Best Decorative Night Lights for Adults 2018 Reviews

Night lights are not just for kids anymore!  In fact, there are a lot of great adult night lights available, including some stylish decorative ones.  We reviewed many of the top decorative night lights for adults, and found the SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light to offer the best overall value and design.  Read on to learn more about why this was our top pick.

That doesn’t mean there are not some other great night lights available.  Here we will discuss some of the other picks that we found to be noteworthy as well.

What to Consider

There are a few different things that you should consider when it comes to choosing the best night light. First, consider the wattage of the light.  Many night lights can actually use different watt bulbs, giving you more freedom over the amount of light emitted.  Some, however, can only use a certain type of bulb and may not give you as much control over the lighting.

It is also important to consider is the type of bulb.  Most of the night lights on the market use an incandescent bulb or a fluorescent bulb. These bulbs can produce a good amount of light, but a better option would be LED lights.  This is due to the risks involved with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  In fact, many of these bulbs get hot and can cause house fires.  

Another important factor to consider when buying a night light is the style.  Since there are so many different decorative options to choose from, you can get one that really suits your own style and taste- as well as your existing home décor.  The sky really is the limit when it comes to the design of your night light.  

#1 – J Devlin Fused Glass Tree Night Light Review

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First up on our list is the J Devlin Fused Glass Tree Night Light.  J Devlin is a well known maker of glass art, and some of their pieces are really exquisite.  This night light has a stained glass plate with a tree that has amber and brown shades, and it really looks like a tree losing its leaves in the autumn.  Beauty is not all that this night light has going for it.


  • It uses a low wattage bulb for minimal light.  This can be a good thing if you don’t really like too much light, but just enough to see where you are going if you get up in the night.
  • It has a handcrafted design, so each one is unique.


  • It only works with vertical outlets.  There is not much versatility with this night light, meaning you can’t use it in a horizontal outlet.
  • The actual plug in part is a little big in comparison to the whole night light.  The decorative shield for the light is not really that big at all.


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#2 – SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light Review

The SOAIY Rotation color changing night light is a win in our book, mainly because of all of the additional features that it has to offer.  It is not only a good choice for adults, but can be suitable for children as well.  Enjoy a realistic aurora borealis light show, while also taking advantage of the built in speaker that allows you to listen to music.


  • It offers an automatic shut off feature, giving you the ability to go to sleep while enjoying your music and lights while not having it playing all night long.  
  • It offers dual functionality.  Consider using it as solely a night light, or remove the dome lid and enjoy a full light show.
  • You can actually tilt the projection, giving you flexibility in where the light shines.  Shine it straight up, or tilt it at a 45 degree angle.


  • The speaker output volume is not the greatest.  This can be a downfall for some, but if you are trying to get sleep then you probably don’t need the music blaring anyway.
  • If there is no source of music, the automatic shut off feature will be enabled.  This can be a drawback for those that want the lighting to last all night.


#3 – LOFTEK LED Cube Night Light Review

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If you are looking for a night light that gives off a colorful glow, then this may be the one for you.  The LOFTEK LED cube night light definitely offers a lot in the way of features.  You can choose from 16 different colors, as well as many different shapes and sizes.  

The design and lighting are also eco-friendly and safe.


  • It offers flexibility with cordless options.  Sure, there is an AC adapter that comes with it, but it is rechargeable.  That means you can take it with you, even when there is nowhere to plug it up.
  • It is safe to use inside and outside.  The light is waterproof and offers protection from dust, making it portable in weather conditions.
  • LOFTEK offers a one year warranty on all of their products, and design their products with quality and durability.


  • There is no option for using battery power.  If you are out camping, and unable to charge your light then you may be in the dark.
  • If you lose the remote control, it can be difficult to change through the functions and colors.


The Bottom Line  

As you can see, there are some really great night lights out there for adults.  After considering the amount of light you need and the bulb types, you can determine which light is best suited for you.  As we already mentioned, the SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light is our top pick.  

It not only offers adequate amounts of light, but it also displays a light show, and even has a built in speaker.  If you want something that really measures up all the way around, this may be the night light for you.

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