15 Best Night Lights For Adults | Unique, Decorative & Cool Plug Ins

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Night lights are not just for kids anymore!  In fact, there are a lot of great adult night lights available, including some stylish decorative ones. We searched high and low to find some of the coolest and most unique night lights for adults. From cute to artistic, these cool plugin lights are designed for adults. Apart from stylish designs, another main criteria we were looking for is that these do not look like many of the cheap lights that look like kids toys.  Night lights are a great addition to your powder room, guest bathroom, or master bath.

Since there are so many different decorative options to choose from, you can get one that really suits your own style and taste- as well as your existing home décor.  The sky really is the limit when it comes to the design of your night light.  

glowing decorative night light
Night lights no longer need to look like plastic kids toys!

Best Decorative Adult Night Lights:

J Devlin Fused Glass Tree Night Light Review

decorate night light for adults
J Devlin Fused Stained Glass

First up on our list is the J Devlin Fused Glass Tree Night Light.  

J Devlin is a well-known maker of glass art, and some of the lights are really exquisite.  

This night light has a stained glass plate with a tree that has amber and brown shades, and it really looks like a tree losing its leaves in the autumn. Beauty is not all that this night light has going for it. 

The unique design adds a nice accent to any bathroom, hallway or bedroom. While the original design will be appreciated by many adults, the falling leaves may be a little too seasonal looking for some people.

The company (J Delvin) has many different decorative glass night lights. We chose this tree design but they have a few dozen different designs that you might prefer, depending on your style and home furnishings. 


  • It uses a low wattage bulb for minimal light.  This can be a good thing if you don’t really like too much light, but just enough to see where you are going if you get up in the night.
  • It has a handcrafted design, so each one is unique.


  • It only works with vertical outlets.  
  • There is not much versatility with this night light, meaning you can’t use it in a horizontal outlet.
  • The actual plugin part is a little big in comparison to the whole night light.  
  • The decorative shield for the light is not really that big at all.

SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light

Soothing adult night light
SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light Projector

The SOAIY Rotation color changing night light is a win in our book, mainly because of all of the additional features that it has to offer.  It is not only a good choice for adults but can be suitable for children as well.

 Enjoy a realistic aurora borealis light show, while also taking advantage of the built-in speaker that allows you to listen to music.  

This is a futuristic looking night light with features to match. The drawback is that it’s not the most unassuming design so it may not fit in with every home’s decorative style. 


  • It offers automatic shut off feature, giving you the ability to go to sleep while enjoying your music and lights while not having it playing all night long.  
  • It offers dual functionality.  
  • Consider using it as solely a night light, or remove the dome lid and enjoy a full light show.
  • You can actually tilt the projection, giving you flexibility in where the light shines.  
  • Shine it straight up, or tilt it at a 45-degree angle.


  • The speaker output volume is not the greatest.  This can be a downfall for some.
  • If you are trying to get sleep then you probably don’t need the music blaring anyway.
  • If there is no source of music, the automatic shut off feature will be enabled.  
  • This can be a drawback for those that want the lighting to last all night.

LOFTEK LED Cube Night Light

LOFTEK LED Light Cube : 4-inch RGB 16 Colors Kids Night Light with Remote Control, Home Decoration Cube Lamp, UL Listed Adapter, IP65 Protection Grade and Rechargeable Battery

If you are looking for a night light that gives off a colorful glow, then this may be the one for you.  The LOFTEK LED cube night light definitely offers a lot in the way of features.  You can choose from 16 different colors, as well as many different shapes and sizes.  I find it’s designed calming, although it’s a cube the beveled edges give is softer feel and the muted colors give a nice soft light that is not overpowering. 

The simple design fits well in almost any home or guest bedroom without being the center of attention. While some of the previously reviewed night lights have very distinctive designs, that may not be what you are looking for.  If you prefer a subtle looking light with an unassuming profile, this LED cube by Loftkek might be the choice for you.

The design and lighting are also eco-friendly and safe. It’s cordless with the autonomy of being rechargeable. It is also waterproof with a rating of IP 65 making it a versatile indoor and outdoor light that can also be used to light pathways or give ambiance lighting to outdoor parties, patios, etc. 

The lights hold a charge for about 6 hours. You can set up the colors to alternate which is a cool effect, it seems to shorten the battery life though. 

The RBG color combinations are a cool effect and give you a lot of options with these lights. Whether your favorite color is blue or you want to match your pink bathroom accessories, there are plenty of color choices.


