to get surprised by too cold or too hot water? Well, the TempSense Indicator technology fixes this problem. This indicator lets you know if the water is warm, cold, or hot using a color-changing display. This effectively eliminates all unnecessary surprises in the shower.

This tech single-handedly eliminates a problem we have all suffered from for decades. Plus, you can help save water because you can turn on the shower once the water is at the right temperature. No more letting water drain down while waiting for it to get warm. You’ll see a color change from blue (cold) to magenta (warm) to red (hot) as the temperature of the water rises up. Cold water is below 80°F, warm water is between 80 to 110°F, and hot water is above 110°F. 

The Right Blend of Design and Durability

You shouldn’t ever have to compromise between a good-looking fixture and a perfectly working one. Let’s take an example. The Delta ProCrylic Material and their Acrylic with Innovex Technology comes to your home with a product that you can only see in high-class hotels. It is made of high-gloss acrylic, and its appeal is timeless. It’s not just nice to stare at, though. It’s also very easy to clean, thanks to it being resistant to mildew.

Their baths with these technologies are very fun to have because you never have to worry about cleanup and maintenance. They’re a truly cost-effective bath solution that is great to look at.

Environment-Friendly Standards

Delta faucets have the WaterSense* label, which lets you do your part for the environment. These faucets consume 20% less water compared to the industry standards today. This saves you money without you even knowing it because you’ll get the same performance — you are just reducing waste.

All Delta faucets and toilets have the WaterSense label. Some showerheads and hand showers also carry this label. If you are particular about helping conserve water and save some money, then look for this label.

*WaterSense is a registered mark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

white glossy bathtub
High Gloss Bathtubs for the Modern Home | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Delta Faucet Warranty

There are several types of warranty depending on your purchase and particular need.

The Limited Warranty on Delta® covers parts and faucet finishes of all Delta faucets. This does not cover batteries and electronic parts. The warranty covers the original person who purchased the item, who received the initial product defect-free in either workmanship or material. The product should have been first installed within 5 years after the date of purchase for commercial settings.

Delta Faucet offers a warranty on electronic parts, if applicable, to the original purchaser as long as the product was received free of material or workmanship defects. It covers you for 5 years beginning at the date of purchase. The coverage is only 1 year if used in commercial settings. Batteries are not covered in the warranty.

The company will replace or repair the product or component free of charge, as long as you are still within the eligible and applicable warranty period. In certain cases where either replacement or repair is deemed impractical, the company can elect to instead give a refund for the purchase (in exchange for returning the product). These are the remedial options that the company can offer.

The warranty does not cover labor charges that you might have incurred for the installation, repair, replacement, or removal of Delta faucet products. The company is also not liable for damages caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, incorrect or improper installation, repair or maintenance, or reasonable wear and tear. 

To make sure you avoid damages, only hire professional plumbers for installing, repairing, or removing Delta products. If replacement parts are needed, only use genuine ones.

To get warranty replacement or repair, make sure you are eligible based on the terms mentioned above. Then, you can obtain a warranty claim by calling the Delta Faucet Company at 1‑800‑345‑3358.

You can also write to:

Customers in the United States and Mexico:                              

  • Delta Faucet Company                                        
  • Product Service                                                   
  • 55 E. 111th Street                                                        
  • Indianapolis, IN 46280                                                           

Customers in Canada:

  • Masco Canada Limited, Plumbing Group
  • Technical Service Centre
  • 350 South Edgeware Road
  • St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada N5P 4L1

Prepare your original sales receipt or proof of purchase. For more information, you may visit their website’s terms on warranty coverage.

Where to Buy Delta Faucet

You can purchase Delta Faucet products directly on their website.

You may also find original Delta Faucet items, shop Delta Faucet at and search for deals on

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