  • It offers flexibility with cordless options.  Sure, there is an AC adapter that comes with it, but it is rechargeable.  That means you can take it with you, even when there is nowhere to plug it up.
  • It is safe to use inside and outside.  
  • The light is waterproof and offers protection from dust, making it portable in weather conditions.
  • LOFTEK offers a one year warranty on all of their products, and design their products with quality and durability.


  • There is no option for using battery power.  If you are out camping, and unable to charge your light then you may be in the dark.
  • If you lose the remote control, it can be difficult to change through the functions and colors.

Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Night Light

Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Night Light
Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Night Light

The Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Night Light intricately crafted in the United States gives a warm and unique feel to your home. This creation by Lightwave Laser captivates the attention of many. The elegant and timeless design of the Lake Geneva Night Light is inspired by the classic masterpieces of the legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, hence, the name.

This square night light is made from the finest quality of cherry wood and is subjected to precision laser cut to ensure that design perfection is achieved. It uses an incandescent, 7-watt bulb which makes a warm and glowing ambiance and lasts up to 3,000 hours for efficiency. The night light doesn’t need to manually turn on and off because it has built-in light sensors, making it very convenient to use. The design of the Wright-inspired night light is an adaptation of the art glass windows of the late Lake Geneva Inn. If you are a huge fan of abstract and classic designs, this night light would be a perfect fit.

AMIR Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

AMIR Salt Lamp, Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp, Mini Hand Carved Salt Crystal Night Light Wall Light with 2 Bulbs, UL Approved Wall Plug for Air Purifying, Bedroom Decoration and Lighting, 2 Pack
AMIR Salt Lamp, Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

If you are looking for a night light that could keep your house decorated and has beauty and health benefits at the same time, the AMIR Himalayan Salt Lamp is an excellent choice. These beautiful crystal salt rock lamps are made with all-natural rock salts from the Himalayas and have no artificial additives to ensure that full health benefits are achieved. It ionizes and purifies the air in your home, making it free from toxins and allergens.

The Himalayan salt lamp also helps in boosting your mood, relaxing your mind, and gives you better and peaceful sleep quality. The UL approved wall plug of these salt lamps can be rotated 360 degrees and it comes with decorative, stylish designs and shapes that will make every home beautifully unique. Each Himalayan salt lamps creates a calming color and glow that will make every space ideal for peaceful and quiet evenings.

Heart Craftsman Style Stained Look 4-inch Ceramic Plug-in Night Light

Heart Craftsman Style Stained Glass Look 4 inch Ceramic Plug-in Nightlight
Heart Craftsman Style Stained Glass Look

The Heart Craftsman Style Stained Ceramic Night Light is fancy and perfect lighting that every home will love. This classic vintage lamp created by Roman Inc. is popular because of its fine and unique craftsmanship that showcases a warm and appealing accent. It adds a comforting and warm glow, whether it is placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

The Heart Craftsman Styled night light is made of high-quality ceramic porcelain and durable plastic materials making it a luxurious vanity of art. Its plug-in measures about 4×4 inches that is ready-to-use with an on and off switch. The lamp also has an intricately sculpted heart design which makes it a true statement piece. This lamp is a wonderful piece if you wish to have a decorative and simply beautiful home with a heart.

GE 11258 LED CandleLite Night Light

GE 11258 LED CandleLite Night Light, Plug-in, Light Sensing, Auto On/Off, Energy Efficient, Guide Light, Warm Amber Glow, Classic Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, Flickers Like a Real Candle
GE 11258 LED CandleLite Night Light

The GE LED CandleLite Night Light is one of the modern night lights that are perfect to use in all parts of the household. The energy-efficient LED night light automatically turns on during nighttime and turns off during the daytime because of its light sensing technology features.  There is also no need for bulb replacements since the LED has a longer life.

Inspired by a real candle, the night light also flickers which makes it more realistic and unique than other night lights. Its oil-rubbed bronze finish design perfectly matches every home decoration while keeping its modern and sophisticated ambiance. This GE CandleLite Night Lite is most ideal for families with kids around because it is cool to the touch and flameless, unlike the real candles. If you love candlelight inspired home, this night light is a great piece that will give a classic and vintage touch.

WESTEK Vintage Edison Filament LED Night Light

WESTEK Vintage Night Light by Amertac, 2 Pack - Bronze LED Edison Night Light - Plug-in Decorative Night Light with a Stunning Old-Fashioned Design - Dusk to Dawn Nightlight, Plastic Casing, 8 Lumens
WESTEK Vintage Night Light by Amertac

The Thomas Edison-style night light by Westek is one of the perfect night lights if you love a classic and vintage ambient atmosphere in your home and office. This exquisite masterpiece is a combined modern and old-fashioned look that brings an alluring and lively tone which makes it ideal to use in hallways, entryways, and in any part of the house and office.

Along with the unique design of the light bulb, its incandescent 1-watt LED light creates excellent and warm lighting for 25, 000 hours, 8 lumens & 2700K hue. It is also a simple plug-in night light, so it is very easy to install. Moreover, this energy-efficient lamp has auto-sensors making it automatically turns on once the room gets dark.

Overall, the Westek Vintage Edison Filament LED night light not just makes your household safe, secured and at peace but also adds decorative touch and elegance to it.

Frank Lloyd Wright Hardwood Saguaro Night Light

Frank Lloyd Wright Hardwood Saguaro Night Light
Frank Lloyd Wright Hardwood Saguaro Night Light

Another Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired night light is the Saguaro night light by Lightwave Laser. Saguaro is a tree-like desert cactus species of the Sonoran Desert. The famous late architect Frank Lloyd Wright made an abstract design of this cactus for the Liberty Magazine way back 1926-1928 but it was never used. This graphic was then selected to use as a design in a glass for the renovated foyer after a sudden fire in Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

The Saguaro Night Light is excellently made of finest cherry woods subjected to precision laser cut with a colored graphic image of the Saguaro cactus. It also features an incandescent light bulb that is programmed to turn on during night time and turn off during the daytime. This square-shaped Saguaro night light also creates a warm and glowing ambiance in any part of the house. This Wright-inspired night light is a perfect fit for those who love abstract designs in their home.

J Devlin Multi Colored Stained Glass

J Devlin NTL 165 Multi Colored Stained Glass Night Light Peach Purple Green Aquamarine Amber Burgundy Decorative Home Accent Lite
J Devlin NTL 165 Multi-Colored Stained Glass Night Light

Another J. Devlin creation on our list – the J Devlin Multi Colored Stained Glass!

This exquisitely-made night light surely brings the instant mood to any room. It is made of English muffle glass in green, peach, purple, amber, aquamarine, and burgundy hues, delicately designed with filigree corners and beaded edging.

Crafted to perfection, the metal solders of this J. Devlin creation has a charcoal patina finish and explicitly waxed for added protection. The design was inspired by the ‘Tiffany Style’ in the late 1800s which will surely be eye candy to anyone who wants a trip down memory lane. While this piece of art offers a Victorian-era sort-of feel, it maynot appeal to those who wanted a modern and futuristic look. J. Devlin has proven again their passion to provide handcrafted masterpieces that reach out to people of all ages.

Midnight Moon – Curved Porcelain Lithophane Night Light

Midnight Moon - Curved Porcelain Lithophane Night Light
Midnight Moon – Curved Porcelain Lithophane Night Light

When we talk about night lights, the Midnight Moon – Curved Porcelain Lithophane is one to beat. Crafted by the Porcelain Garden through a classical etching and molding technique, this masterpiece offers a different way to accentuate your room.

As the backlight is turned on, the light from the source shines through the different depths of the lithophane and reveals an outstandingly detailed image of a brilliant midnight moon with a complex yet beautifully done outline of a tree. Surely be appreciated by art connoisseurs, this night light will give a nostalgic tone of the classic art of the 1800s. As this is an art perfection, it may not suit everyone’s taste especially those who wanted a more simple style.

Himalayan Glow 1808

Himalayan Glow 1808 Natural Salt lamp, Vintage Style Night light, Wall Plug in, 360 Rotatable by WBM
Himalayan Glow 1808 Natural Salt lamp

Can’t get enough of the Himalayan rock salt to beautify and energize your rooms? Try the Himalayan Glow 1808! This Himalayan glow salt night light is a masterpiece on its own – with the metal basket frame formed from exquisite black metal in vintage style, and filled with pure Himalayan Rock salt crystals. This is a must-buy to anyone who wanted to take it up a notch.

The modern take on the night light does not only emphasize the health benefits of the Himalayan rock salt crystals, but also to strategically match any style, personality, or mood. It surely is a perfect gift for anyone for any given occasion. We all know of the benefits of Himalayan salt rocks in ionizing and purifying the air we breathe, but WBM International added an artistic touch to accentuate its natural grandeur through the decorative metal frame.

GE 11257 LED CoverLite Night Light

GE 11257 LED CoverLite Night Light, Plug-In, Soft White, Light Sensing, Auto On/Off, Brushed Nickel Finish, Ideal for Entryway, Hallway, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Stairway, Office, and more
GE 11257 LED CoverLite Night Light

There’s a saying that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this next on the list is an embodiment of a simple yet sophisticated night light that you can own.

The GE LED CoverLite Night Light is pretty simple yet elegant with its petal pattern design with brushed nickel finish which is ideal to any part of your home, and compliment to a wide variety of home styles.

Its sophistry lies on the way it functions. It has a light sensor, thus, it automatically turns on at dusk, and off at dawn. It uses LED light which is energy-efficient and has a longer lifespan as compared to other night lights that use bulb. The GE company, with its modern take on night light appliances, is something that you would expect. Simple, yet elegant and efficient to use on any part of the house, and suitable to anyone’s taste.

MAZ-TEK Multicolor Changeable NightLights

Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, MAZ-TEK Multi-Color Changeable Nightlights, Energy Efficient Night Lamp for Bedroom, Baby Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairway, 2 Pack
Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor

The MAZ-TEK multicolor changeable nightlights are ideal for kids at heart! This simple and straightforward machine has an ultra-slim and easy-touch modern design that can be used in any part of the home. It has multiple and inter-changeable colors, suitable to what your current mood (or your children is!), your current favorite color, or simply whatever color you want among the eight colors available.

It also has a light sensor that automatically turns it on at dusk, and off at dawn. Its revolutionary design also took on the use of LED light for energy-efficiency and a longer lifespan. It may not have the best designs or over-the-top quality of materials unlike the others, but its convenience and simple concept that kids, young adults, and adults love are the reasons why it is among the best night lights in the market.

Rustic Vintage Replica Penns Grove Candle-Lite Night-Light with Glass Chimney

Rustic Vintage Replica Penns Grove Candle-Lite Night-Light with Glass Chimney
Rustic Vintage Replica Penns Grove Candle-Lite Night-Light

Who loves a cinematic feel of using a kerosene lamp while going around the house? We all do! Making up on our final list, this Rustic Vintage Replica Penn’s Grove Candle-Lite Night-Light with Glass Chimney simply adds nostalgia and country rustic flavor on your home. This night light is inspired by antique kerosene lamps and is perfect for those who simply want timeless classic lighting to accentuate their home decor.

It includes a genuine 3-watt candle-like silicone dipped light bulb inside a clear glass chimney is which is 100% recycled and hand-blown, making it environmentally friendly. The durable deep rustic brown base is practically designed and molded to make it appear genuinely aged. This is a perfect gift for your grandparents or even your parents who will surely appreciate the grandeur of the rustic replica but is less likely be considered by those younger, or those who wanted more intricate and modern design.

Choose the right decorative night light to add to your room
Choose the right decorative night light to add to your room | Photo Credit: Mary Whitney

Buyers Guide: What We Considered

There are a few different things that you should consider when it comes to choosing the best nightlight. First, consider the wattage of the light.  Many night lights can actually use different watt bulbs, giving you more freedom over the amount of light emitted.  Some, however, can only use a certain type of bulb and may not give you as much control over the lighting.

It is also important to consider is the type of bulb.  Just like there are special considerations to find the best light bulbs for makeup mirrors, you want to make sure the night light emits enough light without using too much power or getting too hot, especially since they are normally left plugged in for the whole night. 

Most of the night lights on the market use an incandescent bulb or a fluorescent bulb. These bulbs can produce a good amount of light, but a better option would be LED lights.  This is due to the risks involved with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.  In fact, many of these bulbs get hot and can cause house fires.  

Another important factor to consider when buying a night light is style.  The majority of plug-in night lights are thought of primarily for children since that’s where much of the demand is in the market. Because of that, many of the designs you typically find are very child-orientated or juvenile looking with cartoon themes and big bright characters on the outside. We’ve searched high and low to find designs that were stylish looking and would fit well in any home. 

Night lights can add life to a bedroom
Night lights can add life to a bedroom | Photo Credit: Siri

We really wanted to find elegant lights that were specifically designed NOT for kids but rather were artistic, contemporary accessories that would fit in well in any home, guest bathroom or hallway without giving it a childish

As you can see, there are some really great night lights out there for adults.    As we already mentioned, the SOAIY Rotation Sleep Soothing Color Changing Aurora Night Light is our top pick.  

It not only offers adequate amounts of light, but it also displays a light show and even has a built-in speaker if you want to listen to soothing sounds or music in the bathroom  If you want something that really measures up all the way around, this may be the night light for you.

Have a beautiful night's sleep with the perfect light
Have a beautiful night’s sleep with the perfect light | Photo Credit: bruce mars

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